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How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

The short answer is 9 -14 hours for most dogs but it can be more depending on your dog’s age and breed. This timeframe includes naps throughout the day and sleeping at night. If your dog isn’t getting enough or too much sleep, we’ll explain why this occurs and what you can do to get your dog on a healthy sleep schedule.

Why Do Dogs Need So Much Sleep?

Physical activity and age are contributing factors in how much your dog naps and sleeps during the day. Dogs only spend about 20% of their day being active, but high-energy activities will motivate naps for recovery. And puppies and senior dogs will especially need more sleep after spurts of vigorous physical exercise.

Age affects your dog’s needs. When your dog is a puppy, they need more rest to help their bodies grow and develop. Older, more senior dogs need more rest to recover from physical activity or because they suffer from mobility issues such as joint pain or arthritis.

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Do Certain Dog Breeds Need More Sleep?

Your dog’s breed heavily influences how much your dog actually needs. Working dog breeds don’t need as much sleep as other breeds because they are made for vigorous physical activities. But many large breed dogs require more sleep because they expend more metabolic energy and need more sleep for recovery.

Then you have flat-faced dog breeds that need more sleep because they can suffer from sleep apnea. If your dog snores loudly, it may be a sign of sleep apnea. To help alleviate your dog’s sleep apnea, you can use a humidifier where they sleep. These flat-faced breeds that are more susceptible to sleep apnea include:

  • Pugs
  • Boston Terriers
  • English Bulldogs

Flat-faced dog breeds need more sleep.

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need by Age?

While the average dog needs to sleep between 12-14 hours each day, some dogs may need more sleep depending on their age:

  • Puppies: Need to sleep between 18 -20 each day to help them grow and develop.
  • Adult dogs: Need between 12-14 hours each day to maintain health and recover from daily activities.
  • Senior dogs: Need to sleep between 12-14 hours each day but may often sleep from 16-18 hours a day because of mobility issues, obesity, or they’re too tired after physical stimulation. This is particularly true for dogs over six years old and older larger breeds.

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Puppies need a lot of sleep, put them on a schedule for longer sleep at night.

How to Put Your Puppy on a Sleep Schedule

Most dogs can regulate their own sleep schedule to balance their activity levels. But for puppies, especially new puppies, you may want to get them on a sleep schedule so that they are sleeping longer durations at night and learning bladder control.

The biggest reason a puppy needs a routine sleep schedule is for potty training. Puppies need to eat, play, sleep, and repeat. And some puppies may need to take a nap almost every hour. So while your puppy is young, you may need to get up several times during the night to let them go potty.

Generally, to determine how long a puppy can go before they need a potty break, you should add one to how old they are in months. For example, puppies that are two months old will need a potty break every three hours. Once your puppy is ten months old, it should be able to sleep through the night without needing a potty break.

Creating a Healthy Sleep Routine for Your Puppy

To help your puppy get on a good sleep schedule, you should watch for signs when your puppy is getting sleepy. Then place your puppy in their crate for a rejuvenating snooze. To help encourage good sleep habits:

  • Make your puppy’s crate a comfortable and inviting environment.
  • Restrict your puppy’s food and water a few hours before bed so that they won’t need as many potty breaks.
  • Ensure the puppy’s sleep environment is quiet and dark to help them recognize it is time to sleep.
  • Reward your puppy with a treat for going into their crate at night.
  • Don’t give in to whining, barking, and howling while they are in their crate. This helps your puppy understand it is sleeping time.
  • When you take your puppy for potty breaks during the night, make sure to put them back into their crate immediately so that they learn that nighttime isn’t playtime.

When Too Much Sleep Becomes a Problem

If you notice sudden changes in your dog’s normal sleep habits, then you may want to take your dog to the veterinarian. Some dogs can develop sleep disorders that affect their behavior:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • REM Behavior Disorder
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy

Often, these sleep disorders are symptoms of other health issues. That is why you shouldn’t self-diagnosis and make an appointment with your veterinarian. Other factors that make it difficult for your dog to get to sleep are anxiety or a new sleeping environment.

Sleep is an Important Part of Your Dog’s Healthy Lifestyle

You don’t need to worry if your dog spends most of its day sleeping or resting. This is normal healthy behavior, especially after vigorous activity. If your dog has trouble settling down before bedtime or suffers from anxiety, you may want to consider a CBD oil supplement to help them relax and ease off to sleep.

Dope Dog offers high-quality CBD oil products to help your dog relax before bedtime. CBD treats and oils can calm your dog, creating a restful night's sleep.

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