CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain

CBD Dog treats for joint pain

Pain is not only felt by humans, but by our canine friends as well. Most dog owners seek out the best remedies for joint pain in hopes of keeping their dog happy and healthy. 

Joint pain can be annoying because it affects your dog's mobility and lifestyle. The good news is that CBD has taken the world by a storm, and can significantly ease joint pain. That’s why at Dope Dog, we offer a wide variety of delicious CBD dog treats to reduce joint pain and keep your pet smiling and sleeping soundly at night.

If your dog is struggling with mental or physical conditions, here’s everything you need to know about CBD treats for dogs.  

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What to Do If Your Dog Has Joint Pain

It can be very disappointing to see your dog struggling or in pain; it can make you feel helpless and stressed out. Typically, dogs use body language and sound to communicate their feelings and emotions, so it is easy to know that something is not right. 

You should consult a veterinarian to learn about possible medication and therapy regimens. In the meantime or during treatment, you can use CBD because of its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

CBD is a great way to alleviate pain from your dog. It is a natural painkiller that comes in different flavors and for various purposes. 

What is CBD?

CBD Helps to Reduce Your Dog's Joint Pain

CBD is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant, which is primarily used to provide calming and relaxing effects. If you are wondering whether your four-legged friend will suffer from health complications, then the answer is usually NO. This is mainly because CBD for dogs is not a psychoactive substance. Your dog will not feel sedated, high, or addicted in any way. 

How Does CBD Relief Joint Pain?

CBD brings a lot of benefits to your dog's health.

Every mammal, including your dog, has an endocannabinoid system to process cannabinoid compounds and sends impulses to different parts of the body. 

It does not only help the dog get over joint pains, but it also helps in the following problems like fights off cancer cells, increases appetite, reduces inflammation, lymphoma, seizures, and anxiety. 

The endocannabinoid system has two receptors, CB2 and CB1. Found in the brain, they send impulses to the body’s central nervous system.

Typically, CBD fights inflammation in any part of the body by boosting ECS activities. This reduces inflammation in organs like the brain, lungs, and the pancreas. In addition to that, it reduces joint pain by decreasing the inflammatory properties in the joints. 

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Can CBD Treats Stop Joint Pain?

CBD has been proven to be a reliable and safe alternative to prescription medication for treating joint pain. That’s why at Dope Dog, our calming CBD isolate dog treats have garnered tons of reviews from happy consumers. 

In addition to that, scientists have studied how CBD works in the body. They have found that CBD utilizes the capabilities of the endocannabinoid system to obtain optimal results. Because of the intricate pathway to decrease joint inflammation, it can result in maximum relief for your canine companion.


Do Vets Recommend CBD?

Do Vets Recommend CBD?

Veterinarians are experts when it comes to your canine friend. Therefore, it is essential to consult with your veterinarian on the products that you intend to use in treating joint pain. This is because not all CBD oils are the same. There are different CBD treats for dogs, which is why it’s essential to consult your veterinarian to recommend the right dosage.



CBD Oil treats require an appropriate dosage. It is non-toxic, but excess CBD may lead to adverse effects on your dog. It is a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you introduce it to Fido.

 The dosage will depend on the dog’s condition, the breed of the Dog, and the size. This is because the CBD treats come with different strengths. If you are not confident with the dosage, it is better to give the dog one treat at a time. 

Keep in mind that you follow the instructions on the package so that you can administer the appropriate dosage.

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Third-party lab tested

Purchasing commercial CBD dog treats for joint pain does not guarantee you reliable results. Therefore, it is essential to opt for CBD treats that have been tested by third parties to ensure that it's safe and effective.

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How Long Does It Take for CBD to Work?

When your dog is struggling in pain, the thing to do is to visit a veterinarian. You can ask them about various CBD treatments that are available. Keep in mind that each treatment modality has different effects.

CBD oils will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes before it starts calming the pain. In some cases, it may take longer, depending on the intensity of the pain. Some dogs would have to wait approximately two to four weeks before they experience optimal results.


What Causes Joint Pain in Dogs?

What Causes Joint Pain in Dogs?

Dogs can experience joint pain based on a variety of reasons, and the most common one is arthritis. 

Arthritis can cause joint pain by wearing down the cartilage tissue of the bone and causing inflammation in the joint. The symptoms can worsen, leading to joint stiffness and difficulty moving.

Aside from arthritis, other problems can lead to joint pain, such as pumping on an obstacle, overworking the joint, or hip dysplasia. 

Fortunately, CBD for joint pains is the best option because of its anti-inflammatory effects.

Bottom Line

If you notice your dog limping or writhing in pain, then the best option is to introduce CBD treats for relief. Dope Dog has a variety of tasty selections that can satisfy Fido's taste buds and provide soothing effects.

In this article, we have provided some guidelines to help you make the most out of our CBD treats. Remember, it is essential to work hand-in-hand with your veterinarian so that they can advise you accordingly and provide insights on other complications that might hinder effective treatment.

With the right guidance and flavorful Dope Dog CBD treats, your canine companion can escape joint pain and experience improve mobility and flexibility.

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Please note that this article does not intend to provide medical advice. Go to your pet’s veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and medical information.