23 Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or  Winter Solstice, with the holiday season fast approaching, selecting the right gifts for your family and friends can be stressful and cumbersome. If you have dog-loving friends, then our list of the 23 best Christmas gifts for dog lovers will make present buying a snap. Instead of choosing a generic present, find something specific for your dog-loving friend.

If your relatives or friends have dogs at home, a present for their dog or a gift with a cute puppy print might be the perfect Christmas solution. Today, we’ll guide you through the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers. Once you look through these 23 Christmas gifts for dog lovers, you’ll be sure to find a special something for your dog-loving friend. Give your loved one something that brings a smile to their face (and their dog’s!) every time they see it.

Without further delay, let us look at 23 best Christmas gifts for dog lovers

1. Dope Dog Merry Munchies

Dope Dog’s Merry Munchies are a delicious treat for your pet-loving friend’s dog. Seasonally cheerful, Dope Dog’s Merry Munchies are a popular Dope Dog organic CBD dog treat. These treats also make great stocking stuffers for that special pooch. Ring in the holiday season with these special treats, baked in small batches with delicious and healthy pumpkin and turmeric. Get them soon, since this holiday favorite is only available during the winter season and can sell out fast! 

Dope Dog’s Merry Munchies are a seasonal product only. Feel free to check out the rest of the delicious calming crunchies available all year long for the perfect dog lover’s gift . 

Missed out on Dope Dog’s Merry Munchies? Check out these other Dope Dog organic and delicious CBD dog treats.

2. I Work Hard Coffee Mug


This mug dog lovers rave about says, "I work hard so my dog can have a better life." It’s a simple, but useful Christmas gift that combines functionality with cuteness. A bit cheeky but it will tug at your dog-lover’s heart. The I Work Hard Coffee Mug holds 11 ounces of liquid. Fill this mug with cute pens or bags of tea for an especially thoughtful present, making it a versatile Christmas gift for dog lovers.

Buy the I Work Hard Coffee Mug on Amazon.

3. Dog Journal


This adorable dog-print journal by Peter Pauper Press has a pretty pattern of different dog breeds. It holds 160 lined pages for your creative pal to jot down their thoughts and contemplation. Its hard cover and elastic closure makes it durable and easy to carry around. This is a great Christmas gift for your thoughtful dog lover who enjoys capturing memories.

Buy the Dog Days Journal on Amazon.

4. Paw Ring


If you want to give your friend something a little more special, think about opting for a ring with paw prints. This ring brings the bling and showcases a dog lover’s devotion to their pets. This 1/20 ct diamond ring with sterling silver is an unique accessory that will make your friend smile. It’s a charming design that any dog lover will appreciate.

Buy the Paw Ring from Kay Jewelers.

5. Claudia's Bakery Treats


Dog treats are one of the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers, since they’re useful but individualized. These special vanilla treats are 100% natural without preservatives, fillers, or animal by-products. The bone-shaped cookies are both cute and tasty. Plus, they come in a resealable and recyclable container to satisfy your sustainably-minded friends. Next time you dogsit for your friend, you can throw your dog a vanilla bone.

Buy Claudia’s Canine Bakery Party Bones on Amazon.

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6. The Dogs We Love Book


Pure Joy: The Dogs We Love book has rave reviews from critics. If your dog lover is a reader, then they should read this book. It was written by Danielle Steel, who shares the story about how she met her dog and their experience together meeting other canine friends. Her emotional and realistic account offers relatable experiences for dog owners. Other pet owners, perhaps with cats or birds, might also appreciate this book. All pet owners can relate to the shared sentiment of caring deeply for their animals.

Buy the Pure Joy: The Dogs We Love on Amazon.

7. Socks for Dogs


If you’re all about utility, you can give pet owners something that their dogs will use throughout the winter season. These adorable Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Socks come in five size options and four color choices. They provide excellent traction for dogs, much like the grip their own paws provide, since the paw pattern is made out of anti-silicone gel. These socks are also comfortable and warm, keeping your dogs cozy during the winter season. They won’t even cause damage to hardwood floors in your home. Along with puppy-patterned socks for your friend, this might just be the perfect winter gift.

Buy the Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Socks on Amazon.

8. Oatmeal Lavender CBD Dog Shampoo


Lather up! The Oatmeal Lavender CBD Dog Shampoo for your friend’s dog is a perfect solution for easy clean up and smells great too. Part of the Dope Dog Soothing Suds Shampoo line, The Oatmeal Lavender CBD Dog Shampoo is made with soothing ingredients including oatmeal for eczema, lavender oil for antioxidants, and Vitamin E to moisturize the skin, the Dope Dog CBD Shampoo will give your dog the total spa treatment. 

Using natural, harmless ingredients, pet owners can trust their dog is safely getting clean while maintaining a healthy coat. With this luxurious bathing product, your friends can pet their dogs knowing their fur is shiny and clean.

Buy The Oatmeal Lavender CBD Dog Shampoo.

