When your dog deserves that VIP treatment

When your dog deserves that VIP treatment

When your dog deserves that VIP treatment

We are thrilled to share our very first retail spotlight post. This is chance for us to share some of our favorite pet stores.

Every store we feature has a unique offering and amazing staff, both human and furry!

Today, we asked the owner of Paws and Effect to take us behind the scenes at our favorite dog boutique/pet spa in town!

What makes the pets/customers in your city unique?

We have the best clients and pets anywhere! People in Santa Monica treat their pets as a part of the their family, and we love that we can provide the kind of service they want.

Do you have any pets / special store mascots?

Buddy is Amber, our groomer extraordinaire’s dog. He is part chow, and a real beauty, inside and out!

A dope dog inside a dog boutique/pet spa

What's your go-to lunch spot in your area?

The Brixton! Amber’s husband is the head chef there, and it’s right down the street, and we’re all about the local community!

What products/trends have your customers been really into lately?

Dope Dog treats are an important part of our tool bag for taking care of our furry clients. If they have anxiety issues, we really work with them to keep them comfy.

Pumpkin Spice everything this fall- yay or nay?

We do have pumpkin treats in the Spa, Halloween toys and lots of fun fall colors, so it’s pumpkin for the whole family!

What is your go-to play list for the store music?

We like Classic Retro Rock. It is fun and keeps us feeling energized when we’re working hard.

What inspired you get into the pet business?

Tracey and I worked together for many years, providing accounting services to small businesses and helping them grow and be successful. I decided that I wanted to do that for myself, and practice what we had been teaching others.

We both love dogs, so a pet related business was a natural choice.

Tracey is also a dog lover, and is the best shopper on the planet, so she quit her job and came to work at the spa with me! She handles the retail side, and I handle the grooming side.

What's the one piece of advice you would give a fellow business owner?

Get a great accounting team to help you understand the financial side of your business.

Why should Dope Dogs shop at Paws & Effect Pet Spa?

Because we’ll treat your pet like part of our family, just like you do! Book your appointment online anytime!  https://www.paws-effect.com/

For more information on spa treatment ideas with CBD and other CBD products for dogs visit a Dope Dog store near you!