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Cheap CBD Oil Isn’t Worth It: Here’s Why

With the growing popularity of CBD products, CBD brands are continually entering this growing market. But not all brands are equal in quality, efficacy, and safety. To produce cheap CBD oil, some companies cut corners in several common ways. Consumers need to be wary of cheap CBD oil because it usually isn’t safe, legal, or effective.

We’ll list the characteristics of cheap CBD oil you need to know when researching CBD products. We’ll also point you toward how to choose a higher-quality CBD oil. This way, you won’t be scammed or cheated when buying CBD oil products.

Characteristics of Cheap CBD Oil

Several factors influence the price of CBD. You get what you pay for, so understanding what makes the price lower is critical because the supplier had to cut corners in one of these areas to offer a lower price:

Low-Quality Hemp

Cheaper CBD oil is derived from mass-produced hemp from farms that aren’t within the United States. These farms use pesticides and herbicides that can increase the crop in a shorter growing period, making the hemp lower quality.

Low-quality hemp can contain pesticides, solvent residue, and heavy metals. To purge these things from the oil, the manufacturer has to refine it so heavily that it can reduce its potency and profile.

Synthetic Additives

To increase the shelf-life or appearance of CBD oil, some brands add synthetics to their oil like:

  • Fillers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Humidity regulators
  • Preservatives

Check your CBD labels for any suspicious or unnatural ingredients.

False Labels from Lack of Regulation

Unfortunately, not all CBD brands are honest. A recent study verified the potency of 85 CBD products and found that only 31% contained enough CBD to be effective. Because of the lack of regulation, brands can be dishonest on their labels about potency and quantity. You really need to research your CBD brand before you buy.

Unsafe Extraction Methods

To extract the oil from the hemp, some manufacturers chose extraction methods that utilize cheap solvents like:

  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Hexane

These solvents are hard to remove from the oil because of their flammability, leaving a toxic residue in the CBD oil. These extraction methods can make the cheaper CBD oil unsafe for users.

Not Third-Party Lab Tested

Because the FDA doesn’t regulate the CBD market, many reputable CBD companies are proactive in regulating their CBD quality by testing their CBD oil and products using third-party test labs. These unbiased labs certify the CBD oil:

  • Purity
  • Potency
  • Safety

If the CBD brand posts its third-party lab tests, you can trust that the CBD is free of impurities and contaminants. Brands increase the cost of their CBD oil to pay for continual testing. If the CBD company doesn’t list their lab results, it’s usually because they are using lower-quality hemp or hazardous extraction methods.

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Lack of Transparency

When the CBD brand offers cheap CBD oil products and lacks transparency on its website about testing, labels, product sourcing, or extraction method, it’s a huge red flag. While this CBD oil is cheaper, it isn’t worth the risk of efficacy or safety. Shop brands that clearly communicate with their customers about testing and product sourcing.

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Does CBD Quality Matter?

Absolutely. The way hemp is grown, processed, and manufactured can affect the CBD’s quality, safety, and potency. When you are buying products to ingest for your health, ensuring you are using a safe and effective product is paramount.

The Harvard Medical School stresses the importance of CBD product safety and the need to research the products before you buy. Be wary of cheap synthetic CBD products because they may cause psychotic reactions or pose severe health risks.

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How to Tell If if CBD Oil is Good Quality

Fortunately, there are a few tells of a good quality CBD product that you can identify with a little research:

  • Legal Farming: You want to choose brands that source their CBD from legal farms in the US that certify their quality, safety, and legality.
  • CO2 Extraction: This is the gold standard of safe, effective CBD extraction. Any other method is going to be subpar.
  • Natural Ingredients: CBD products that contain natural ingredients that you can recognize is critical for product quality and safety.
  • Certified Analysis: Transparent third-party lab-certified analysis of all CBD oils and products is a mark of quality and safety.
  • Strong Formulations: You want CBD products with strong potency formulations to ensure they actually work. If the brand uses trace amounts of high-quality CBD, it will not be enough to be effective.

Other Factors That Drive the Cost of High-Quality CBD Oil

Some other factors that influence the cost of high-quality CBD oil:

  • Demand: CBD is a relatively new crop in the US, so there aren’t enough legal farms to meet the demand, causing the price of quality hemp to be higher. As more farms choose to grow legal hemp, the cost of quality hemp will come down.
  • Challenging to Grow Legal Hemp: To meet the legal requirements, farmers must monitor and inspect their crops regularly, making hemp more challenging to grow.
  • Extraction is Expensive: The CO2 process and machinery to extract CBD are expensive and time-consuming, driving up the price of CBD.
  • Small Distribution: Because of liability and legality, many stores and retail channels don’t sell CBD products. You often have to buy directly from the brand, dispensaries, or health supplement stores.
  • Extra Fees: To ensure legality, producers, and manufacturers must pay significant fees for legality and lab testing to verify product safety.

CBD oil

Research and Buy High-Quality CBD Oil

It’s not worth your safety or money to buy cheap CBD oil that may be unsafe and ineffective. You’re better off researching trusted CBD brands that are transparent about hemp sourcing, CBD oil testing, and product labels. While you may have to pay a little more, having a CBD product that actually works will be worth it.

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