Attention LA locals - your pets should be shopping HERE! - Dope Dog

Attention LA locals - Your pets should be shopping HERE!

Your pets should be shopping HERE! We are SUPER excited to spotlight Pet Project LA this week. We love making excuses to go downtown to visit out friends at Pet Project because it is always a good time. Rachel, the store owner, is an absolute delight so be sure to say hello next time you're in the neighborhood! 

In the interview below, Rachel gives our readers a sneak peek inside what makes this the most badass pet store in Los Angeles.

What makes the pets/customers in your city unique?
Before moving to LA, I would always hear things like “living in a big city, you never get to know anyone” or “it’s so hard to make friends in the city”. But boy oh boy, does Downtown LA prove those theories wrong. There is such a powerful sense of
community here and it is beautiful. All of my customers are genuine, kind, and 110% badass. My customers are also very diverse because we are located in the middle of THE melting pot, which creates a very unique and open atmosphere at Pet Project LA. There is truly a sense of connectedness between each other even if you have never officially met someone and only seen him/her in passing. Everyone ALWAYS has each other’s back and is offering to help one another out. It’s amazing.

What is your go-to play list for the store music?
At the moment, playlists based off of the following artists: Hall & Oates, Prince, and The Internet.

What products/trends have your customers been really into lately?

CBD (duh)! It’s really great that the research on CBD is expanding further and further into the pet/animal world. The benefits of CBD for humans and animals seem to be endless. From reducing inflammation, to increasing appetite, to managing anxiety, there really isn’t an animal that wouldn’t benefit from using supplements such as Dope Dog’s products. My customers also really like the local products I carry in my store. I am constantly trying to find the next local vendor to contact. All of our local peeps are truly one-of-a- kind, amazing folks and I am so happy to say I have their products in my store. You can tell just by looking at the products that these people really take the time and put love into what they’re making for your best friends to wear or use. As a dog mom, it makes me have a really good feeling in my tummy.

Do you have any pets?
Yes! I have a handsome pit bull named Shakespeare. He is my baby and I love him with all my heart. He has a new brother (my boyfriend’s dog) named Angus and he is also so cute and sweet! They are quickly becoming best buds.

(Shakespeare, the model)

Why should Dope Dogs shop at Pet Project?

Dope Dogs should shop at Pet Project LA because we only carry products that we would use with our own fur babies. In other words, there is no BS here at Pet Project LA. We are real. And I think because of that we’re pretty dope, so it would just make sense if more dope animals of all kinds (and their human companions) shopped here. =)

Thank you for sharing! Pet Project, we love you!! 


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