Zoomies: A slice of doggie boutique heaven in Greenwich Village - Dope Dog

Zoomies: A slice of doggie boutique heaven in Greenwich Village

We're excited to share our next retail spotlight for all our NYC Dope Dogs. Meet one of Zoomies' amazing owners, a dog oasis in Greenwich Village, in this insightful interview. Don't miss it! From the moment you enter Zoomies, you know you've found something special. From the house-made treat bar, to the most fashionable dog coats in town, Zoomies hits it out of the park. Read our interview with co-founder Susan for an inside peek into what makes Zoomies, the dog oasis, special.

A dog boutique in Greenwich Village

Do you have any pets / special store mascots?

Additionally, She is our almost 16 year old Yorkie , Chouchou, our official house model and famous in the West Village for her welcoming skills at Zoomies.

What makes the pets/customers in your city unique? 

Our pets are our children, extension of our families. Additionally, We are all one big melting pot here in NYC of different nationalities, cultures and lifestyles and all our pets reflect our uniqueness, vibrant and crazy, fun personalities.

What products/trends have your customers been really into lately?  

Furthermore, Our Zoomies camouflage all weather coats and our chic and simple, microsuede faux fur beds and travel mats….Not to forget, they LOVE DOPE DOG treats and oil!

What is your go-to play list for the store music?  

Our own mixes on Spotify. Also, I love music and create new lists every week. Music is such an important element of our atmosphere in Zoomies. Lastly, It makes people and their pets, relaxed and HAPPY! :)

Pumpkin Spice everything this fall- yay or nay?   

NAY… Of course, you need to love pumpkin.

What's your go-to lunch spot in your area?  

Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen which is 2 doors down from our store. Australian cafe culture with healthy, delicious food.  www.merriweathernyc.com

What inspired you get into the pet business?  

Firstly, I was ready to leave my career in the fashion industry and saw a niche that was waiting to be filled 15 years ago. Then, I wanted to create an atmosphere for pets and their owners that had all the elements of a special shopping environment. Furthermore, Focusing on our own brand made here in the US and in Canada, we wanted to also offer other vendor assortments that were complimentary to merchandise well with our Zoomies products.  

I love merchandising and visually, I wanted our customers to feel and touch everything at all different levels like you do in an Anthropologie store.Furthermore, As well as have the store smell amazing (we have a signature Fig candle that burns daily and we headquarter that line of French candles). Lastly, As Angelique’s background is in the restaurant industry, we knew we needed to create the 1st Biscuit Bar for Dogs in NYC. And most important, fabulous music to complete the shopping experience.   Voila…. Zoomies was born and Chouchou became famous!

What's the one piece of advice you would give a fellow business owner?  

Consistent outstanding customer service is a must.

Why should Dope Dogs shop at Zoomies?  

Why not?? We have a beautiful presentation of the product, offer fabulous product knowledge and we believe in the brand! And best of all, if your dog does not like the treats, we will offer you a store credit as we want you and your pet to be happy!

Sidenote: We have always said that we don’t care if you buy something at our store, just come say hi with your pet as we offer free treats and just please share your shopping experience with other friends and their pets! :)

Once again, We highly recommend bringing your pups in to experience Zoomies next time you're in the neighborhood!Not an NYC local? No problem. Shop Zoomies online! 


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