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Soothing Foods for Your Dog

Soothing foods are soft and comfortable to swallow. They usually contain fewer spices and are often cooked. It should be noted that they are mostly boiled rather than fried. | Soothing Foods for Your Dog

A dog’s digestive system might experience distress as a result of inflammation. However, a simple diet change can get Fido back to his feet, but what are some of the best soothing foods for your dog? 

At Dope Dog, we believe your dog deserves the best, and that means calm food to soothe Fido’s stomach. Outlined below is a comprehensive overview of the most effective food varieties. This article also highlights how they can help to improve the health of your pet.

Chicken and Rice

Roasted Chicken

This is the most common base of a bland diet for dogs. Chicken is also the main food product in most types of dog foods. This is because it is delicious and rarely causes digestive discomfort. A combination of white rice and chicken breast will help to soothe your pet’s intestinal lining. Simply boil them and avoid seasoning since it can result in stomach upsets.

Shredded chicken is among the most effective remedies for digestive discomforts. They help boost your pet's appetite. That means you should serve your pet shredded chicken that’s simply plain, boiled, and unseasoned. This is because it’s effortless to digest. Besides that, it contains amino acids, minerals, essential vitamins, and fats. If your four-legged friend is under the weather, then you can give him a portion of shredded chicken | Soothing Foods for Your Dog

Bone Broth


This is a liquid meal that is made from simmering bones and vinegar. The simmering process is essential since it helps to break down all the nutrients, so the resulting liquid is usually bioavailable. 

Bone broth provides a tasty and more comfortable way of encouraging your dog to eat. The mild and nutritious liquid helps to boost appetite. The best bone broths should have numerous joints, especially chicken or turkey legs. 

With all that in mind, the essential benefits of bone broth include:

Detoxing the liver

This is a potent detoxifier that is good for the liver. It should be noted that the liver is a powerful organ that is important for removing toxins from the body. Bone broth helps to flush out toxins in addition to chemicals and waste products. Besides that, this liquid also helps to nourish the organ because it contains electrolytes, acids, and minerals.

Easing joint pains

Dogs, just like human beings, can suffer from joint problems. However, there is evidence that suggests bone broth components can help to ease joint pains, including arthritis.

Improved brain function

Bone broth contains glycine, which is an excellent neurotransmitter that helps to improve sleep patterns. Plus, it helps to improve memory and support cognitive function.

Improves digestive health

Did you know that nearly all types of diseases usually start from the gut? These diseases include respiratory, allergies, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune problems, among others. However, bone broth contains gelatin that helps to soothe the gut. Gelatin also facilitates the process of digestion by breaking down complex fats and protein.

Enhances the immune system

The high amount of antioxidants in the broth helps to improve the immune system, therefore it’s useful in fighting infections.

Note: what makes bone broth effective is the bone marrow. However, you should avoid giving your dog cooked bones because they risk choking. It's vital to make sure to strain the liquid before you serve your dog.



Pumpkin helps to improve digestive health. It’s one of the best soothing foods for your canine friend. It contains a high amount of fiber that is important in regulating the digestive system. Keep in mind that this food helps to regulate mild conditions, such as constipation.

For your dog, the pumpkin should be cooked and unseasoned. It shouldn’t contain salt but it should be peeled. This way, your dog will end up benefiting from the dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. They include phosphorus, niacin, copper, vitamin C, folate, and others. You can give your dog two spoonfuls of blended pumpkin. After that, you can gradually increase the amount.

Note: do not give your dog canned pumpkin. This is because most of them contain additives and other harmful chemicals. Know that some of these added spices can result in unwanted complications and irritate your dog’s digestive tract.

Organ meats

Meat Organ

Boiled organ meats are crucial for a soothing diet. They usually contain high amounts of nutrients to help nourish the body. They have excellent function in blood or strength builders. It should be noted that organ meats are typically used in traditional Chinese medicine. This is because they are generally considered to be excellent blood tonics. That’s why some of our dog treats, like the Sweet Potato 3mg CBD Calming Dog Treats, contain chicken liver.

The best organ meats include:

Green tripe or stomach

They are rich in vitamin b12, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.


It contains vitamins such as b12 and a. There are also minerals, such as iron.

The brain

It’s rich in vitamin b12, selenium, omega-3, and zinc.


It’s the most commonly used organ meat. This is because it helps to enhance muscle development and promote endurance. The liver contains ribonucleic and amino acids as well as minerals and vitamins such as zinc, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin b.

Adrenal glands

It contains high amounts of vitamin c.


It has high amounts of amino acids, vitamins, such as b12, and collagen.


Mushrooms - Soothing Food for your Dogs

Mushrooms are soft, tasty, and have unique nutritional properties. This is a potent food that is typically used in alternative medicine. Traditionally, mushrooms are among the top herbal formulas used in Chinese medicine. They have been in use for centuries because of their practical health benefits.

You can give your dog medicinal mushrooms to improve their general health. They contain nutrients and vitamins such as antioxidants, prebiotics, beta-glucans, and digestive enzymes, so they are great ingredients to enhance digestive health. Plus, antioxidants help to remove the damaging radicals in the body.

Research studies indicate that some mushrooms have anti-cancer properties. Generally, these food products help to improve the immune system. 

The best mushrooms to give your furry friend include:

Maitake and Reishi

Chaga and cordyceps

Turkey tail and lion’s mane.


