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Pet Grooming at Home for Special Occasions

Many people have pets at home for relaxation, entertainment, and security purposes. Dogs are popular family pets and excellent entertainers for guests, so keeping them well-groomed is essential for their best appearance!

Maybe you’re considering showcase your dog at a party or a dog show. At pet shows, the judges consider the appearance of the dog before rating it. Therefore, pet owners should take some time to ensure that their dog is well-groomed and healthy before they are put on display!

If you are preparing for a huge party, then it is a good idea to groom your dog for the occasion.

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Grooming at Home

With numerous pet grooming options available, pet owners often want to learn how to groom their dogs at home for various reasons.

One of the reasons is that there may not be a reliable groomer in the area where they are residing. Depending on the area, the demand for pet grooming services can be limited. Traveling long distances for grooming can be a hassle, and your pup's fresh look might get ruined on the car ride back.

Instead of wasting time and money to visit a groomer, pet owners can learn how to groom their beloved dog at home.  

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Prior to dog grooming, ensure you have all necessary tools and supplies at hand. Certain tools vary by dog type, but many are essential for all pets, regardless of their breed or size.

Consider purchasing a grooming table for your dog. For pet shows, a portable folding table is ideal for easy transportation and setup of your dog's grooming area. A brush, mat, clippers for hair, and a trimmer to cut the nails are also recommended!

Grooming Supplies 

Dogs tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, meaning you will have to spend more time grooming your dog to look his or her best. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our Oatmeal Lavender CBD Dog Shampoo. This shampoo will have your doggo looking their best while combating any skin irritation and itchiness.

According to pet experts, it is better to avoid lower quality shampoo products because they may contain ingredients that can harm your dog. While a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner can be used, separate products often yield better results for grooming.

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Fur Type

The grooming procedure varies depends on the breed. There are some breeds, like Collies, Belgian Shepherds, and Poodles, where the fur has a longer length and thicker texture, so it requires more grooming effort. Some types of dogs like Dobermans and Boxers have a shorter coat on their bodies, so they need less care.


Brushing your dog regularly will make it easier to begin grooming them. 

Keep in mind that bathing without brushing will be a waste of time since your pet will still be dirty. Disposing of dry dirt is easier than removing wet dirt that can stick to a dog's coat. Frequent brushing helps prevent matting in dogs with long and thick fur, making it easier to remove loose hair.

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Bathing Your Dog

After the brushing process has removed part of the dirt particles that were trapped on the coat, then it's time for the bathing procedure to get rid of all the dirt and make your pup nice and clean. For this, it is advisable to dilute the shampoo to ensure that it be easier to rinse off of their bodies. Plus, diluted shampoo is safer for pets with sensitive skin. After applying shampoo, wait briefly before rinsing to loosen dirt particles. Thoroughly wash with water to remove dirt. You can apply conditioner to enhance the hair's shine.

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Brushing may not always untangle matted fur in certain cases. In these cases, it is better to trim it with clippers when their hair is clean and dry. Use scissors with caution, since the dog may get hurt, especially if they move around a lot when you groom them.

Cutting Nails and Other Tips

Even though cutting your dog’s nails requires some expertise and caution, you can still try this on your own. Familiarize your dog with the sound of nail clippers to prevent them from becoming upset or confused. Examine the nails carefully and only trim the end part of the nail.


Even though grooming your pet at home for a special occasion may take some time and effort, it’s usually worthwhile and can strengthen the bond between you and your dog in the long term. While a pet groomer has plenty of professional experience, your dog may not be familiar with them and might not cooperate accordingly. You may have better luck grooming your pet on your own because of the trust and bond your dog already has with you! 

Once you learn how to groom your dog correctly, your pup can impress your guests with their gorgeous, shiny coat!

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