Want to your dog to have the posh spa treatment? Check out Dope Dog’s guaranteed non-psychoactive, 100% THC-free CBD Organic Oils. These oils are a tasty soothing treat.

9. Aromatherapy Candles for Pets


Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candles for pets from Gerrard Larriett use oil scents that have a calming effect on dogs much like Dope Dog’s CBD Organic Oils. These dog lover gifts come in glass jars that are 6 ounces in size. Not only do they help your dogs stay relaxed, but they can also get rid of foul odors---making this Christmas gift for dog lovers a toofer. Pets can play outside as much as they want while your friends maintain the ambiance of their homes.

With 16 different fragrance options, you can be sure to find one that’s both safe and soothing for your four-legged friend. The subtle scent ensures that it is not too overpowering, but just right for the holiday comfort. If you're looking for something unique and smells good, then you are in the right place.

Buy Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candles for Pets on Amazon.

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10. Puppy Dog Lamp Night Light LED Lamp


One look at this 3D lamp will help you understand why it is such a good gift for dog lovers. The dog-shaped lamp is a cool retro gift with a pet-loving twist. The acrylic and ABS base ensure durability, and the USB cable makes using it quick, easy, and hassle-free.

There are seven different modes you can use to change the color to vary up the mood in your friend’s room. The 3D dog illusion makes it a unique Christmas gift for dog lovers to enjoy. 

Buy a 3D Puppy Night Light LED Lamp on Amazon. 

11. LYWUU Dachshund Dog Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray


Want a more unique and quirky Christmas gift for your dog lover? This Dachshund Dog Shaped Ice Cube Tray is a rubber mold that creates dog-shaped ice cubes. The tray uses 100% silicone that abides by FDA standards. Your friend can use these doggy ice cubes for a refreshing sip of water or when they’re hosting parties with other dog-loving friends. This gift makes a dog lover’s life easy. WIth unique ice cubes, it is sure to impress your friends and start conversations on all their funny dog stories.

Buy the Dachshund Dog Shaped Silicon Ice Cube Tray on Amazon.

12. DinoFire Smart Tracker


This useful Christmas gift for dog lovers is not the most fun, but it’s by far the most useful and is a perfect gift for more practical personalities. You can attach this tracker to a dog collar to make sure that they will never get lost. The physical tracker also comes with an iOS or Android app so all you have to do to keep your dog safe is use your phone. If they have an escape-artist dog, then this is a must have gift.

You can even call the tracker with a single touch so it will beep. The tracker doubles as a tool to help you find a lost phone. Once you double press the tracker, it will call your phone. The tracker’s Bluetooth range is up to 65 feet indoors and 164 feet outdoors. With a battery life of 6 months, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries anytime soon. Get this gift, and your friend will be able to keep track of their dogs without a worry.

Buy the DinoFire Smart Tracker on Amazon.

13. Paper Clips Dog Loves Bone Shaped


The next Christmas gift for dog lovers on our list is something that gives a unique twist to an everyday item. Each of these dog-shaped and bone-shaped paper clips contains 30 paper clips. Fifteen of these are dog-shaped, and fifteen of these are bone-shaped. You can use them on office documents, school supplies and even on books. The applications are endless. While it might be an everyday item, the uniquely themed look makes it an excellent choice for dog lovers.

Buy these Paper Clips Dog Loves Bone Shaped Metal Clips on Amazon.

14. Dope Dog Sweet Potato Calming Crunchies


These nifty treats by Dope Dog each contain 3 mg of CBD to create a calming effect and boost digestive health. They are also rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese. Not only are they healthy and nutrient-rich, but they are Dope Dog’s most popular dog treat! Dope Dog Sweet Potato Calming Crunchies are also high in fiber, making them a great choice to promote healthy dog digestion. Your dog-loving friend can go to the park and play, then treat their dog with these crunchies.

Buy Dope Dog Sweet Potato Calming Crunchies.

Frequently running out of dog treats? Sign up for Dope Dog’s dog treat subscription and save 25% off the retail price.

15. Sofipal Corgi Dog Plush Pillow


The Sofipal Corgi Dog Plush Pillow pictured above is another great Christmas gift for dog lovers. It is available in three colors and two different sizes. This cute, Corgi Dog Pillow is stuffed with cotton, making it very durable and super soft. It’s a versatile pillow that can be used for your head, neck, or arm. It also makes a great cuddle pal for their dog. If your friend loves dogs, this is one of the best Christmas gifts for him or her.

Buy the Sofipal Corgi Dog Plush Pillow on Amazon.

16. Willow Tree Love my Dog


The gift we are gushing about now is this hand-painted dog figurine by Willow Tree. It is available in four colors. You can order this dog lovers’ gift in four variants, each depicting dogs sitting in distinct positions. You can easily display this hand-painted dog on the mantle, table, or the shelf. Plus, it also has a soft brush or a cloth that you can clean with. The USP of this gift is the hand-painted resin figure. The resin also provides it with high durability. One of the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers, this has a high sentimental value for the recipient.