Watermelon - - Soothing Food for your Dogs

This is one of the best bland food for dogs. After all, watermelon has a soothing effect. Giving your dog a large piece of this deseeded food can help to reduce dehydration. This is because watermelon is filled with lots of water, and it has high fiber content. All of these components can help to solidify wastes and facilitates faster bowel movements. Keep in mind that this is a low-calorie fruit that is rich in vitamins and can quickly satisfy food cravings. Also, watermelon can strengthen your pet and improve its overall wellbeing.

Mashed Sweet Potato

Boiled, mashed sweet potato is an effective soothing regimen. It’s one of the best types of foods for a bland diet. Sweet potatoes contain a broad range of vitamins and minerals. They include potassium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Manganese, and Vitamin B6, which help to nourish the body. Also, sweet potatoes contain high amounts of fiber to help facilitate better bowel movements.

That’s why our Sweet Potato 3mg CBD Calming Dog Treats are a great option for your furry friends. They contain organic sweet potato in the form of digestible, bite-sized goodies. 

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Boiled Eggs

Boiled Egg - Soothing Food for your Dogs

If you don’t have chicken or rice, you can give your dog eggs. You simply need to cook them. However, you shouldn’t add other ingredients, such as milk. Avoid using salt or any type of seasoning. This is because these ingredients can make your dog vulnerable to an upset stomach.

Low-Fat Cottage Cheese

According to most veterinarians, giving your pet cottage cheese is an excellent choice. This is because this food product contains high amounts of fat content and protein. These compounds help to solidify the dog’s stool. However, cottage cheese should only be used sparingly. Additionally, it’s not suitable for lactose intolerant animals.

Oily Fish

Oily Fish - Soothing Food for your Dogs

Fish contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids. Giving your dog this type of fish can help to improve its general wellbeing. A small fish such as sardines usually have fewer toxins compared to the big fish. This means that they are less harmful, and contain some health benefits which include:

Anti-inflammatory properties help to ease inflammation.

Improving heart health.

Treating eye and skin disorders.

Improving brain function.

Enhance kidney functions.

Note: oily fish contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, it’s essential to always start with a small amount. From there, you can gradually increase your pet’s intake. For instance, you can begin by giving it a half a tin of sardines and then increase the amount as the days go by. Apart from sardines, other best sources of oil include:

Calamari oil contains exceptionally high amounts of EPA as well as DHA.

Krill oil is highly bioavailable.

Cod liver oil, which contains vitamins such as A and D. It should be noted that cod liver oil is usually derived from the fish’s liver. It also contains high amounts of EPA and DHA.

If you want to give your dog the benefits of oily fish without the hassle of preparing it, try our Asian Carp 3mg CBD Dog Treats or our Salmon Dope Dropper.

Baby Food

Did you know that you can give your dog baby food? Well, most veterinarians usually give dogs certain baby foods while the animals are left in their care. What makes baby food great is that it’s highly nutritious, and facilitates the digestion process.

You can use meat-based foods, especially stage II. They usually are very easy to swallow and come in a variety of flavors. They include turkey, lamb, and chicken. The benefits of baby food include:

Improve digestive health

Baby food can help to alleviate intestinal issues, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Wide range of flavors

They help to cater to the different tastes that pets prefer. It should be noted that there are also several recipes to prepare these tasty treats.

Note: do not use baby food as a full replacement of the dog’s diet. Ensure that there are other nutritious foods that your dog can feed on.

General Benefits of Soothing Foods for Your Dog

Cute Dog Biting

There are many reasons why the foods mentioned above are right. They help to treat different disorders or discomfort. Their core benefits include:

Treating constipation

Dogs suffering from constipation should be given lots of water, but soothing foods are also crucial. This is because they enhance the process of digestion, and they promote faster bowel movements. For instance, watermelon helps to keep the dog hydrated, while boiled rice and chicken breast can help to reduce fatigue.

Easing Symptoms of Vomiting and Diarrhea

If your dog is vomiting, it's vital to give him plenty of water and electrolytes to replenish what he has lost. You can also give him fiber-rich food to solidify stool and minimize the production of watery stools. A dog bland diet that’s rich in fiber can, therefore, improve the recovery time.

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Managing Pancreatitis

This condition usually makes dogs experience vomiting and diarrhea. Some of them even experience lethargy and abdominal pain. A dog bland diet usually consists of low-fat meals, which makes it an excellent remedy for treating pancreatitis. For instance, boiled rice and chicken breasts are great choices.

What You Need to Know

Cute Dog Fetching Ball

If your dog is experiencing stomach sensitivity, then you need to exercise caution. Additionally, you need to implement mechanisms that can ease the discomfort.

So, what can you do? Well…

Avoid giving your pet human food or food remains.

Be observant

Be on the lookout to ensure that your dog doesn’t eat spoiled food or wastes. Only feed it quality and nutritious food to help nourish the body and minimize the chances of immune attacks.

Avoid constantly changing dog food

This can result in intestinal irritation. If you are planning a diet change, make the process gradual. Ensure that your dog eats small portions of food regularly. Avoid giving your pet large food portions. This is because dogs normally eat very fast. As a result, they end up ingesting lots of air.

Final Thoughts

Soothing foods can help to improve your dog’s health significantly. This is because they are generally easy to swallow and digest. Additionally, most of them are bland, which means that they don’t have spices or seasonings that can be irritating to the digestive lining. They usually are soft, easy to digest and facilitate regular bowel movements. However, in case you observe no change after 2-3 days, make sure that you visit the vet. This is because your dog could be suffering from a severe underlying condition.

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