New Drug from Loyal Could Help Dogs Live Longer

New Drug from Loyal Could Help Dogs Live Longer

Breakthrough Anti-Aging Treatment: LOY-001, A New Hope for Extending Canine Lifespans

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There's exciting news from a company in San Francisco called Loyal. They've made a big step forward with a new drug called LOY-001. This drug, which is given as a regular shot, could help our dogs live longer. In addition, It's not just great news for our pets, but it might also help us learn more about staying healthy as we get older​.

Loyal was started with the big aim of creating the first medicines to increase the healthy life of dogs," explained Loyal's CEO, Celine Halioua. "This achievement comes after many years of dedicated efforts by our team. Also, We are committed to keep working hard to get approval from the FDA for this and our other long-life projects.

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How the Drug Works:

LOY-001 works by changing the levels of something called IGF-1 in big dogs. This makes their levels more like those in smaller dogs. Additionally, Scientists have found that when IGF-1 levels are lower, it can help animals live longer, healthier lives​.

Good News from the FDA:

The FDA, which checks if drugs are safe and work well, thinks LOY-001 has promise. In fact, They're looking at the drug to see if it can be approved for use. This is especially good news for big dogs, who usually don't live as long as smaller dogs​.

What This Means for Dogs:

If LOY-001 becomes available, it could change how we take care of our dogs as they get older. Furthermore, It's exciting to think that we might have a way to help our bigger furry friends live longer.

Everyone's watching Loyal to see what happens next with LOY-001. Plus, This drug isn't just important for dogs; it could also teach us a lot about aging in general. To sum up, It shows how caring for our pets can lead to bigger discoveries that help everyone.

DVM 360 & Businesswire

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