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Dog Adoption: Everything You Need to Know

Are you thinking of adopting a dog? Do you want to make sure that you are asking all of the appropriate questions concerning dog adoption? We got you. Adopting a dog is something which is extremely exciting, and to help you with the dog adoption process, we have compiled a list with some important questions.

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Questions to Ask When Adopting a Dog

  • Do you want to adopt a newborn puppy or an older dog?
  • Do you want to buy a dog from a pet shop or adopt a dog from a dog shelter?
  • If you are adopting a dog from a dog shelter, why is the dog in the dog shelter?
    • Did it’s owner surrender him or her?
    • Was it a stray dog?
    • Was the dog rescued?
  • If the owner surrendered the dog, why did he or she do so?
  • What was the dog’s condition when he or she was brought to the shelter?
  • Is the animal in the shelter as a result of animal cruelty that was charged against its previous owner?
  • If the dog was a stray, where was the dog found and in what condition?
  • Has this dog been adopted in the past?
  • Is the dog dependent or independent? How does the dog feel or act when in solitude? Does he show any signs of separation anxiety?
  • Does the dog have any fears of phobias?
  • What is the dog’s level of barking, and when does he or she bark the most?
  • Has the dog shown any signs of violent or aggressive behaviour? If so, when does the dog react in such ways?
  • How does the dog act in a car’s setting (in or around a vehicle)?
  • Ask to see the dog interacting with another dog. You will be able to pick up on some things about the dog and its behavior for yourself.
  • What veterinary care has the dog received since arriving at the shelter? Ask for the shelter if they can provide you with copies of those veterinary records.
  • Is this dog housebroken?
  • How does the dog act around strangers?
  • How does the dog act with other pets?
  • Does the dog get along well with children?
  • Is the dog trained? And if so, what type of training has he or she received?
  • Is the dog potty trained?
  • Is the dog neutered or spayed?
  • How much exercise does the dog need on a daily basis?
  • Is there something that you should be particularly cautious about concerning this dog?
  • Is the dog able to walk calmly on a leash? Is further training concerning this necessary?
  • Does the dog require any special medical care or ongoing treatment?
  • Does the dog have any allergies or dietary restrictions?
  • Would it be possible to return the dog back to the shelter if for some reason it does not work out with an owner or a family?    

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How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Dog?

How much does it cost to adopt a dog? The answer to this depends on if you are planning to adopt a dog from a dog shelter, or to buy a dog from a pet shop. On average, the costs of adopting a dog range from $0-$350.

This fee will typically cover the costs of neuters, spays, and vaccinations. For dog shelters, this fee also includes the costs for maintaining the dog shelter and ensuring that the shelter can create an environment in which the dogs will be happy and healthy.

This is extremely important for the health and well-being of the dogs in these dogs shelters, and will help to create healthier attitudes and happier families.

How Old Do You Have to be to Adopt a Dog?

How old do you have to be to adopt a dog? This question is especially popular amongst children looking to adopt a dog. On average, most dog shelters and pet shops require the potential owner to be at least 18 years of age, with a current photo ID. This is because adopting a dog comes with a huge responsibility, and sometimes, children alone may not be able to fulfill their pets needs due to age.

Adopting a dog at a young age, however, has endless benefits for a youngster. Experts agree that children indeed experience a multitude of benefits, when they grow up together with their pet dog or dogs.

What Do You Need to Adopt a Dog?

Checklist for adopting dog

You know that you want to adopt a dog, and now you are wondering: what do you need to adopt a dog? Adopting a dog is an extremely exciting process; however, if you want to save time, it is best to call an adoption shelter or a pet shop ahead of time to ensure that you have all of the necessary documents to complete the adoption process. Below is a list of some of the documentation that is requested to adopt a dog:

  • Photo Identification: It is best to have to forms of your government issued identification. Make sure that at least one of your photo identification shows your current address. This for example could include, your driver’s license and your passport, or your driver’s license and your current utility bill that provides both your name and your current address.
  • Documentation papers of your current pets: Some dog adoption shelters and pet shops will ask for documentation about your current pets, in order to ensure proper pet treatment. Such documentations include neuter certificates, proof of your pets’ vaccinations, and possibly the proof of your municipal license.
  • Your lease or a letter from your landlord: If you are adopting a pet and do not own the house that you currently live in, it is important to make sure that pets are allowed within the area that you are living and renting. Adopting a pet in an apartment complex that does not allow pets could be detrimental to both the pet and its owner for multiple reasons. When adopting a dog, it is important to show that your lease explicitly states that pets are allowed. You can ask your landlord to write a letter that explicitly states this as well. Most dog adoption centers will also require your landlord’s contact information.
  • Proof of home ownership: Some pet shops or adoption shelters will ask for proof of home ownership. This can be any sort of document that shows that you are the legal owner of your home.
  • Payment: Cash, debit card, or credit card for paying the adoption fee. Some organizations may accept a personal check; ask if you are unsure.

