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10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

If you have a dog, you know that being a pet parent can be a full-time job. Although being a dog mom (or dad) is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, the responsibility of caring for another living being also comes with a fair share of challenges.

You can make your life as a dog parent easier by using technology to your advantage. With a smartphone, you can do anything from ordering groceries to your door to booking an international flight, all with the click of a button. Why not apply this convenience to caring for your four-legged counterpart?

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We have vetted hundreds of mobile applications to create this comprehensive list of the best dog apps for dog owners. You may be surprised by our findings. Take a peek at this list of the best dog apps that you can add to your arsenal and ultimately make being a pet parent a walk in the park.

Instagram - Best Dog Photo Sharing App

instagram app

Show your dog to the world! It may come as a surprise that we have chosen this photo-sharing app as #1 on this list, but there is so much potential for Instagram to add value to dog owners and their pets. Instagram is one of the most widely used applications in the entire world.

Users can snap a photo on their iPhone, enhance it with a filter, check into any location in the world, tag friends, and share it with the world in one click. Adding trending hashtags into a caption or a comment can even promote a photo to go viral and reach millions of users.

So why does this matter to dog owners? The rise of influencer marketing on apps like Instagram has made it possible for your dog to have his or her own following. With a high enough following and engagement rate, your dog’s Instagram can easily turn into a full-on revenue stream, a fun side hustle, or simply a hobby that brings in a little extra cash.


  • Instagram is extremely widespread, so there is a built-in network already available to you. 
  • All your friends are already using it so you can easily connect and share your fur baby with the world.


  • It’s no surprise that the #1 app is highly engaging. But beware, this app is so awesome that it can become an addiction!

Rover - Best Dog Sitting App

Rover dog with owner - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

Skipping town? No need to worry about asking your neighbor to care for your fur babies while you are away. Rover to the rescue! Trust us, Rover is the best dog sitting app and will become your new best friend immediately. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Within the Rover app, you can create a profile for your pet(s) and filter by the services you are looking for.  For example, you can choose to have a dog sitter come to stay in your home, or if you prefer, can choose to drop your dog off at someone’s house. Rover also offers doggie daycare, and drop-in visits, and most recently has added dog walking services to their offering.


  • Rover outshines any other dog sitting app because of its high standards
  • All sitters must pass a basic background check, provide a detailed profile, and then be approved by a team of sitter specialists. 
  • The Rover app also offers a large selection of high-quality pet sitters which makes it extremely easy to find a great sitter, even for last minute bookings.


  • Ultimately, you are employing an independent worker, not an employee of Rover. Be sure to set aside time to meet your dog sitter for first-time bookings to make sure you and your dog are comfortable with them.

Dogo - Best Dog Training App

DOGO app - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

You don’t know what it’s like to train a dog until you’ve trained a dog. Training can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a pet parent, and the most challenging. With all the options out there it can be a bit overwhelming choosing what training method works best for your dog. Dogo is a dog training app available for download in the palm of your hand.

It doesn’t get more convenient than that! The great thing about choosing a dog training app as your training method is not only the obvious convenience, but it also offers the flexibility and mobility to train your dog whenever and wherever.  


  • With Dogo, you can tailor the program to your dog’s needs and then modify as you make progress.
  •  Dogo is also one of the most affordable dog training options. Dog training can become very costly especially if you choose the private class route. You can start training with Dogo for free!


  • One downside to this dog training app is that it lacks an in-person community. Socializing with other dogs is a big part of training. This app may best be supplemented with group activity training to get a full experience.

Wag! - Best Dog Walking App

WAG app - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

Your dog owner app collection would not be complete without a dog walking app. For those dog parents who are away for many hours during the day, this one's for you! Wag has revolutionized dog walking for good. Wag provides “instant dog walkers” at the click of a button. Basically, this app allows you to book a dog walker on-demand at any given time.

As soon as your request is entered, Wag locates an eligible walker in your area and dispatches them to your house in as little as 15 minutes. The best part about Wag is the live text updates that you receive while your dog is with a walker.

Wag updates you with a live GPS tracker in real-time and even sends pee and poop notifications. The best part is the report card your dog gets at the end of the walk which includes a new photo every time!


