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Andi Star: This Los Angeles Pet Sitter is Truly a Star

It's National Pet Sitter Week and we're bringing you a day in the life of our favorite Los Angeles pet sitter, Andi Star. Here's an exclusive interview we had with Andi in which she shares her background, favorite part about pet sitting, and more! 

DD: Quick intro/bio about you. Name? Where are you from? 

AS: Hi everyone! My name is Andi Star and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I absolutely adore dogs and all animals in general. That’s a given in my profession but really....I stop in my tracks if I see a pup anyyywhere!

DD: When did you begin pet sitting?

Andi Star: It really feels like forever ago. I started unofficially while in college 8 years ago(WOW)!!! Friends would need help with their pups and they knew I would jump up and down if they asked me to petsit. I moved back home for a year and continued it going with family and friends. I’ve been in LA for 3 years now and I absolutely love my clients. Both pups and parents alike!

DD: What prompted you to get into this business/why do you love it?

AS: I’ve always loved animals. It’s who I am. I volunteered at the Humane Society, taught at camps where kids learn everything about dogs, worked at a zoo for two summers, was an equestrian, and I even played Dog-opoly. Yes, It’s a thing!

People always appreciated when I would sit their pets and I was very ecstatic to do it! So why not do what I love, everyone wishes for that! It just made sense to me. It’s so meaningful to spend quality time with incredible dogs and knowing that their parents feel at peace when they leave because they will be in good hands makes it even better.

DD: What is your favorite part of your job?

AS: I have to name just one? There are so many but something that can’t be beat(if they are allowed by their parents in the bed) is waking up in the morning and seeing smiling, happy pups ready to start their day. Who doesn’t love puppy cuddles! Seeing how they behave in their own environment is adorable.

DD: Did you have any dogs growing up?

AS: I did! We are definitely an animal lover family. All furry friends haha It was the best to come home and have a best friend waiting for you. I was always inseparable from them. We had an Old English Sheepdog named Hannah that I used to rollerblade with, so much fun! I hope she thought so! My parents still have dogs in the house too. The fully deaf and going blind but still oh so sprite Fritz, and the incredibly loving and playful Sage.

DD: Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

AS: I’m also an actor! So storytelling is definitely a passion of mine. Stepping into another person’s shoes, watching stories unfold on TV/Film/Stage, and collaborating is truly magical.

DD: What advice would you give someone thinking about pet sitting or someone just getting started?

AS: It’s really important to know that not one dog is alike. Just like people their behaviors, temperaments, and little quirks are different. On the flip side that goes for their owners, or parents as I like to call them, as well. You have to approach each client with a fresh set of eyes and really listen to what they need. Communication is key. Then just have fun!!!! It’s such a blast.

DD: Are you taking on new clients? If so, how can someone contact you?

AS: I am definitely taking on new clients. I’d love to meet your pup! You can contact me through email at I’d love to meet your pup! I also take care of cats so if you have a kitty as well that’s great too!

DopeDog: Anything else you'd like to add?

AS: I know this past year has been hard on so many of us. I’m so grateful our dogs are by our sides. They are a true gift to this world. For me, they are the driving force that’s kept going!

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