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How to Travel with a Cat: Tips & Tricks

In general, it’s not easy traveling with your pet, but that challenge can grow twice as great when your pet is a cat. 

Especially if you’ve never traveled with your cat before, preparing yourself and your cat is imperative if you’re wanting a pleasant trip

But what will you do if your cat reacts badly? Where do you even start when prepping your cat for travel? Are there specific things every cat traveler never leaves behind?

Traveling with your cat isn’t supposed to be overwhelming or even stressful, for that matter. You want a fun, memorable trip with your four-legged, furry feline. Thankfully, we’re here to help make that happen!

Continue reading to effectively plan and prepare for the best travels with your cat!

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What To Know Before Traveling With Your Cat 


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Regardless of whether your cat is indoor or outdoor, there’s one thing that every cat can’t live without: familiarity.

When compared, dogs are often flexible and adaptable to new environments. However, cats are very territorial and appreciate the security of home life.   

The love of familiar territory can make it challenging to travel with cats because such trips disrupt their schedule-like behaviors, causing them to feel anxious and stressed. 

But it’s not just a cat’s mood that can be affected by removing them from their familiar territory! Stressed cats are also more likely to develop health problems during a trip and sometimes even after returning home. 

In this way, preparing for traveling with your cat is essential to ensuring a pleasant trip and maintaining your kitty's emotional and physical well-being!

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Tips For Avoiding Cat-astrophe!

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Traveling with your cat doesn’t have to be stressful! You can look forward to your road trips and stay-cations by following a few essential tips and tricks before taking your cat on a trip

Prep Beforehand   

If your cat is a travel newbie with little to no experience in a moving vehicle, it may be necessary to ease your cat into it. 

You can help your cat get used to traveling in a car by taking it on small drives around the block the week before! These car rides should be thirty minutes or less so your cat has a chance to get their bearings and feel comfortable in a new environment like your car. You can also give your cat its favorite treats to help it associate positive feelings and comfort with the vehicle. 

Preparing with “practice drives” before your trip will also allow you to see how your cat will react to identify the problem areas that need tweaking. 

Animal Prescriptions for Motion Sickness   

Preparing for traveling with your cat also means anticipating more unfavorable outcomes, like vomiting. 

Animal prescriptions for motion sickness are a great way to ease your cat’s symptoms and improve their feelings about traveling. 

Like animal prescriptions, ginger is another way to relieve vomiting for humans and cats. Cats can consume ginger in chews or liquid form that you can find at your local pet store. 

Calming Tuna CBD Oil    

One of the most popular ways to calm your cat and relieve uncomfortable symptoms is with CBD! 

A fan-favorite product is Dope Dog’s Calming Tuna CBD Oil! The revolutionary CBD oil enhances cat immune and cognitive support and relieves seasonal allergies. Not only will your cat love the effects, but they’ll also love the taste because of the delicious tuna flavor. 

Many look to the powerful CBD oil to help with anxiety, nervousness and for balance support! The healing benefits of this Calming Tuna CBD Oil are endless! 

You can get a 30+ day supply, so you and your cat are never without the health benefits of the tuna CBD oil! 

Use Familiar Toys & Bed    

Another effective way to acclimate your cat to traveling is by bringing their favorite toys and bed!

Packing your cat’s favorite toys and treats can promote satisfied feelings and a positive experience so your cat can enjoy the journey with you! Bringing along your cat’s usual bed also helps them feel comfortable in new environments like the car and your travel destination. 

The familiar scent of toys and bedding can increase your cat's comfort. It’s helpful to bring along these items because cats are very territorial, and these items can help your cat re-establish its scent. 

Prep Your Cat     

One of the most important ways to prepare for traveling with your cat is by bringing cleaning supplies and its usual litter box, food, and cage

On the morning of, you can let your cat explore its cage, so it has a chance to get used to the smaller space. You can put your cat’s favorite toys and familiar blankets in the cage to make them more comfortable.  

Likewise, make sure not to forget your cat’s harness or leash before you go! When you’re on the road, the last thing you want is your cat jumping around by your feet or getting too close to an open window. You can avoid disasters by keeping them in their harness or leash so that they can stretch their legs and so you can quickly grab them if necessary. 

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Happy Travels! 

Now you’re ready to hit the road with your kitty! 

Following these tips and trips will ensure that your trip with your cat is fun and pain-free.

Enjoy your trip as you and your furry friend will have a purr-fect time!

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