Shyla's success story: 15 years old and thriving!

This touching story and video comes to us from a wonderful group called K9 C.A.R.E. Inc., a deep water aquatic center built specifically for dogs located in upstate New York. This story is about Shyla, one of the many dogs they have helped over the years. 

Here is Shyla’s remarkable story...

“Shyla is 15+ years old, every day with a dog of that age is a gift. Shyla had a very rough night Wednesday night, she vomited 3 times during the night, she was quite restless and could not get comfortable. In the morning she did not want to eat or drink. She was not moving well. She would take a few steps and just stand there, with her head low. Not moving. Now, this is disturbing behavior for an older dog. Especially one who previously had a great appetite. Things are not looking good. We were very concerned. Then we said let’s give her some CBD oil, “we have nothing to lose”

Well. The difference this made to this dog is nothing short of a miracle. I wish I had taken a video of her before the CBD oil. Thursday we thought we were going to lose her, Saturday evening she was bouncing around. She was actually dancing and jumping around all day Saturday. She is eating and drinking again, she is happy and full of energy. 

This is no coincidence…there is absolutely nothing else to attribute this amazing turn around to other than CBD Oil. Period.”

Here is Shyla’s video.

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