12 Fun Facts about Lavender for dogs

12 Fun Facts about Lavender for Dogs

Lavender is a versatile and powerful herb. This aromatic plant has several health benefits for both humans and dogs.

Lavender remains an effective herbal remedy because of its potent characteristics. With this in mind, consider lavender-based products for your canine companions, like our CBD lavender shampoo.

Do you have a furry friend who could benefit from lavender? We’ve outlined some fun facts about lavender for dogs so you know just why we’ve chosen to use this aromatic plant in our dog shampoo.

1. Treating Digestive Discomfort

If your pet suffers from digestive discomfort, lavender proves to be the perfect remedy to soothe their tummy. You can give your dog a solution of warm water with lavender, lavender essential oil and warm water, or even better, a warm bath using our lavender CBD shampoo.

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2. Removing Odor

When dogs go out to play, bad odor might follow them like the stench of gym socks. This is because they sweat, urinate, poop, and play or walk in dirty spaces. No one wants their dog to bring in strong, annoying smells into their home. Fortunately, lavender's excellent odor-removing properties can make your pet smell fresh again. Apart from washing your pet with lavender-based products, you can use the essential oil to spray the dog’s bedding and other cloth wear. This helps to create a soothing and refreshing germ-free environment.

3. Treating Itchy Paws

Dogs are prone to biting or licking their paws. As a result, their paws might become itchy. Whether it’s a foreign object lodged between their paws, food allergies or injuries, you can help ease this discomfort by giving them a proper bath and using lavender. The herb has a soothing effect, and it can help wash away debris and other unwanted dirt found between the paws.

4. Treating Arthritis

Older senior dogs sometimes develop arthritis, just like humans. They end up suffering from uncomfortable side effects like extreme and frequent joint pain. Fortunately, lavender has potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. As a result, lavender helps alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

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5. Improving Sleep Patterns

Lavender treats insomnia by relaxing Fido. Note that a healthy dog needs at least 12 hours of sleep per day. Anything under this average amount can lead to insomnia. Keep in mind that underlying medical conditions are often the cause of insomnia, since some diseases cause side effects of pain and discomfort. Insomnia could also be caused by a chronic condition such as arthritis or due to everyday stress and anxiety. Regardless of this, lavender oil helps to improve sleep patterns. Its ability to treat underlying health issues makes it the best remedy. Reviews show that this substance can help improve the quality and quantity of sleep.


6. Treating Allergies

Dogs with allergies are usually treated with corticosteroids. However, these drugs are not 100 percent effective. Therefore, the pet may still end up suffering from the painful symptoms of allergies. However, lavender herb can help you manage this condition. The essential oil has antihistamine properties, which means that it prevents the release of histamine, therefore, alleviating the nasty symptoms of allergies. 

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7. Managing Symptoms of Anxiety

Dogs are just like human beings, which means they can also suffer from anxiety resulting from several factors and triggers. With that in mind, you may find it challenging to calm your dog during specific situations. Some of the anxiety symptoms that a dog might display include hyperactivity, stress, and sometimes nervousness.

Fortunately, lavender essential oil has aromatherapy benefits to help soothe your dog physically and emotionally. It’s an effective diffuser which significantly calms an extremely annoyed and stressed out dog. The effect of the aroma in this herb helps calm the nerves to relax your canine companion.


8. Easing Skin Infections

This herb has potent effects on the dog because it contains a robust multitude of properties. For instance, applying lavender oil can help treat various skin infections, which include itching and dry skin. In addition to that, you can use this herb to treat sun or skin burns, bug bites, bruises, cuts, and dermatitis. Lavender is useful for treating skin infections due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antifungal components.

Note: research studies indicate that a shampoo made of natural lavender can help soothe inflamed and itchy skin. Unlike harsh chemicals found in the market, this product is safe to use on Fido. This is because the pet is not exposed to harmful chemicals with dangerous side effects.

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9. Great Culinary Delight

You can add lavender to your pet's food. Using the dried petals, you can make some tasty and attractive dishes for your pet. This is a fantastic way to stimulate your dog's appetite and can be especially useful for finicky eaters or dogs suffering from eating disorders. Keep in mind that this organic culinary ingredient is typically used in place of “rosemary.”


10. Calming Effect

The smell, as well as the aromatherapy of lavender, helps to provide a calming effect. This is important if your pet is anxious and nervous all the time. The ability of this organic substance to cool and soothe the body helps to ensure that your pet functions at an optimal level minus the stress.

11. Bug Repellent

This potent herb can ward off unwanted bugs. It can get rid of pests like mosquitoes, flies, moths, and fleas. Although human beings usually love the scent of lavender, insects and bugs hate it.

12. Treating Ear Infections

Essential oil made from lavender can help treat ear infections in dogs. Keep in mind that dogs can suffer from this condition from time to time. Ear infections are mostly caused by bacteria or an overgrowth of yeast. The worst thing about this is that it keeps on recurring even after using the recommended pharmaceutical drugs. This means that regardless of what the vet may recommend, your pet will still need the same treatment in the future.

However, lavender essential oil helps to manage this condition effectively. You can mix it with a carrier oil and then apply it to the affected area. Within a few days, you will witness significant changes in your pet’s ear condition. Just make sure that you clean the infected ear at least twice per day.


Lavender is a beautiful herb with multi-faceted purposes. People love to use it as a decoration, essential oil, and fragrance. Not only is it great for humans, but it has plenty of health benefits for dogs as well. It does wonders to calm an anxious dog and treat multiple health conditions. With that in mind, it's time to get some lavender oil to bring some joy to Fido's life.

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