LA's Favorite Dog Sitter: Kameron Hagger

Any dog owner knows how tough it is to go on a vacation or work trip that requires you to leave your fur baby at home. Hiring a trusted pet sitter makes it a lot easier to leave your baby behind.

In honor of National Pet Sitter week, we decided to feature our co-founder's beloved pet sitter, Kameron Hagger. Erin and Michael travel quite a bit for work and often they cannot bring their pups James and Zoey along. Their go-to pet sitter has been Kameron for the past few years and now she is part of the family. James and Zoey get super excited when she arrives and it makes the fact that mommy and daddy are out of town not quite as scary. =)

We love Kameron's passion and drive for this business. "This job is a labor of love so do it for the dogs not the money." she says. We interviewed Kameron to get a glimpse into the life of a full time pet sitter living in Los Angeles. Our full conversation with Kameron is shared below.

DD: When did you begin pet sitting?

Kameron: I started pet sitting about 6 years ago.

DD: What prompted you to get into this business and why do you love it?

Kameron: I was looking for a job that wouldn't have me working in a typical office setting. It is what most of my work background is in and though I wasn't bad at it, I wasn't exactly happy doing it. My roommate actually kept suggesting I join her in pet sitting, so I just started kind of shadowing her on her jobs and learning things before I decided to give it a try on my own.Now that I have been doing this job for so long I have become so attached to a lot of my pet clients. You spend so much time with them learning all their habits and little quirks that I can't help loving them them and being excited when you get called to go work.

DD: Did you have any dogs growing up?

Kameron: I did have dogs when I was growing up but we moved around a lot so eventually it wasn't an option for us to have them anymore. I still do have fond memories of our black lab Midnight and our yellow lab Butterscotch.

DD: Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

Kameron: Outside of work I love going to K-Pop concerts, watching Korean television, and just learning about Korean culture in general. I also make YouTube videos about my opinions on all those things too.

DD: What advice would you give someone thinking about pet sitting or someone just getting started?

Kameron: The advice I would give a potential new sitter is don't be afraid to ask clients questions. Sometimes the clients are new to having a sitter as well and your question may touch on something they never even thought about and is actually important. It will go a long way towards building trust with your clients. Also it is important to know that it is okay to say no to something you don't feel comfortable doing. It will be better for the pets safety and your safety in the end.

If anyone is interested in contacting Kameron for pet sitting services in Los Angeles, we are sharing her contact information with our readers:

You can find Kameron's profile and reviews on:

If you decide to book with Kameron you can use the code KAMERONELAINE20 for $20 off your first booking!

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