  • Not only can you schedule a dog walker ahead of time, but Wag will notify you if there is a walker in your area and offer you the walk at a reduced price. It has never been so easy to make your pup’s day by giving them an extra walk!


  • A little bit of prep work is needed before you schedule your first walk. You will need to set up a lockbox somewhere outside your house to leave your key for the dog walker to access. Once this is set up the first time, you are good to go for all future walks!

Chewy- Best Dog Supply Delivery App

Chewy app - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

Never run out of dog food again with the king of all dog apps, Chewy. Chewy is basically the Amazon of dog supplies. You will find everything from dog beds to raw food at Chewy.com and now you can access everything Chewy has to offer via the mobile app.

What we love about this app is the way they categorize products, making it super easy to navigate and shop for whatever you need. You can shop by your favorite brand or by product type. Add what you need to your cart and experience the super quick shipping. (Watch out Amazon!)


  • Our favorite thing about Chewy is the option to save 30% on all your dog supplies by taking advantage of the auto-ship feature. 
  • You will receive 30% off your first auto-ship and 10% off all future orders. 
  • You also won’t have to worry about running out of anything since you can schedule auto-ship based on your typical supply needs.


  • No downsides here, unless you particularly love fighting tracking in the parking lot of Petco. We vote Chewy all the way!

3 Favorite Photo Apps - VSCO - NOMO - 1SE

10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

Taking a good photo is hard sometimes, but there are 3 apps that make it easier and fun! VCSO is my go to deep dive editing app. It has all the filters, adjustments, and tools for getting that look you want. It also has a pretty good photo-taking app, but you can also import your photos in. The NOMO photo app is a fun throwback to the time of film cameras.

The interface resembles whatever old camera you decide to use and can take photos on. You can also import which is a get feature! And last but not least, 1SE the 1 Second a Day photo app. I love this app because you can add live, video, or still photos to it.

Like the title says it's a snippet of a video or a photo 1sec a day! It’s a great way to keep track of all the fun and exciting things you did that year, month, or week. Looking for CBD dog treats? Order from Dope Dog today!


VSCO app for dogs - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners


  • Tons of great filters and tools to get whatever look you're trying to achieve.
  • Easy to use interface and full resolution export. 
  • Also, if you're into organizing it has a great folder system to keep your photos and it can even upload to your own VSCO site.


  • The filters cost money and there are tons of filters for just about everything. It's definitely worth it for a few, but not for the entire collection.


10 Best Apps for Dog Owners


  • This is by far the funniest of the 3 camera apps! You can take photos on what looks like a Polaroid or a vintage camera. 
  • Easy to navigate interface and auto add to your camera album so you do have to export the images.


  • Most of the cons of these apps are the hidden cost it will take to get all of the features. 
  • You've got 2 options with NOMO. You can buy individual camera filters or subscribe. I subscribed for a month and then just bought the ones I liked the most.

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10 Best Apps for Dog Owners


  • Super easy to use and great for keeping memories for years to come.
  •  You can have different timelines, one just for your dogs, or one for travel!


  • It will cost you either 3.99 a month or 29.99 for a year. For that, it will back up and give you tons of new features including longer snippets and even a music editor. 
  • You can use the app for free, but with no backup.

Pet Trackers  - Whistle & Link AKC

AKC App - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

These apps pair with your dog's collar and use GPS to track their whereabouts. They can even track how much rest and exercise your pet is getting! If you hike or go on runs this is a must for your pet. Now, at first, I did think it was silly, but with all the features attached to these devices, it's definitely a must-buy.

The collars both have functions that help you with training with a sound that can beep on commands and a light that is all app controlled. I'm not sure keeping a Fitbit-like tracking of your dog's activity is that important, but it does allow some insights into its behavior and you can always download the data for your vet visits. Both apps have alerts if your pet gets too far away from you, and updates you if you're close to your dog's activity goal for the day!


Whistle App - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners


  • Great for simple activity tracking or general tracking. 
  • With an always-on cellular connection, you can see your pet's location from around the world
  • The app is simple to use and has a super easy setup.


  • Whistle is lacking in all the features that LINK AKC has. If you want more features and options, this would not be the one to buy. 
  • The cost gets pretty pricey too. Once you buy the $99 you'll end up paying anywhere between $10 and $6 a month to keep your dog's collar connected.


