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Can Humans Take Dog CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the most beautiful additions to the health niche. It provides multiple key health benefits for humans…and dogs, too!

Maybe you provide your dog with a few drops of CBD oil to help them with travel anxiety, sore joints, or sleep. After all, our pets deserve just as much relaxation and luxury as humans do. After a point, you may wonder what the difference between dog CBD oil and human CBD oil is.

Can humans take dog CBD oil? Are there any dangers or side effects you should know about? Continue reading to learn more. 

Breaking Down the Benefits of CBD Oil

Before we dive into the differences between dog and human CBD oil, let’s break down the overall benefits. This excellent ingredient has quickly caught on in health spaces for its ease of use and fantastic results.

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. While the cannabis plant is sometimes confused for the hemp plant, they’re pretty different. CBD uses the leaves and stalks of the plant, while hemp uses the seeds. Unlike marijuana, consuming CBD alone doesn’t leave you with a high sensation.

Does CBD Oil Have THC?

You don’t need to worry about strange side effects for you or your dog when you purchase CBD products. As long as your purchase is explicitly labeled ‘THC-Free’, you’re good to go.

THC is the ingredient in the cannabis plant that creates psychoactive side-effects. CBD oil lacks the THC needed to feel floaty or high, instead giving the user a slew of benefits such as:

As it stands, dogs can enjoy many of the same benefits with a few drops of a CBD tincture. These are commonly put in their food, though they can be distributed directly on the tongue. You need to make sure you’re purchasing the right products with pet-safe ingredients, which we’ll explore more below.

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The Different Forms of CBD

Variety is the spice of life. CBD oil is just one of many forms consumers purchase to relieve their pain, headaches, or insomnia issues.

CBD Oil (Also Known as CBD Tincture)

It is a finely concentrated tincture that can be consumed. Just a few drops on the tongue are enough to give you relief and relaxation for hours.

CBD Gummies

These CBD products are great because you can just pop them and go. It’s common for consumers to eat a few a day, though the appropriate amount depends on the strength of the gummy.

CBD Lotion or Cream

Topical solutions benefit mightily from CBD. People with sensitive, dry, or irritated skin love CBD lotions and creams to relieve redness.

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Can Humans Take Dog CBD Oil?

The fast answer to this question is a resounding yes. CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for dogs are remarkably similar when it comes to ingredients. If anything, CBD oil for dogs tends to be on the simpler side.

If you’ve ever run short on CBD oil at home, you’ve likely found yourself in a situation to use some for your dog. You’ll experience all of the same benefits as you would for your regular product. The only place you should exercise caution is giving human CBD oil to your dog, which is not recommended.

What are the Biggest Differences Between Human CBD and Dog CBD?

You may find your dog’s CBD oil less than satisfying. This is because dogs have different weight and dosage requirements than we do.

Since we’re often larger than dogs (with the exception of a few truly massive breeds!), we need a higher dosage and frequency to enjoy CBD benefits. Human CBD oil often has flavor additives to make the experience more enjoyable. Dogs, due to their limited taste buds, are usually fine with less flavoring.

Dog CBD absolutely cannot have any THC. THC is highly toxic to dogs and will make them seriously sick, even with small amounts. Humans are able to consume THC, though some may still be sensitive to the ingredient if they have anxiety or are prone to nausea. 

The last significant difference is how the FDA regulates products. While it’s tough to overdose on CBD, legal oversight is still necessary to help businesses effectively dose their products. Pay close attention to the daily recommended amount of your CBD product so you don’t get accidental side effects such as drowsiness, fatigue, or nausea.

dog owner walking through a yellow field with a brown dog and a white dog

Can Humans Take Other Dog CBD Treats?

Do you have the munchies? It's best to skip this impromptu dessert. Dog treats are still designed for dogs first and foremost. 

Dog taste buds are more limited than humans, so their treats are going to taste a little…funky. A big reason for this is due to their reduced salt receptors, thanks to their meat-focused diets. To compare, humans are very predisposed to salt and often crave it in everyday food.

Dogs aren’t as sensitive to sweetness as we are, either. At best, your dog treats will taste doughy, dry, and plain.

Can Dogs Take Human CBD Oil?

This question is where things get a little tricky. While humans can take dog CBD oil no problem, dogs can’t take human CBD oil for a few reasons.

Keep your dog healthy and safe by memorizing the basic differences below:

Human CBD Oil Often Has Additives or Preservatives

While some businesses promote CBD oil with no unnecessary additives and preservatives, many CBD products on the market still have a few additions. 

