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How To Use Catnip Spray: Do’s and Don’ts

Catnip Spray - There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite furry friend get excited over a bunch of catnip! Of course, seeing your fur babies jump for joy and roll themselves over the ground as they’re ecstatic for some catnip is always a treat.

One significant way to get your cat some catnip is through some catnip spray. This article covers how to use catnip spray, what you should do first, and what you’re better off avoiding doing. So, without further adieu, let’s get into it!

How to Use Catnip Spray - What You Should Do

Catnip spray is a simple thing to use on its own, just a spray bottle containing a liquid form of catnip. However, it gets relatively complicated when you try to go over how exactly you should apply it.

Test It Out

Between 10% and 30% of cats will not care for catnip spray, so before trying it out, you should see whether your furbaby will even like it! Try spraying it on a random surface and see how your cat reacts. If your cat gets excited and starts rubbing against it, you know you’ve got a winner!

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Remember that kittens may not like catnip initially but will grow on it as they age! 

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Use it Sparingly

I know it’s easy to want to give them as much as they please to see their adorable reactions. However, if you give them too much, they’ll become desensitized to catnip and won’t care for it!

Try to limit it to just a couple of times every two weeks, and make sure that you only use it in a small dose instead of a big swath of catnip all at once!

A cat chewing on a stick - Catnip Spray

Use It As A Reward

If your kitty loves catnip, then there’ll be no better treat than using catnip spray as a reward for good behavior! It can be used as a treat supplement, so as long as you use it right, go wild! You can reward your cat for all sorts of things, and it’s not just limited to doing tricks. You could reward them for not scratching something, for eating something that you wanted, or for any other potential reason that you may see fit!

Use It To Get Your Cat To Do Something

Do you want your cat to use that new scratching post you bought that they’ve been snubbing? Use catnip spray! Use catnip spray if you want your cat to play with the fancy new toy you bought instead of that dusty old cardboard box! If you want your cat to sleep in the bed you purchased for them, again - use catnip spray! 

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How To Use Catnip Spray - What Not To Do

Just as there are plenty of things you should do with catnip spray for your fuzzy feline friend, there’s also a wide array of things you’re better off avoiding doing

Don’t Force It!

If your kitty doesn’t like catnip spray, that’s okay - there’s no need to force it. There are plenty of other things that they may enjoy instead. But, of course, you don’t want to make your cat do something they don’t enjoy, so be sure to keep in mind that if your cat doesn’t care for catnip, there isn’t anything wrong, and there isn’t any need to force it.

Don’t Use It If Your Cat Is Aggressive

If you’ve got an angry kitty who enjoys picking fights and scratching at the eyes, then you’re better off avoiding using catnip spray. It’s easy to want to get your cat to be more friendly by using catnip spray as a reward. Still, catnip can make their aggressive behaviors worse, making them more territorial and meaner to both the humans in your house and the other cats. They’ll feel like they can get away with anything, and that’s precisely what you don’t want to let them do!

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Don’t Give Them Too Much

As stated earlier in the article, you want to lessen the amount of catnip you give your cat regularly. So be sure to tread with caution and be conservative in how much you give out!

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to use catnip spray go out there and have some fun with your cat!  Make sure you use it sparingly and only as an every-once-in-a-while treat for your cat. Be cautious, and make sure to have a blast as you use it!

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