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Celebrating Bella & Lindy's 5 Year Anniversary

Celebrating Bella & Lindy's! We are proud to introduce Bella & Lindy for this retail spotlight post. Bella & Lindy is a luxury lifestyle boutique in Saratoga Springs, proudly celebrating their 5th anniversary. This boutique has a special way of making luxury approachable and fun. From the sweet staff to the welcoming interior, it's no wonder Bella & Lindy has a solid 5-star rating on both Facebook and Yelp

Learn a bit more about what makes this place so special in an interview with owner, Jill.

What inspired you get into the pet business?

After years in a stressful NYC job, my solace was always dog-related, from volunteering to my own pup. Dogs are my joy.

My dog got me through many difficult times in my life they have always been a comfort and the bond you develop is unbelievable. I was always intrigued to learn more about them and took a leap quit my corporate job and jumped head first into learning everything I could about the pet industry. Furthermore, I worked at a veterinarian clinic for a few years and studied pet design and marketing in NYC before I opened the boutique.

I thoroughly enjoy learning about animals and helping them is my passion. I enjoy being able to help customers and be apart of enhancing the bonds they have with their dogs. Dogs give us so much, so to be able to have a place people can bring their dogs to make them feel special is amazing! 

What makes the pets/customers in your city unique?

Our town is very dog friendly! We get a lot of tourist traffic visiting our town throughout the year. Also, We get to meet dogs from all over and make their vacations enjoyable. We have a wonderful mix of local dogs and an array of activities for them whether you like to hike, swim or stroll downtown shops with your pups there is something for everyone to do!  

What's your go-to lunch spot in your area?

Our favorite is Comfort Kitchen because they have a dog friendly area to eat at! 

Do you have any pets / special store mascots?

We have three small dogs currently! We rescue senior dogs and adopt little misfit dogs that no one wanted! Our shop is named after our two puerto rican street dog rescues! Bella & Lindy! Our shop dog is Chachi she was our recent rescue from puerto rico she is a little three legged chihuahua our little store mascot now! Customers really love her she has such a wonderful personality makes people really happy when they meet her!

What products/trends have your customers been really into lately?

CBD for dogs have finally started to grow in popularity in our area! We are excited people are finally starting to see the benefits!

What is your go-to play list for the store music?

Depends on our mood our long winters here get people in a funk we try to keep things upbeat and fun in the shop and we always default to Todays Hits.

What's the one piece of advice you would give a fellow business owner?

There are so many ups and downs when you start a small business, find a great team and people that support you and your ideas! you can't juggle everything and its ok to ask for help!

Check out Bella & Lindy's brand new storefront or visit them online and on social media.

Instagram: @bellaandlindy Facebook: @bellaandlindy


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