The Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil Explained

With so much research popping up about the potential benefits of CBD, more people are becoming curious about whether or not it can help them. And with that curiosity comes questions like “When should I take CBD oil?”.

Yes—when you take a CBD supplement can affect how it makes you feel. We’ll discuss the best time of day to use CBD oil and help you determine the best way to fit it into your daily routine.

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Here’s the Best Time to Take Your CBD Oil

While it might seem like a cop-out, there’s no perfect time to take CBD for everyone. The ideal time to use your CBD depends on your routine, what products you use, and what benefits you want to get.

Many people choose to use CBD products in the morning and take smaller doses throughout the day to boost their focus and start their day off with the potential benefits of CBD.

Others like to take their CBD before bed or in the evening. However, most CBD users take it consistently throughout the day to maintain a regular concentration of the compound in their system.

Let’s look at the differences between taking CBD during the day and in the evening—we’ll also discuss the best time of day to take different types of CBD products.

Other than choosing the best time of day to take CBD, you need to choose the right supplement for you—find it here!

What to Expect When Taking CBD in the Morning

If you’re trying to decide whether you should take your CBD in the morning, consider these points—taking CBD in the morning might help:

Boost Your Focus

If you constantly worry about morning brain fog or you can’t get rid of it like usual, taking your CBD in the morning might be a good idea. It won’t boost your energy like downing a cup of coffee, but for many people, it helps promote a calming sensation and the feeling of a state of balance.

People prefer taking CBD in the morning when they want to keep their day-to-day stresses down and stay focused throughout the day. In addition, one study found that lower doses of CBD in the morning can help increase your alertness, make waking up easier, and promote healthy sleep-wake cycles.

Decrease Your Stress

Life throws unexpected things our way all the time, causing us to stress in the morning and throughout the day. Some people prefer taking CBD in the morning because it helps ease their anxiety before going to work or attending an important event.

In addition, CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors that can help promote relaxation and modulate GABA receptor activity, reducing hyperactivity.

What to Expect When Taking CBD in the Evening

A woman getting ready for bed

While many choose to take CBD in the morning, there are plenty of people who prefer taking it in the evening for various reasons—taking CBD later in the day may help you:

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Unwind After a Rough Day

If you feel anxious and tired after a long day, you’re not alone. Many people use CBD products to relax their minds and body in the evening. Plus, higher doses taken before bedtime can have a sedative effect—useful for when your mind is racing, and all you want to do is sleep.

CBD has been shown to be great for anxiety and sleep issues—taking it before bed can help ease your anxiety after a rough day or before a big day in the morning while helping you sleep better the night before.

Wake Up Feeling Rested

Not only does CBD help many people fall asleep, but it might also help you wake up feeling more rested than usual. This collection of research by Forbes shows the potential benefits of CBD on sleep and wakefulness, including:

  • Equalizing the sleep and wake cycles by counteracting overactive hormones
  • Improving the quality and quantity of sleep by regulating the different stages of sleep
  • Treating restless leg syndrome that can affect sleep quality
  • Relieving anxiety and chronic pain that affects how well you sleep

Fall Asleep Quicker

We live in a fast-paced world, and it’s not always easy for our minds and bodies to slow down after a crazy day, and simply sinking into a couch doesn’t quite do it for relaxation. Luckily, many people feel relaxed and tranquil when taking CBD at night to help calm their minds and transition their bodies from wakefulness to sleepiness.

Various studies have found CBD to be effective as a sleep aid and help with sleep disorders like:

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When to Take Different Types of CBD Products

The CBD product you take can also affect your ideal time to take it—for example, CBD oil and topicals start working quickly, while CBD edibles take longer, but the effects last longer, too.

Let’s look at the best time of day to take CBD depending on your method of consumption:

When to Take CBD Oils

You typically use CBD oil sublingually—it absorbs into special glands under your tongue and in your mouth, yielding quick results. Many people who choose to use CBD oil start out with a small amount in the morning and consume some more halfway through the day to keep the potential benefits going all day long.

A woman using CBD oil during the day

When to Take CBD Topicals

Many people who use CBD topicals do so to help localized pain or discomfort, so the time of day doesn’t really apply here. This type of CBD product doesn’t pass into the bloodstream—instead, it targets the cannabinoid receptors locally where you apply it.

When to Take CBD Edibles

CBD edibles take longer to start working, so you’ll need to understand how they interact with your body to ensure you take them at the best time of day. However, if you use CBD to help alleviate anxiety symptoms, it’s generally recommended to start the morning with your CBD edible of choice. And if you have trouble sleeping, it might be better for you to take it a couple of hours before hitting the hay.

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