Lisbeth & Ellie: Dope Dog's and their people

What makes Ellie a "Dope Dog"?

Ellie is a rescue from Tijuana. When rescued she had a broken pelvis and had to have an amputation on a back leg. Her other back leg is not fully functional, and she walks primarily on her two front legs. None of this has stopped Ellie. She’s the happiest dog and doesn’t let her physical disabilities stop her from living her best life. She has so much energy and loves to be active. She’s such an inspiration to everyone who has met her. It’s hard not to fall in love with her!

What do you do for work? 

I work in Continuous Improvement for an air medical provider.

I love to inspire others to think outside the box and help manage projects to the finish line! 

How would friends describe you?

My friends would say I have a loving heart and encourage everyone around me to the best version of themselves. 

When did you decide you needed a dog?

I was living alone and coming home to an empty home was depressing. I knew a pup would fill my home with lots of love. 

Who is your Dope Dog? (name, sex, breed)

Her name is Ellie and she is a terrier mix. 

How do you guys spend time together?

Ellie and I love to go on walks, and cuddle while watching tv. 

Who gets spoiled more, you or Ellie?

Ellie of course! But she does spoil me with lots of love. 

What does Ellie use CBD for?

Bath time! As a trípawd Ellie hated baths. She did not feel comfortable in a slippery tub. 

Have you seen improvement?

YES!! Baths use to be a stressful wrestling match, but now it’s calm and Ellie enjoys it. 

What is your favorite Dope Dog product?

Peanut Butter CBD Calming Treats & Soothing Suds Shampoo. 

What's your dog's favorite past time?

Ellie is such an extrovert. She loves being at the dog park or dog beach where there are lots of other pups to play with. 


Social handles 

Lisbeth Instagram

Ellie and Friends Instagram



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