Week Of August 2nd - 8th

This week, pups everywhere will want the world: all the treats, love, and power a dog can possibly have. The solution? Simple! Let them have it all! We all know they deserve the world and more. 

Aries: Your Aries pup deserves an extra treat today. Or else…

Taurus: What’s better than a good boy? A great boy! And that’s your Taurus pup!!

Gemini: Gemini is the sign of the twin and even if you have only one pet in the house, this week you should make your house a fuller house and give your Gemini doggo the Mary Kate to their Ashley. 

Cancer: This week, your Cancer bud will get themself in a very sticky situation when they get their head stuck in an extra large tub of peanut butter. 

Leo: It’s going to be hot this week, but your Leo doggo knows the best way to cool down… even if that means rolling in mud and shaking themself inside the house. 

Virgo: Remember that scene from Mommy Dearest when she gets all mad about the wire hangers? Your dog is going to chew them all out of shape this week. It’s only because they chewed their toy too much and needed to move on to something else. 

Libra: Your Libra pet finally realizes that the cute puppy face in the mirror is them and not a stranger! 

Scorpio: Your Scorpio doggy wants to run in the rain. It keeps seeing the rain out the window and thinking that it will be fun to run and dance in the rain like that old movie everyone loves so much. But when they actually get in the rain… well… they realize that wet fur is not a good look and hate every second. Make sure to have extra towels!!

Sagittarius: Your Sagittarius pup won’t leave your side this week with fear that you will leave them for good, even if you have to make a quick stop at the grocery store or your neighbor’s house. 

Capricorn: Your Capricorn will not stop barking this week but don’t worry, they aren’t in pain or sense any trouble. It’s probably because of the ghost that lives in your basement. Do you live in Luigi’s Mansion or something?

Aquarius: This week it’s time to pick up the ol’ guitar again and start playing again. If you don’t mind having your Aquarius pup becoming your backup singer. It’s okay, they are basically the dog version of Celine Dion. Which is good. 

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