CBD Success Story: A word from one of our Dope Dogs

Sharing a sweet success story from one of our first customers, Kimba. Thanks for sharing!

"Jake, my old man, will be 17 on the 18th of Sept. I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He has a stage 5 heart murmur and is on a couple of heart meds and water pills. He is also blind and gets anxious. I give him Dope Dog and it settles him right down. Jake loves the crunchy biscuits and I love them because they keep him calm, they help his pain, they clean his teeth and they keep my anxiety levels low where my old guy is concerned! I was driving 30 miles to buy them and then I saw I could buy them online!! So I have them on auto ship every three weeks."

"These treats also help Jake sleep at night. That helps me sleep as well!! These treats are a life saver on so many levels!!! Thank you Dope Dog for making such an awesome product!!"

Kimba, we are happy you are finally getting some rest now that you know Jake is sleeping sound =)

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