A CBD Success Story: Epilepsy

Does someone you know struggle with epilepsy? This story is about the positive affects that CBD had on the life of TWO family members: one human and one Dope Dog.

"We specifically chose our little guy, Mr. Bandit a boy, because he is a bull terrier(ish) and bull terriers can be prone to epilepsy. We hoped he wouldn’t have epilepsy, but my husband has epilepsy so I thought they would be a good match and give each other comfort in their possibly mutual condition. Right away we realized Bandit had seizures, usually when he is sleeping or relaxing.

My husband has been on medication for much of his life and he knows the struggles and trials of treating epilepsy with meds. After a year and a half of Bandit’s seizures, we found Dope Dog hemp oil and calming crunchies. My husband’s seizures can be brought on by just high energy and intensity of mood - Bandit is such an energetic pup and we have only seen a calmer demeanor from that intensity since we’ve been using our Dope Dog goodies regularly.

We have been dosing 6mg per his 60 lbs as recommended for two months and I have only noticed two minor seizures since. He used to have seizures almost daily. Not only has his success obviously benefited Bandit, but it has encouraged my husband to try CBD in his diet as well. Bandit may have seizures and it may be rough, but it’s given him a special bond with my husband.

Before he has a seizure Bandit has a natural inclination to run to him so he can hug him until it’s passed. They’ve helped each other along the way and Dope Dog has ultimately helped Bandit be the best support doggo with seizures to his pawp. We know the difficulties in finding a solution for seizures and hope that everyone takes Dope Dog’s mission to heart! It’s worth every drop towards a better life!"

Thanks to Caitlyn for sharing her family's story. See more of the most photogenic dog EVER on Instagram @mrbanditboy 

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