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The Best Places To Buy CBD Dog Treats

Looking into those puppy dog eyes, you don't just see an animal or a pet. You see those things plus so much more. You see your best friend. So when our puppy pals give us any indication of mental anguish, discomfort, or pain, it hurts to watch them suffer. Buy CBD Dog Treats

You might feel helpless until you find CBD, and it's the answer you've been looking for. However, dosing can seem overwhelming, and that's why buying pre-dosed treats can make it easier than ever to give your dog CBD.  

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant and has many therapeutic effects. It has been found to have excellent results when assisting dogs with anxiety symptoms, behavioral problems, chronic pain, or medical issues. By creating a calm relaxation feeling, those pets who suffer from seizures and muscle rigidity have improved. 

Furthermore, CBD is entirely safe for animals and has never caused death in a pet. Although, research and knowledge are still very new and still in progress. 

There's nothing we wouldn't do to make them the happiest, healthiest dogs in the universe, so it just makes sense to start every day on the right paw with a daily dose of CBD for your dog. Buy CBD Dog Treats now!

But not all CBD oils and treats are created equal, so where and how can you find the best products for your furry best friend?

A variety of CBD hemp products

The benefits of CBD for dogs

We all benefit from having these furry friends by our side. Life is just better with barks, tail wags, and snuggles. So keeping them happy and healthy is first on our list.

Helping your dog get better is most definitely a life goal we all strive for. As mentioned, CBD has a plethora of possible benefits for your hound at home if they are suffering from: 

  • Chronic pain 
  • Depression (sadness)
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Autoimmunity (such as Canine Lupus)
  • Anxiety (including Separation Anxiety)
  • Hypersensitivity (dermatitis)
  • Digestive Issue(such as IBS)
  • Travel Trauma or fear of Unfamiliar Situations or Loud Noises 
  • Post Surgery 
  • Arthritis and Senior Dogs


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Not All Treats Are Created Equal.

From Canine munchers to calming crunchers, oil Droppers, and turmeric poppers, Peanut butter, Pumpkin Nutter, Turmeric Chews, and Puppy Suckers, Mixed Munchies, and homemade Lunchies. Full-spectrum, isolates, bath products, and calming kits.

So many selections of similar CBD products and treats online and in stores can be overwhelming. Not all CBD products and treats are created the same. And not all dogs are alike either. So really, it's all about doing research and finding out the correct one for your pet.


A dog catching a CBD treat.


CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD extract and mainly comprises CBD molecules, and they are cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpene free. They should have a hemp purity of 99 percent. 

There is no THC or psychoactive compound in these products, so they are entirely safe for your pet. Isolates work by influencing the cannabinoid system in the body, influencing other parts of the body. Helping with anxieties or pain issues your dog might be suffering from. And by doing so naturally and safely without any chance of discomforting side effects.

Look for an isolate that is made from hemp that is sourced close to home, lab tested, and carefully made with human-grade ingredients. 

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You might read about the term full-spectrum, and Full-spectrum is any oil or product containing multiple cannabis plant extracts. Full-spectrum CBD products are different from isolates because they may actually have up to 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that produces the euphoric "high" feeling. 

Luckily Full-spectrum oils are still considered safe and non-toxic for dogs and can be beneficial if used properly. Thankfully, with such a small amount of this compound, overdosing is still not possible or hasn't been to date. 

Possible sedation, dizziness, digestive issues, dry mouth can occur temporarily. If your furry friend is acting unlike themselves for a long time, it's always best to call your veterinarian professionals. 

CBD Made Specifically for Pets

The main difference between animal and human CBD is really just the oil milligram content of the product itself. Human and Pet CBD oils are very similar in every way. Another difference might be any extra flavor ingredients that the company might have added to make it pet friendly or more alluring to your pet.

Furthermore, all CBD oil is safe and natural. However, a good tip is to avoid any products that are not dog-specific because they may contain a higher level of THC that can be dangerous to dogs. 

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It's also best not to purchase from companies that seem to have inconsistent lab testing and strict return policies. Look for a business that puts your put first. If ever your dog gets into something they shouldn't, especially anything harmful, call your vet's office as soon as possible. 

Dope Dog offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 30 day money back guarantee on their products to ensure that your dog is always getting the best CBD treats. 

Hemp growing in a field.

