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CBD Legalization Update: Is CBD Federally Legal Now?

Update - If you feel confused about the status of CBD legalization in the United States, know that you’re not alone. Sadly, the nature of the U.S. law system is responsible for much of this confusion. So is CBD legal in all states? And what about at a federal level? 

If you want to discover the answer to these questions, you’re in the perfect place. This resource will teach you everything you need to know about CBD legality. That way, you can be sure whether or not it’s legal in the state where you currently reside. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that’s naturally derived from the hemp plant. Non-psychoactive means that the importance doesn’t get you high, unlike THC. 

CBD may help with a variety of health conditions, from pain management to the reduction of mental health symptoms. It can come in a variety of different products, but some of the popular ones are edibles, tinctures, and capsules. 

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

To understand the intricacies of CBD legalization, you need to know about the difference between hemp and marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana technically fall under the classification of a cannabis plant. 

However, there’s an essential distinction between the two of them. Marijuana contains THC, which, as we noted, is the substance in cannabis that produces a euphoric, high feeling. Hemp, on the other hand, has only trace amounts of THC. 

As such, hemp isn’t often used for smoking. Instead, it’s mainly used to make rope, clothing, lotions, shampoos, and paper. In addition to this, scientists can also extract CBD out of a hemp plant to make CBD products. 

Now that we know more about the difference between these two products let’s learn about the law that makes hemp legal. 

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Is CBD Federally Legal Now?

Yes, CBD is legal on a federal level. This is thanks to the passing of the Hemp Farming Act in 2018. This law made it legal to produce any hemp-derived product (whether a rope or CBD oil) as long as it doesn’t contain more than .03% THC.  CBD Legalization Update.

However, as we’ll see, just because a substance is legal on a federal level doesn’t mean you can use it everywhere in the United States. Why? Well, it starts with the FDA. Let’s take a closer look at why. 

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What Is the FDA’s Stance On CBD?

CBD Legalization Update. For now, the FDA doesn’t regulate the vast majority of CBD products. In fact, there’s currently only one FDA-approved prescription product that contains CBD, and it’s used to treat epilepsy. 

The FDA is hesitant around CBD because it believes there’s not enough data to support both the benefits and potential risks. Moreover, due to the FDA’s lack of regulation, many sellers make products that contain unknown quantities of CBD and filler materials.

What’s more, there are widespread unwarranted medical claims regarding the use of CBD. If you want to discover more about the FDA’s stance on CBD, you can learn more about it here

Want to know what drugs you shouldn’t take while on CBD? Explore this helpful article to find out the answer. 

If CBD Is Legal, Then Why Is It Outlawed In Certain States?

Unfortunately, federal law can be overruled if a state passes its local laws. As such, a few states have made it illegal to purchase or use CBD. These states include:

  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • South Dakota

Many states allow the sale of CBD but outlaw the use of food or beverages that contain the substance. So if you live in any of these states, it’s essential not to use CBD. We also recommend checking the state laws where you live. 

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Interested In CBD? Look For Quality Suppliers

If CBD is legal in the state where you live, then you’re likely interested in trying it. So how do you avoid the many sketchy sellers out there? First, make sure the product comes with a certificate of analysis. 

This is the primary reason why CBD doesn’t work with people. Their product doesn’t contain enough CBD to produce noticeable effects. So stick with products that have been tested, like these Dope Human Extra Strength CBD Gummies

You can also read the reviews on the website you’re purchasing from. This will give you a much better sense of what the average person’s experience has been like with the products. 

Quality CBD vendors will always supply you with a certificate of analysis. Make sure to check out the many different certified products that Dope Dog has to offer. 

The Future of FDA CBD Legalization

The future of CBD legalization with the FDA is complicated. On the one hand, the FDA has already set a precedent for approving CBD medication. On the other hand, once the FDA approves a compound, they typically don’t allow it to be sold over the counter. 

This is a problem because if the FDA makes non-prescription CBD illegal, it could open up a black market. So we’ll need to wait and see what the FDA decides regarding the substance.

Person harvesting a hemp plant - CBD Legalization Update

The Importance of CBD Legalization 

The fact that CBD is legal on a federal level is a massive deal for many people. However, the sad reality is that it’s still illegal in several states. Hopefully, this will change soon since CBD legalization is vital for many groups of people. 

The reality is that most people aren’t using CBD for fun. Around 60% of people claim they use CBD to treat pain. So when CBD is illegal, it deprives people of a potential solution. That’s why widespread CBD legalization is so crucial. 

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