Buy the Willow Tree Love My Dog Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure on Amazon.

17. Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner


How about something that the recipient's dog can use daily?

A useful daily tool would be a paw cleaner for that dog who just loves mud and getting dirty. This useful gift for dog owners will help clean the pores on a dog’s paws. All you need is to add a little bit of water and insert Fido's paw in it. Once you twist the paw cleaner, it will clean all the mud and dirt out. The silicon bristles present will remove the dirt and mud from the pores of the dog. Pair this with Dope Dog’s CBD Dog Shampoo for an extra clean pup.

The Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner is available in three colors and three different size variants. That is why finding the one suitable for your dog lover friend is not that difficult. The high usability of this gift makes it an option that you cannot ignore.

Buy The Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner on Amazon.

18. ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum


You might be thinking, how is a robotic vacuum suitable for a dog lover?

The answer is that it can pick up dog hair with premium suction. Your friend or the recipient can maintain his/her home with ease by keeping unwanted dog hair to a minimum with this gift. Since it is automatic in operation, they will not require intervening in the cleaning process.

The ILife Pro Robotic Vacuum has a self-charging feature, which means that when the battery is low, it will return to the docking station automatically. The programmable schedule ensures that it does not require any intervention on your part. Or you can operate it with the help of remote control. In addition to dog hair, it can pick up any other debris on the floor---removing unwanted food particles that may drop away from the dog. Therefore, it is a gift for dog owners that your friends and family can use day in and day out.

Buy the ILife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum on Amazon.

19. luciphia Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket


Want something that can provide comfort to your friend's dog?

Known for quality products, the Luciphia Premium Super Soft Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket is a good option. It is ultra-soft and measures 24" x 32". There are four size options in total depending on the type of dog for which you are buying it.

Because it is very versatile, this dog blanket can be suitable for dog beds, sofas, and other areas of your home. It can prevent scratches on any surface, and that is why it is a great utility gift. The machine-washable design ensures that it’s easy to maintain. Choose this gift to keep your dog warm during the winter months. And because it is super soft, it can sooth and comfort your dog. Pair it with Dope Dog’s CBD Calming Crunchies Dog Treats for total relaxation. 

Buy Luciphia Premium Super Soft Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket on Amazon.

20. Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms


Are you in search of a gift that will excite any wine lover? Want a quirky gift for them? 

The Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms fit the requirement perfectly. These are suitable not just for wine glasses, but other glass types like champagne glasses and martini glasses. They come in a pack of 6 and can stick to the glass easily. They are a Christmas gift item that will surely bring a smile on dog lover's face.

Buy Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms on Amazon.

21. Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler


A unique gift for dog lovers, the donut cuddler is the most comfortable dog bed on earth. It is available in various sizes and therefore choosing the right one is not that difficult. Also, it provides proper support and comfort to the dogs and can insulate them from the ground. The pet-safe materials used in construction make it entirely safe for dogs. It is machine washable, making it easy to maintain. The faux fur coating on the outside makes it soothing and relaxing for your canine companion. When it comes to a high utility value, this one ranks high. Known for its calming effects, this fur donut cuddler is a perfect pairing with Dope Dog’s CBD calming treats and oils for a relaxed and happy dog.

Buy the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Fur Donut Cuddler on Amazon.

22. Dog Training Collar


Did your dog-loving friend just get a puppy or is their dog a little undisciplined?

In that case, this dog training collar might be the right gift choice. It has a vibration mode that can offer to train the dog. With the help of 100% waterproof construction, durability gets enhanced. It is a rechargeable dog collar with a security keypad lock for you to secure it around the neck of the dog with ease and sufficiency. With the remote range of 1000 feet, training the dog is not a problem.

It has three training modes, which means that your dog-loving friend or family will not have to struggle with training their dog ever again. Highly effective, the dog collar makes a great Christmas gift for dog lovers.

Buy the Dog Training Collar on Amazon.

23. Paw Print Dog & Cat Ornament


Want a more sentimental homemade Christmas gift idea?

The Pearhead Pet Ornament kit will help you create a paw print of your dog. It consists of drying clay, a plastic shaping ring, a plastic hole-punch, and other tools that you will need. With detailed instructions, you can create the paw print ornament with ease. This is a personalized dog gift that your loved ones will cherish, making it the perfect holiday keepsake. 

Dope Dog Products Make Delightful Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Bring joy to your dog-loving friends this holiday season with a practical, unique or heartwarming dog gift listed above. 

Pair any of these dog-loving inspired gifts with Dope Dog’s Treats, Oils or Shampoos to let them know your really care.

 Dope Dog products promote relaxed, healthy, happy dogs. And a happy dog will make a happy owner this holiday season. Happy shopping.

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Are you still searching for the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers?

Your search ends here. You can go through our top 23 gift options above to pick the right gift for your dog-loving friend. So, if you're looking for a gift for your loving dog friend, this list consists of everything that you will need. Once you go through our selections, choosing the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers will be a cinch.

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