These additions are designed to encourage better flavors or help the product last longer on the shelf. Sadly, they can also be a major problem for your pet. Common additives that are harmful for dogs include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Essential oils such as lavender or cinnamon
  • Xylitol (an alternative sweetener)
  • Fillers

The above ingredients are very dangerous to dogs and will cause a host of health problems. Xylitol consumed by your dog will cause seizures or shock, while essential oils will cause allergic reactions. Make sure to scour your labels carefully and throw away anything you can’t discern.

What separates average CBD treats from the best? We provide lab-tested, American-grown CBD isolate dog products that keep your pet safe, happy, and healthy.

How to Choose the Best CBD Products for Your Dog

Are you picking out CBD products for your dog for the first time? We’ll break down the basics so you can use the most effective and safe tincture for your pet.

Always Make Sure Your CBD is THC-Free

Your first order of business when purchasing CBD is to ensure your products are THC-free. As stated above, THC is the psychoactive compound that makes you feel high and floaty.

While CBD technically has a little THC in it, it’s a very small amount that is regulated by American law. All CBD products labeled ‘THC-Free’ are required to have only 0.3% of THC to qualify. The best way to understand you’re getting a safe and honest product is to seek out businesses that explicitly use industrial, American-grown hemp plants.

Double-Check for Harmful Ingredients

This aspect can’t be overstated enough. Human CBD products are frequently made with additives, preservatives, and fillers that are very harmful to dogs.

When purchasing a CBD product for your dog, always seek out businesses that make dog-exclusive CBD oils. These should have labeling that clearly states ingredients, which should be very simple. If you see any of the following, find a different brand:

  • Xylitol
  • Essential oils
  • Fillers

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Know the Difference Between Spectrums and Isolate

It’s time to dive into a little more terminology. These terms are used to denote how the CBD hemp ingredient was extracted from the plant.

It’s important to understand how complex the hemp plant is. It’s home to several ingredients that offer different benefits depending on their concentration. These ingredients include cannabigerol, terpenes, and phytochemicals. As such, CBD is separated into full spectrum and isolate versions.

A broad spectrum CBD still has many of these ingredients in-tact, though not necessarily all of them. As such, you’ll still have a little extra THC if your product is stated to be broad spectrum or full spectrum. These are not products you want to give to your dog.

On the other hand, a CBD isolate is exactly what it says on the tin: isolated and straightforward. You’re just getting CBD and nothing else. Does that mean it’s a superior product? Not quite: the hemp plant has omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that are also removed in this process.

Essential Tips on How to Read a CBD Label

Are you thinking of stocking up on some CBD oil so you can keep your human and pet reserves separate? Here are some essential tips on choosing the best CBD oil for you and your dog.

Make Sure your Dog Has a THC-Free, Industrial Hemp Product

Keep your dog safe and choose a CBD product with clear regulation on the label. Your CBD dog oil should be THC-free and have no additives or essential oils. 

Any CBD dog product with missing labels should be tossed for safety purposes.

All Dog CBD Products Should Have Clear Instructions

Should you give your dog three drops or five? How much does your dog weigh?

All CBD dog products should have clear dosing instructions so you’re not confused.

Choose a CBD Product That Complements Your Lifestyle

If you’re constantly running out of CBD oils and using your dog’s, you might have an incompatible product with your lifestyle. CBD is highly flexible in how easily it can be incorporated into different ingredients.

If you’re a very busy person that’s always on-the-go, a CBD gummy might be the best choice. While tinctures sometimes need measuring or mixing, gummies are a quick choice.

yellow puppy sitting on the ground and smiling up at the camera


Can humans take dog CBD oil? You absolutely can, though you might find yourself a little disappointed. You won’t get the same sensation as with your human-centered products.

Dog CBD oil generally has a lower strength and dosage rate, meaning you’ll have to take more than average to get the same benefits. Due to the extreme similarity in ingredients between human CBD and dog CBD, it’s still perfectly safe to do so. 

When choosing a dog CBD oil, make sure you keep a few things in mind. Dogs are very allergic to common human ingredients such as xylitol, essential oils, and filler. They also should not take anything with THC, so make sure your dog CBD oil labels are THC-free. THC isn’t just uncomfortable for dogs: it’s extremely toxic.

Go ahead and take some of your dog CBD oil during your downtime. Have a slightly larger than average dosage to make up for your differences in weight. In the future, consider keeping your CBD reserves separate so both of you can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits.

Giving your dog a quick, healthy boost has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more about our CBD dog treats, tinctures, and shampoo. 

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