A CBD Success Story: Epilepsy - Dope Dog

A CBD Success Story: Epilepsy | CBD for Dog

Does someone you know struggle with epilepsy? This story is about the positive affects that CBD had on the life of TWO family members: one human and one Dope Dog.

The addition to your beloved family, a little guy affectionately known as Mr. Bandit, wasn't just an arbitrary choice. We consciously opted for a male, specifically a Bull Terrier(ish), even though we were aware that this breed is susceptible to epilepsy. As we discovered, our concerns weren't unfounded as Bandit, unfortunately, began to experience seizures, predominantly while sleeping or resting.

This was a familiar yet disheartening situation for us. My husband has grappled with epilepsy for most of his life and is intimately acquainted with the trials and tribulations associated with medicating this condition. Hence, witnessing Bandit's seizures was not only deeply concerning but also heartrending due to the personal familiarity with the situation.

After a year and a half of our beloved Bandit grappling with seizures, we came across Dope Dog's hemp oil and calming crunchies. These products were nothing short of a godsend. High-energy situations and intense mood swings can trigger my husband's epileptic episodes, and Bandit, a spirited pup, fits the bill.Remarkably, since we introduced Dope Dog's products into his regimen, we noticed a distinct easing of Bandit's hyperactive demeanor.

We've been judicious with the dosage, administering 6mg for his 60 lbs weight, and the results have been outstandingly positive. From daily seizures to just two minor ones in two months, Bandit's condition improved remarkably.

The journey of my husband and Bandit has been a shared one, each supporting the other in managing their conditions. Dope Dog helped Bandit become an exceptional support dog for my husband, especially during seizures.

With firsthand epilepsy challenges, we hope you embrace Dope Dog's mission wholeheartedly. The benefit is palpable in every drop and contributes significantly to the quality of life for those dealing with seizures. A better life is indeed a worthwhile pursuit, and Dope Dog is a key partner in that quest!

Thanks to Caitlyn for sharing her family's story. See more of the most photogenic dog EVER on Instagram @mrbanditboy | CBD for Dog

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