Dope Cat Nip

Mess-Free Fun


Easy Training

Looking for the ultimate cat treat? Look no further than Dope Cat Catnip!

Dope Cat Nip spray has taken the fun of catnip and infused it into a convenient and fun spray. Concentrated extract of pure cat nip mixed with distilled water leaves no mess and requires no clean up after play time. Spray Dope Cat Nip on anything and watch the fun begin!

30+ day supply

Perfect for Cats who...

  • Training your cat in a fun way
  • Next-level playtime
  • Redirecting destructive behavior like scratching on furniture
  • Rejuvenating old cat toys
  • A neater and cleaner way to lure cats to toys, scratchers and cat condos

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What's inside?

Full ingredient list: Dope Cat Nip Spray is made from essential oil extracted from catnip buds and then mixed with purified water.

Treat. Calm. Repeat.

We believe it should be EASY for dogs to live a long and healthy life. That's why we made a product that is effective AND tasty. We are proud to maintain a 100% small-batch bakery which ensures every dog treat is hand-touched, baked fresh, and has the perfect crunch, every time! Tested by thousands of pups, even the pickiest eaters gobble up our calming dog treats.

See A Difference Or It's On Us

We stand behind our products 100%. If for any reason you are not totally stoked on your Dope Dog product, reach out to us at and we'll make it right.That’s how much webelieve in our product.

Feels Good To Give Back

We give back to the community regularly through partnerships with dog rescues across the country. Shop guilt-free knowing that 1% or more of your purchase goes back to help a rescue dog in need. 1% of this purchase goes to helping a rescue dog in need. Thanks to our partner Deity Dogs + Goods for the work they do everyday to make a difference.

Don't take our word for it...

Pet parents can't stop raving about Dope Dog.