10 Best Apps for Dog Owners


  • Tons and tons of features on this collar and app! Tracking, wellness, 3-day battery life, and training. 
  • All the features are great if you need them. 
  • They have options after a hike or a walk to upload photos in their virtual scrapbook on the app! Best overall app and devices features!


  • Price- It costs the same as the Whistle app and service plan. 
  • You do not necessarily need it but you will lose the ability to track your dog if it gets lost on a hike or out the back door. 

Pet Cube - Interactive Treat Cam

Dog waiting for treat from machine

This is a security camera that has the ability to shoot treats at your pets. You have 2-way communication and can load the device up with your pet's favorite treats. We've all felt that guilt about leaving the house and you see that look in your dog's eyes :(

Pet Cube is here to solve that problem! You have the ability to talk to your pet and have him sit, stay, or whatever command you want and then you can flick the app and a treat pops out! I'm sure a few pups might wonder what this magical treat-giving device is, but they will love it. It also can be used as a home security device.


  • It's just a super fun idea! Leave your house and continue playing with your dogs... who doesn't want that! 
  • The device looks absolutely amazing and the app functions great! Everything is cloud-based for the recordings so it's easy to access and shore the videos with friends and family!


  • Let's be honest here this is a very large and expensive ($179) dog toy. For a fraction of the price, you could get most of the features from Wyze (below).

Wyze Cam - Pet/Home Monitoring

Wyze app - 10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

The Wyze Cam is a great alternative to those super expensive pet-focused cameras and apps. Wyze Cam starts at $19.99 and the most expensive item they have sells for $29.99.

Now your first thought must be " this camera must be trash" and the answer is, it's nowhere close. First, it has some of the best features you'd end up paying a ton for with one of those silly pet food dropper cameras. It has the ability to have a two-way convo when you login to the app.

You can say "Hi" to your pups or just check in and hear and see what they are up to! The video is absolutely beautiful at 1080p and the night vision is like you're actually there. And just in case you forgot it was only $19.99. If you throw down the big bucks (29.99) you'll have the ability for a 100-degree rotation and scan.


  • First, if you have any smart home devices this integrates so simply and has a great app. 
  • The 2-way audio is such a great feature, for such a great price. 
  • The app also gives you automatic alerts when it detects motion or sound so you don't have to keep checking the app to see how your dog is doing.
  • The motion tracking is amazing, you can tag items, people, and pets so you get alerts for what you want. 
  • The Wyze cam also works with any Alexa device so you can watch at your desk or bedside.


  • For 19.99 you really can't complain about the Wyze Cam
  • It may not be the prettiest design or have the best speaker quality, but it's a camera that can work for you if you're on a budget or just want to try out home security.

Pawprint - Pet Health Tracker

10 Best Apps for Dog Owners

The PawPrint app is designed to help you keep track of your pet's health records, birthday, weights, and more! It's always hard to keep track of your last appointment, vaccination, and any vital information you might need for your pet. That's why the Pawprint app was a lifesaver to our household.

We have two pups James and Zoey who have two different schedules at the vet. It gets confusing fast! The app is designed to make everything about getting your records easy. You don't even have to call, just a few clicks and they send a request to your vet.

You can even add your pet's insurance information to submit via the app. It's also great because you can share this information with a pet sitter and family member when traveling. Also, this app isn't just for dogs, you can add anything from horses to reptiles!


  • The great thing about PawPrint app is that you just need to set it up and you're done. It does most of the heavy lifting for you. 
  • It reminds you of your next visit, or when you need to update vaccines
  • You can even track your pet's weight. 
  • Retrieving your pet's record is the easiest and most pain-free thing. You find your Vet on the search tab and click, sign, and request. Two paws up from me!


  • For the full medical records of your pet, you'll need to dish out $9.99. Now that isn't crazy, but you can also just call your vet for free and retrieve them.

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Puppr is a step-by-step photo instruction that contains a clicker to help you train your dog. The app covers everything from basic training like “sit” to advanced and impressive tricks like “skateboarding.”

