Week Of August 15th Doggy Horoscopes - Dope Dog

Week Of August 15th Doggy Horoscopes

Doggy Horoscopes | After a year of being scared indoors, this is the summer to finally let loose (safe and vaccinated of course!) Your dog was happy at first that you were staying home all the time but now, they are excited to run outside and to see their owners smiling too! Make sure you enjoy the outside with your pup this week.


Your Aries pup was nominated for an Emmy for best leading pup to ever live in your house! I was rooting for Kaley Cuoco for her role in the Flight Attendant but… your dog takes the cake.


Speaking for all Taurus dogs in the world, stop paying attention to your new beau or ‘love of your life’ as you call them. You should be paying attention only to you Taurus pet!


This week your Gemini doggo is going to suddenly learn the power of math so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what 20% of your bill is the next time you go out to eat.


If you don’t let your Cancer pup sleep in bed with you, this week you should or they will be making permanent claw marks on the door. Also, nothing is better than cuddling with a puppy!


This week, Leo dogs everywhere will want to know why the fire hydrant is their favorite peeing place. Is it because dogs sense its importance and want to mark their territory? Or maybe the color red initiates a bladder? Whatever the reason, they will figure out why.


Take your Virgo doggy on a spontaneous trip this week. Maybe to a hiking trial you’ve been wanting to try, the lake on the outskirts of town, or Bali for a much needed vacay.


What’s better than a trip to Target? Taking your Libra dog to Target! Watch as you go in with the intention of buying one thing and leaving with 1,000 bucks worth of nonsense and no, your pup can’t help much with that dilemma because they love stuff as much as you do!


Scorpio pet goes cottagecore this week, donning prairie dresses, flower crowns, and showing a green thumb in the garden!


Your Sagittarius dog recommends the new show, White Lotus, on HBO Max. It's a must-watch! No ad here, just your dog eager to watch Jennifer Coolidge in a TV show instead of the trailer! | Doggy Horoscopes


Your Capricorn dog likes friends and wants to share the household with another being to play with but, don’t get another dog though because they might get jealous and Capricorn pups are also scared of cats. So… maybe a turtle? Turtles are cool and your pup will appreciate spending time looking at the turtle in its tank.


Your Aquarius might be the reincarnation of Bob Ross and this week, it’s time to make yourself a lot of dough with his abstract paintings that will have art lovers and critics scratching their heads and asking themselves: “What is the meaning of all this?” But there is no meaning, your Aquarius pup is just talented and loves the way paint feels on his paws when he walks over a canvas!

Doggy Horoscopes

Dog Horoscopes

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Dog Horoscopes



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