Dope Dogs and Their People : Benny, The Irresistible Golden - Dope Dog

Dope Dogs and Their People : Benny, The Irresistible Golden

Dope Dogs and Their People - Benny + Tony

Golden Retriever puppy alert! Meet Benny, the newest Dope Dog in town. It's no surprise that golden retrievers are one of American's all time favorite breed, and Benny takes this fact to a whole new level. When we met with her for this interview, she won us over immediately with her sweet yet playful personality. In an interview with her Dad, Tony Mouser, we learn what Benny loves to do when she travels! Read on to find out. =)

DD: What do you do for work and what led you to this profession?

TM: I am a civil engineer working for Los Angeles World Airports. Currently, I am up in “The Valley” working at Van Nuys Airport re-building an airfield taxiway. As for what led me to this profession, I suppose I just landed on it wink wink

DD: When did you decide you needed a dog?

TM: My girlfriend (Margo Liden) and I have been discussing getting a dog since we started dating almost 3 years ago. It became clear we were ready this past year after moving in together in February and we picked her up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Who needs time alone or sleep for that matter?!?

DD: Who is your Dope Dog?

TM: Benny Girl, Female, Golden Retriever, 4 months old

DD: How do you guys spend time together?

TM: Now that Benny has all of her shots, we spend lots of our time walking around our neighborhood in Mid-city Los Angeles, chasing tennis balls and wrestling in the leaves.

DD: If Benny weren’t a dog, how would she spend her time?

TM: If Benny weren’t a dog, she would likely spend her time as a cheese and turkey taste tester. Those are her favorite treats (besides Dope Dog!)

DD: Does Benny like to travel?

TM: For Christmas break, Margo and I took Benny to Santa Barbara to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. She enjoyed running on the beach and taking naps at the wineries later in the day.

DD: Who gets spoiled more, you or Benny?

TM: Benny Girl is spoiled by everyone she meets, whether that be head scratches, treats, or belly rubs!

DD: What does she use CBD for?

TM: Recently Benny Girl slipped while jumping onto the curb and was favoring her hind leg. We instantly knew the best way to put her at ease and calm her…Dope Dog! Other than that we like to use Dope Dog for any long car rides to calm her.

DD: Have you seen improvement?

TM: Dope Dog calmed her down soon after giving her a treat and she seemed to forget about her incident shortly after.

DD: What is your favorite Dope Dog product?

TM: Benny Girl loves the Christmas themed Pumpkin Turmeric Treats!

DD: What's Benny's favorite past time?

TM: Currently Benny loves to play with other dogs that are bigger than her. She recently met James and Zoey and can’t wait to play with them again soon.

DD: What makes Benny a Dope Dog?

TM: Benny has the ultimate Golden Retriever temperament (being a sweet and loving girl). That’s what makes her a Dope Dog!

We couldn't agree more. Welcome to the family, Benny! We can't wait to watch you grow up.

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