Back to School: A CBD Success Story

This is a unique success story coming to us from college student Lauren, about her cutie pie Bailey.

"When I moved from PA to MD with my pup, Bailey, I knew it could be a stressful move as it was her first. We live on a college campus for my job and she’s always adjusted well to noise, but in our new place, it was a bit more loud with hearing outside noises and it created some anxious barking for Bailey. I did a bunch of research and came across Dope Dog treats and decided to give the treats and oil a try. Not only did I notice a difference in her barking, but my neighbors did too! I love being able to provide a natural anxiety aid for her barking and feel good about what’s going into her body! Plus, she loves the taste of the Pb crunchies, salmon oil and the unflavored oil! Thank you so much Dope Dog!"

Thanks for sharing Lauren!

CBD Education Features

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