Dope Dog Horoscopes : Week of July 19th - 25th - Dope Dog

Dope Dog Horoscopes : Week of July 19th - 25th

This week, all dogs will receive the ability to talk! Be prepared to learn what your dogs really think about you...



Have you ever thought that you were being watched? That’s because your Aries pup is looking at you right now….



You can always depend on the kindness of Taurus dogs. Except for this week when your pup abandons you for your neighbor who has those peanut butter treats you refuse to buy because they weird. 



Your Gemini doggo is the nicest doggo on the block. This week, your pup will give back to the community by rolling over on their back so everyone can have the honor to pet the belly of such an amazing dog. 



Your Cancer Canine is very angry at you. Figure it out. 



Leo dogs are very confident but don’t like to think things through. When your Leo dog attempts to chase the squirrel who torments them every morning up a tree, stop them because a dog who fails to jump off your bed properly is going to fall outta that tree. 



Your Virgo furball is anything but loyal. However, this week is different when they disagree with you about how real Shawn Mendes’ relationship is to Camilla Cabello (you believe they’re fake but your Virgo pup believes in true celebrity love). 



Your Libra puppy finds it difficult to be at home alone but your work doesn’t allow dogs. Simple, this week bring your Libra buddy to work and pretend they are a human child. If Paddington can do it, your pup can too!



Your Scorpio pup is resourceful when needed and this week, it’s definitely needed. Watch your little MacGyver figure out the solution to being locked out of the house and all you have is a paper clip, roll of duct tape, and a greeting card you keep forgetting to send to your grandmother. 



Your Sagittarius furbaby is always the star of the show that is your life. This week, you may find yourself jealous of how much attention your pup is getting. This is your week to pretend to be your dog so people will actually pay attention to you.



Your Capricorn doggy is serious about anything they do so whatever you do, do NOT laugh when they become fixated on defeating the world record for the most mustard drunk from a tube in 30 seconds. The record was beaten in 2015 by some guy in Germany and soon, your dog will be the winner. I apologize for the lack of mustard in the fridge. 



Your Aquarius pup has a wild imagination so, when they start to pretend that they are Balto and force the other dogs (and even some cats) of the neighborhood to pull sleds full of children, just let him have his moment. 



Your Pisces pet is feeling affectionate this week and will give you all the love that you deserve. Unless you don’t deserve it then I feel really bad for your dog. 

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