How Long Does it Take to Adopt a Dog

You may be asking yourself the question how long does it take to adopt a dog. The answer depends on you and your background. Most of the times, owners will typically take their pet dog with them on the same day that they visit the adoption center; however, sometimes the adoption process can take a little bit longer. The reason for this is that the adoption center or pet shop will want to ensure that the pet will be safe in your hands in the long-run.

As long as you are able to provide all of the necessary documentation that the adoption center or pet shop requires, then chances are that you will be taking your pet dog home with you on that very same day.  

Why Adopt a Dog?

Lady adopting dog

Maybe you feel that you want to add a new member to your family. Perhaps you live alone and feel that you want a companion.

Why adopt a dog? The list goes on and on; however, adopting a dog comes with a great number of benefits, both for yourself and for your pet. Research has shown that dogs decrease levels of loneliness and increase human happiness.

Dogs are known to be loyal animals, and having a pet dog as part of your life is sure to grant you that sense of love, loyalty and trust that you are looking for. After all, there is something really special about the love between a pet dog and its owner.

It is really a one of a kind relationship that everyone should experience. Below we will list more specific reasons that answer the question: why adopt a dog.

1. Dog adoption reduces stress

There is an extensive amount of research that specifically pinpoints the positive effects that owning a pet dog can have on the reduction of stress levels within the human body.

Studies have shown that the mere presence of your dog companion can reduce stress at times when the owner is undergoing a stressful task, tremendously.

Surprisingly, often times, results from studies have shown that being around your pet reduces stress levels to a greater percentage than being around a family member does.

2. Dog adoption can help with parenting

If you have a family, a dog can help to bring that additional sense of balance within your family. Having a new family member will not only make your kids happy, but is sure to bring joy to your family as a whole.

Research has shown that the distraction and the added levels of happiness and affection that dogs can grant children help with overall parenting. Parents with children of ADHD, can especially benefit from owning a pet dog, as dog adoption can help to increase prosocial behaviours, and reduce negative behaviours.

3. Dog adoption can help with traumas

Research has shown throughout the years, that owning a pet can help to soothe the effects the symptoms of PTSD.

In fact, trained therapy dogs have actually been used in order to help rehabilitate soldiers who are suffering from PTSD. Part of this reason has to do with the increased levels of serotonin that your relationship with your dog can enhance.

Serotonin is known to be one of our body’s natural “happy hormones.” Thus, the increased levels of serotonin are able to decrease stress and anxiety levels, effectively soothing PTSD.

4. Dog adoption can boost health

Firstly, dogs increase an owner’s levels of exercise by 54%. You may not realize it, but owning a pet dog means taking it for walks, interacting, and playing with him or her. This in turn can help to keep our blood pressure levels low. Research conducted by the American Health Association (AHA) have found that individuals who own pets in fact show to have lower risk of developing heart disease. Additionally, owning a pet dog can help to lower levels of triglycerides and cholesterol within the body.

Interestingly enough, being a parent to a four-legged companion has shown to strengthen our organism’s microbiome. What this means, is that being around a pet dog can help to reduce the potential development of allergies.

5. Dog adoption brings a positive change to your life

Having a dog is a lot of fun; you can take your dog on walks, biking, on road trips, and really anywhere that you feel like taking your four-legged companion to.

There are a great number of activities that you and your dog can do together; this can help to distract you from daily stresses and really get your mind off things as well. One of the great things about adopting a dog is that it brings positive change into your life and makes you get out of your regular routine.

Dog Falling Asleep

Adopting a dog comes with great responsibility, and therefore, this means that a lot of learning will be involved. Owners discover a lot about taking care of an animal when they adopt a dog. This includes dog training.

Knowing how to train and look after your dog is a skill in itself, and is something that is inevitably developed, once you adopt a dog. By adopting a dog, you are increasing your skill set as you are introduced to a whole new world.

Most importantly, by adopting a dog, you are giving him or her a home. There are millions of stray dogs in the United States alone; imagine if everyone adopted one. By adopting a dog, you are in essence saving a life, and simultaneously improving yours.

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