CBD Success Story: Joint Pain

A word from Chevy The Boston...

"Anyone else use CBD oil for their pup? Chevy uses it daily to manage her back/hip pain. It works wonders! It’s literally the difference between her being able to sit down in a timely manner vs having to spin 5 times, adjust her legs, spin 2 more times, and then slowly move her butt towards the ground in a half sit position. She used to be on pain Meds that were messing up her insides... so we took her off the Meds and out of pure desperation to find something that would work without nasty side effects... we gave CBD oil a try.

Chevy used to keep me up all night trying to get comfortable. I would have to manually lay her down every hour or so otherwise she kept spinning circles trying to lay down herself and find a comfortable position. It can be used for anxiety, it helps with inflammation, pain that comes with aging, epilepsy, and more. Head to @dopedogtreats or more info. Or, if you have any questions feel free to ask! We have done tons of research. Made in the USA (actually not too far from our house in Los Angeles, CA), made in small batches and lab tested."

Thanks for the wonderful review! Connect with Chevy on IG @ChevytheBoston

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