Where to Buy CBD Dog Treats

There is a wide variety of CBD products online for you and your best friend. You might also run across some of these products at your local pet stores. However, online shopping is so easy and trouble-free. 

Once oil or tincture is purchased, you can even dose your dog by making some delicious homemade treats. You can find plenty of recipes for yummy treats online. Furthermore, you can use an oil dropper to add your dog's dose to a favorite treat recipe you already have.  

Local Stores 

As CBD awareness increases, you might even notice that your big box chain stores are starting to sell these sorts of products. Normally found either by your pet's favorite food line or located in or near your big name stores' health and wellness areas

You ask an employee about the different CBD products. Employees are often knowledgeable. However, they are also commonly trained to push particular products whether or not they are what your pup needs. 

Find an independently run pet store in your area. These pet shops are a different experience altogether than your more branded company. Local stores often connect with their community on a more personal level. They might carry specialty products only found in that region and can be helpful for a new CBD customer find what they are looking for.


A large benefit of online shopping is the convenience factor, and it is becoming more popular than ever before. It offers more extensive selections than a storefront could, and honestly, it's just easier to shop comfortably at home with your furry companion by your side. 

Shopping online allows you to research these products beforehand, especially when purchasing new CBD products. Some of the latest items are better to buy online because you can find countless reviews by consumers who have already used them. 

Furthermore, who doesn't like preferred customer discounts? Find your favorite online retailer on social media, and often there are special deals every month, and you'll be the first to see all the latest goods and services. Best of all, it's all then sent to your door, and that is just dog-gone convenient!


Many recipes for dog treats require common ingredients such as flour, water, oatmeal, eggs, and broth. Peanut butter, pumpkin, apple, and sweet potatoes are often used in treats to add sweetness and flavor. 

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It seems only proper to put that particular ingredient in the mix, CBD oil. While using an oil dropper, slowly add your dog's daily dose to each treat itself. The best treats are semi-porous, and you allow the oil to soak in for a bit. You can also add CBD into any food, like canned dog food or instant diet. 

Dope DOG does it right

It's a dog-eat treat world out there. So finding a perfect CBD product for your pup can be intimidating. Take the easy option. Dope dog.com is one of the dopest places to buy high-quality oils and CBD treats for your dog. 

A dog waiting for it's homemade CBD treat.

Dope Dog cares about your dog because its products were made with their best furry friendThey want to make sure your pup has a truly happy and healthy life. They offer well-priced products and carry an excellent selection of quality CBD pet goodies. 

Each human-grade ingredient they use in their products is specifically chosen, lab tested in small batches for optimal quality. Shop with ease as you please and guilt-free, knowing that a portion of your puppy's purchase goes back to help a rescue dog in need. Check them out online, and get chill with your canine.

Try some Calming Crunchies or Mobility Munchies, and don't forget the Doggy Bag on the way out!

Why You Should Order from Dope Dog

A dog's love is unconditional, and they trust you with their lives. You're their entire world, and they show it to us every day, don't they? There is no source of friendship in the universe that is equally beneficial and special between you and your furry friend.

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Dog cuddles are everyone's best medicine. So when helping our dogs through trouble or hard times, we want to trust what we give them. We need to trust in our decisions and the companies behind these fantastic products. Dope Dog is a company that knows exactly how special a dog's love is

They develop unique formulas with 100 percent natural ingredients for dogs because they love dogs. Dope Dog was started because of the issues the founder dog was facing, and they saw a need for holistic products that work for pets after they experienced their own pup not feeling well. 

Furthermore, they wanted to create a product line to help dogs in need or during recovery. A company that takes pride in what they do and gives back to the community, and promotes canine health all across the country. 

Dope Dog uses 100 percent pure CBD isolate, sourced from the "top dog" of organic hemp plants grown in the US and designed specifically to enhance your dog's quality of life. Our dogs deserve the "dopest" life we can give them.

A CBD oil bottle and dropper.


Never be scared to try something new because nothing can improve if you don't experiment outside the realms of what you have already tried. Apprehension and anxiety are completely normal when trying anything new. 

It is also always an excellent idea to do your research before giving anything new to you and your loved ones. However, studies and research to date show that CBD oil, especially isolates, is completely safe for animal consumption, non-addictive, and highly beneficial. 

Finding a trusted source of these products is essential. Online shopping makes this easy, and don't be afraid to experiment with your dog to find the product perfect for them. 

Shop Dope Dog today for all of your pet’s CBD needs

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