A Bunny Trapped in a Dog's Body: Meet Norman and His Person, Nicole Ozeran - Dope Dog

A Bunny Trapped in a Dog's Body: Meet Norman and His Person, Nicole Ozeran

A Bunny Trapped in a Dog's Body. Today we interviewed Dope Dog Norman's mom, Nicole and learned that Norman would rather hop like a bunny rather than run! Also, This clever spunky ball of fur was the star of the show as we got into some of his favorite things, one of which is salmon flavored CBD. Lastly, You will definitely find some laughs in this one (Nicole officially has a dope sense of humor) so read on and enjoy!

DD: What do you do for work and what led you to this profession?

Nicole: I'm a lawyer. I love research and writing and oral argument!

DD: How would friends describe you?

Nicole: Outgoing, active, family-oriented, and Norman-obsessed.


DD: When did you decide you needed a dog?

Nicole: I've been surrounded by dogs since childhood. When our family's golden retriever aged and I returned to LA, I decided to introduce young energy. Lastly, Welcome Norman!

DD: Who is your Dope Dog? (name, sex, breed)

Nicole: Norman, M, Goldendoodle

DD: How do you guys spend time together?

Nicole: We go hiking, cuddle on the couch, and go to the park. Norman goes nuts for real grass so I try to find open grassy spots in LA for him.

Dope dog Norman with his Asian Carp 3mg CBD Calming Dog Treat Packet

DD: If Norman weren’t a dog, how would she/he spend their time?

Nicole: I often jest that Norman is a dog with a bunny's spirit, as he hops around instead of running! If he weren't a dog, he would probably be a spoiled BH housewife that hangs by the pool all day and sips pina coladas.

DD: Who gets spoiled more, you or Norman?

Nicole: This one is easy -- Norman.

DD: What does Norman use CBD for?

Nicole: Norman despises groomer visits, becoming extremely stressed during his time there. Also, He eats a couple CBD treats before his appointments and he is much more relaxed.

Dope dog Norman eating from his Asian Carp 3mg CBD Calming Dog Treat Packet

DD: What is your favorite Dope Dog product?

Nicole: Salmon Oil drops! Norman absolutely loves salmon flavored treats

DD: What's your dog's favorite past time?

Nicole: Eating.

DD: What makes Norman a Dope Dog? 

Nicole: He's sexy, he's cute! He's popular to boot!

Additionally, We couldn't agree more! Norman, you are officially a Dope Dog and we can't wait to see what you hop into next.

Furthermore, Want to be featured in the next Dope Dogs and Their people? Send us a note to hello@dope.dog =)


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