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Dog Glaucoma Home Remedies

Dog care may not be an easy task for many pet owners. Additionally, When their beloved pet gets a strange disease like glaucoma, they find themselves wondering what they should do next. Lastly,, there are several sites and veterinarians available online to help dog lovers across the globe. 

Glaucoma is a common eye disease that affects senior dogs, and it's responsible for discoloration or cloudiness of eyes.

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What is Glaucoma? 

Glaucoma in dogs is generally characterized by the formation of a cloud-like substance in front of the eyes. Usually, Symptoms of this eye disorder can vary in older dogs.

Also check for discharge in your dog’s eyes. This can be a sign of anything from allergies to something more serious, like glaucoma. 

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Primary and secondary glaucoma in dogs

Generally, glaucoma in dogs can be classified into types like primary and secondary. Primary glaucoma is genetics and occurs from birth. 

The formation of glaucoma in the eyes is generally due to the excessive build-up of pressure in the eyes. With that in mind, it's vital to reduce the pressure in the eyes through various natural remedies.

At times, additional home remedies are found to be very beneficial to overcome the difficulties of glaucoma in dogs. Here are some recommended home remedies that can save your dog from blurry vision or loss of vision.

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Carotene concentrated foods

The inclusion of carotene concentrated food in the diet is found to be very useful to treat a wide range of health issues like glaucoma and poor vision. 

Vitamin A concentration in food sources can naturally enhance your four-legged companion's vision. 

Fennel powder and vitamin C rich foods

Fennel seeds are found to be enriched with a variety of health benefits. Also, Fennel seed water can act as a natural remedy to alleviate aches and pain from the eye disorder. Lastly, Carrots, enriched with carotenoids, can work as a safe home remedy to improve vision. 

The best way to promote the natural health of the eyes, feel free to add carrot chops in soups or to Fido's food. In addition to improving vision, carrots can also enhance skin health. 

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How do you reduce this trouble naturally? 

Dog glaucoma home remedies diet

Similarly, Some of the most highly recommended foods, such as Indian gooseberry, lemon, and oranges, contain an ample amount of vitamin C components.

Add gooseberry powder and drumstick leaf powder in your dog's food.

Indian gooseberry is found to be enriched with a high amount of vitamin C compounds to promote eye health. In addition, Triphala powder, included with Indian gooseberry, is an excellent solution to alleviate the eye problem. For the best result, feel free to prepare and use the eyewash added with Triphala powder in clean water. 

Apart from promoting eye health, regular consumption of drumstick leaves can also improve cognitive function. Therefore, pet owners can add this natural home remedy to their dog's food.

Add algae rich supplements and coenzyme Q10 foods.

Dirt can accumulate in the corner of the eyes, which can lead to a gradual onset of glaucoma. Also, There is a wide array of eye lotions available online to perform the cleaning task. 

CoenzymeQ10 is a highly recommended natural home remedy to promote dog health. This compound can naturally promote the regeneration of new cells in the dog's eyes. In order to achieve the best result, it is advisable to add foods containing coenzymeQ10 in the diet. 

Food sources like phytoplanktons naturally improve your companion's vision, making them very useful for enhancing eyesight. Similar to vegetables, dogs can also be provided with green algae and red algae enriched natural supplements flavored with bone meal. 

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Glaucoma can be very stressful for your dog, but fortunately, there are natural remedies that can prevent or reduce the progression to this eye disorder. In addition, With the right food and lifestyle modification, your canine companion will thank you for preserving his or her vision. Also, Check out our story to find out more about our passion for home remedies and keeping your dog healthy. 

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