Dope Dogs and Their People - Lindsay and Atticus - Dope Dog

Dope Dogs and Their People - Lindsay and Atticus

Dope Dogs and Their People - Lindsay and Atticus

We know you are going to fall in love with Lindsay like we did here at Dope Dog! We have had the honor to work with Lindsay through our rescue partner, Deity Animal Rescue. Furthermore, In this interview we go behind the scenes with Lindsay and learn about passion for animals, her career transition, and of course her Dope Dog, Atticus. Then, we shot some photos pre-quarantine with Lindsay at the animal rescues with the house dog, Chicken. Also, we will share those throughout the post, but will be kicking off with a current picture of Atticus, Lindsay and her husband Mike.

A dope dog named Atticus with its owners Lindsay and her husband Mike.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Lindsay as much as we did!

DD: What do you do for work ?

LG: Chief Executive Animal Lover and Co-Founder of Deity Animal Rescue + Foundation

DD: What led you to this line of work?

LG: I spent ten years as a hairdresser and was hit with a life altering medical surprise which left me unable to continue my path in the beauty industry. Also, I was volunteering with Ellen at the time and when I was well enough to work again, we sat down and I asked her if she wanted to really do this rescue thing... spoiler alert- she said yes.

DD: How would friends describe you?

LG: I hope they would describe me as passionate, pragmatic, and loyal

DD: When did you decide you needed a dog?

LG: I grew up with dogs and when my main boy Bosco went over the rainbow bridge in 2013, I swore I could never love like that again. Nonetheless, I missed the sound of his nails clicking on the wood floor, the unconditional love, and the companionship. Moreover, My sister and I rescued our first dog, Atticus Rex from a local rescue in Los Angeles.\

DD: Who is your Dope Dog? (name, sex, breed)

LG: Atticus Rex, my 6 year old terrier "who knows what" mutt.  Also, He is the weirdest animal I have met and we vibe.

DD: How do you guys spend time together?

LG: We love to take family walks with my husband, we watch football together (he and my husband watch football, I online shop) on Sundays and he gets to wear his Rams jersey which he LOVES.

DD: If Atticus weren’t a dog, how would he spend his time?

LG: If Atticus wasn't a dog, he would be Eeore.. melancholy and always let down.

DD: Who gets spoiled more, you or Atticus?

LG: Atticus by far is the most spoiled boy. 

DD: What does he use CBD for?

LG: Atticus gets CBD for his social anxiety. He thinks he wants friends, but turns out he'd rather not socialize.

DD: Have you seen improvement?

LG: CBD has not turned Atticus into a social butterfly, but it makes him more comfortable in social situations and less.. uptight.

DD: What is your favorite Dope Dog product?

LG: I absolutely love the Sweet Potato Calming Crunchies- and so does Atticus. Once I hand it to him, he runs to his favorite spot on the carpet to munch it up.

DD: What's your dog's favorite past time?

LG: Snoozing on top of every couch pillow, meticulously piled on top of each other for optimal comfort. We call it his hybernation station.

DD: What makes Atticus a Dope Dog?

LG: I think all dogs are Dope Dogs... some of them just need a little CBD in their lives to highlight their best qualities and sooth their ailments. As the co-founder of an animal rescue, we see hundred of dogs a year who have been deemed a certain way by people who have spent very little time with them. This sort of judgment by a shelter can get a dog on a very dangerous path. Things like anxiety, inflammation, appetite can all be positively and easily impacted by the use of Dope Dogs and we are grateful to have that tool at the rescue to help every dog shine.

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