small white dog - Small Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Small Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

Want a cute little canine companion, but due to allergies or preferences, you’re not quite so enthusiastic about the shedding? There are plenty of small dog breeds that don’t shed and make excellent, low-maintenance friends to live with.

Perhaps you have allergies, so a long hair shedder can exacerbate your symptoms, or maybe you simply don’t want to spend all day brushing and cleaning up after them.

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1. Affenpinscher

An adorably distinct little dog with a fluffy, long black coat that has a monkey-ish face that can win your heart over. As hairy as these pups might look, their hair is actually quite strong and wiry, and as a result, does not shed very much.

The Affenpinscher is a very low-maintenance dog, though it will need to be brushed about twice a week to keep its shaggy-looking coat neat.

2. Basenji

Would you like to welcome a miniature hound into your home? How about one that doesn’t shed? That’s pretty much why people love the Basenji. It’s a highly intelligent, sensitive dog that’s very popular for those with apartments or urban homes, after all, they’re also very quiet dogs.

Basenji are quite low maintenance, as well. They have a short, fine coat that needs to be brushed occasionally, but they shed practically next to nothing. 

Quiet as they are, they’re curious, playful, and smart dogs, which means that they need a good deal of stimulation, such as play and exercise. 

If you just adopted a jittery pet, check out Dope Dog for some delicious CBD treats to relax your companion.

3. Bichon Frise

These fluffy white dogs (that’s actually what their name means in French)  are bred to be hypoallergenic. Bichon Frise is not only loved for their marshmallowy cuteness, but also for how affectionate they are and how closely they bond with their owners.

Though they are relatively low maintenance, they suit owners that tend to spend most of their time at home, as they are known to be prone to bouts of separation anxiety. However, if you’re looking for a best friend that will always love you no matter what, then the Bichon is a dream come true.

4. Bolognese

Another little lap dog that’s known for being cuddly, thanks to an affection personality and fluffy, soft coat. These dogs shed minimally, but they require regular grooming to make sure their coat stays nice and neat.

Bolognese dogs are very intelligent and not quite as energetic as their similarly fluffy cousins, the Bichon Frise, but are easier to train.

5. Coton De Tulear

Another dog that was bred specifically to be hypoallergenic; these dogs are very playful and affectionate. 

These playful dogs love to get attention wherever they go, so they are generally friendly and very easy to socialize. As such, they tend to get on well with children and other pets around the house. 

They require regular grooming to keep them looking and feeling good, and they don’t take to being left alone very well. In particular, if they’re alone for more than a couple of hours a day, they’re big barkers and even tend to chew up the place.

6. Havanese

Little, lovable pups with a big, fluffy white coat that don't shed, these dogs are fun-loving furballs that require minimal cleaning. However, those soft coats still need some care, including weekly brushing and more regular baths than most other breeds.

These clever and affectionate dogs love to win the affection and attention of their owners and are known for being particularly non-aggressive, which makes them both great therapy dogs and perfect family companions.

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7. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer - Small Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

These adventurous, smart, and loving dogs come in three breeds. Among Schnauzer varieties, these little monsters are the smallest and most favored by many.

While Schnauzers are low maintenance when it comes to cleaning up after them, thanks to a double coat, they are extremely energetic. As such, a Miniature Schnauzer needs plenty of playtime and exercise to keep them happy.

Provided that you give them the exercise they need, they’re also very loving companions who adore being close. 

8. Poodle

This breed's popularity stems from various sizes, distinctive curly hair, and their convenience as lovable pets.

Not only do these bright and energetic dogs have coats that don’t shed, but they’re even hypoallergenic and have none of that doggy odor.

A hypoallergenic companion that doesn't shed is a dream come true, so why not reward them with a Dope Dog CBD treat.

9. Scottish Terrier

Scottish terrier - Small Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

These little terriers are energetic, extremely intelligent, and have the cheek of the Scottish.

Scottish Terriers are another small breed that doesn’t shed, and their weather-resistant coat helps keep them comfy in the winter. However, they do require regular grooming, brushing, and hand-stripping to keep their coats healthy. 

10. Cavapoo


The Cavapoo is a charming and intelligent dog, known for being highly trainable and a joy to work with. These dogs thrive on human interaction and are known to form strong emotional bonds with their owners. Typically falling into the small size category, Cavapoos are an ideal fit for various living situations. One of their most appealing features is their hypoallergenic coat, which contributes significantly to their popularity. Their sociable nature makes them a favored choice among families, singles, and seniors alike, adapting well to different lifestyles and providing delightful companionship.

Can You Have a Dog If You Suffer from Allergies?

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, pet allergies affect about 10% of the population in the United States. While some cases are not severe, others will experience symptoms that could send them to the emergency room. Many people want to have a dog, but the coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes are too much for them. 

However, there is hope! You can find a dog breed that has a low amount of shedding. Remember that there are no dogs that are 100% hypoallergenic, but you can get one that can reduce your chance of allergies.

Will a Non-Shedding Dog Prevent Allergies?

When you have a dog breed that does not shed, it is less prone to causing an allergic reaction. There are many reasons why people become allergic to dogs, such as:

Coat Hair

It is not always the hair of the dog that causes a problem, but the dander that can flake off from the skin. Dogs with long and loose coats will have fur shedding all over a room. As the dander sticks to the hair, it can cause someone with allergies to cough and sneeze, well after the pet has left the room.


In some people, the dog’s urine can cause an allergic reaction. Canine urine has protein that can create an allergic reaction for those who come close to it.


The drooling of a dog is enough to kick off those allergies. There are substances in the saliva that can induce allergies in people. Unfortunately, some people can have a breakout on the skin when a dog licks them. 

Are There 100% Hypoallergenic Dogs?

If you want to bring home a new best friend, very few dogs are classified as hypoallergenic. Even these non-shedding dogs can still cause an allergic reaction in certain people. However, you can prevent some of the problems with frequent grooming procedures, such as bathing, brushing, and trimming.

Are There Non-Shedding Mixed Breed Dogs?

Some non-shedding dogs are bred with other breeds, and their offspring can also have non-shedding qualities. Any dog that does not have a lot of hair can be an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies. Once again, you can keep some of that dander at bay by performing regular grooming on your dog. Reducing any dander from sticking to the coat can help stop allergies from developing.


There you have it, nine perfect options for small dogs that don’t shed, each with their own personalities and needs. At Dope Dog, we aim to help you understand and meet those needs in all manners of ways, including our wide selection of CBD dog treats to keep your companion coming back for more. 

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