Some of Puppr’s coolest features:

  • Over 50 tricks taught by the experts
  • Live chat to answer your training questions
  • Track your progress and record all the tricks your dog has learned
  • Daily training reminders
  • Shop with product recommendations to boost your training game


ScritchSpot is a one-stop resource for everything pet-related. Some of our customers’ favorite features include:

  • Interactive maps to find the best pet-friendly parks
  • Built-in camera with fun sound effects
  • Training and care guides
  • Pet profiles with veterinary info and care notes in one spot

The “Adopt the Perfect Dog” quiz to match you with the dog of your dreams.



This app lets you record the distance, route, and duration of every walk you take with your dog. It’s an excellent way to ensure that you and your pup gets the proper amount of exercise, so you can hold each other accountable.

You can even take photos to share beautiful scenery with friends and family, and track your dog’s potty output for health records.



high-frequency whistle can get your dogs’ attention, which is why trainers consider whistles alongside clickers to make excellent tools to train your dog. They both can be used as tools to reinforce good behavior or to get your dog's attention.

Install iTrainer to find how well your dog responds to sound. In addition to the whistle and clicker, the app has squeaky toy sounds and other sound effects to captivate your dog.



When it comes to bringing your dog on a vacation with the whole family, there are a lot of things to consider, such as dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and much more. With this app, you can search by location with a filter for dog size, price, and accommodation. It’s worth exploring more to find the best place that you can join with your companion.

Pet First Aid

If something is wrong with your dog, then it makes sense to search for a solution. Whether that accident involves a car accident or a cough, this free app from the Red Cross can answer any question. There’s also step by step instructions for a variety of situations and videos to demonstrate what to do to save your dog's life. You can also track the closest pet hospital to get your pet the care he or she needs.

Human to Dog Translator

Human Dog Translator

Do you ever wish you can talk to your dog? Well, this is a dog sound translator, which tells you exactly what your dog is thinking. The whole point of the apps is to have fun and to utilize the library of "barks" to play with your dog. 

Looking for high-quality, natural CBD products for your dog? 

10 Best Apps for Dog Owners


WeRescue is very similar to the dating app Tinder, but it caters to finding the perfect dog. The idea is to swipe your way through pet photos until you find the perfect match. Even if you are not ready to have a canine companion, you can still explore what’s out there by setting up a filter to find a dog based on its size, breed, and personality. If you want to branch out from dogs, you can search for reptiles and horses as well.

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Is There an App For Dog Owners?

As the new saying goes: there’s probably an app for that! Dog owners today have the pick of the litter when it comes to helpful, practical apps.

We cover a wide variety of dog apps in our list, from dog sitting to dog training. Pet Cube even works with your interactive camera to talk to your dog, soothe their nerves, and give them snacks.

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Which App is the Best for Dogs?

Each dog app has its strengths and weaknesses depending on your breed, lifestyle, and budget. We recommend experimenting with a few of the apps on our list before settling down.

That said, some apps are extra popular for how useful they are in day to day life. Wag! is a reliable dog walking app to take the exhaustion out of your search, while Chewy is a handy dog delivery app. 

Is Every Dog App Free?

Some dog apps come with an upfront charge, though most of them are free. Dogo is a popular dog training app with a free version. With this app you’ll learn how to teach your pets to sit, jump, or do tricks. 

ISE is another free app that helps you gather up warm memories of your dog, though you have to pay for a backup cloud file. Lastly, we highly recommend downloading the free pet first aid app from Red Cross. 

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Is There an App for Puppies?

Training a puppy is hard work! Puppr is an app we review in this list and highly recommend if you’re getting exhausted with your current training regimen.

This handy app gives you daily training reminders, access to live chat, and step-by-step instructions to teach common tricks. If you’re ever at a loss on what to do next, just ask the app’s experts for a second opinion.

Is There a Dog Whistle App?

Do you need an app to get your dog’s attention anywhere in the house or the park? We recommend you download iTrainer as soon as possible to save on the headache!

This app is quite popular for providing a quick and effective set of sounds to instantly get your dog’s attention. You have the ability to choose from whistles, clicking, or squeak toys to reinforce your training sessions or summon your dog from a distance.

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There are many apps on the market to help you take care of your furry best friend. Dope Dog is a top provider of CBD dog treats. Order high quality, all-natural CBD treats from Dope Dog today!


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