cats can be trained with a bit of patience and positive reinforcement

How to Train a Cat (and Reward with Positive Reinforcement)

When someone brings home a puppy, the training starts at the beginning. However, many people don't think about training their cats. These feline friends are known to be aloof and independent, making many not want to start a training session. But that is not the case! Here are a few ways to successfully train your cat with rewards and positive reinforcement. 

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The Basics of Cat Training

You want to associate good behavior with a reward when you train your cat. By doing that, you can stop your cat's bad behavior, so everyone can live a happier, healthier existence in the household. Yes, cats are independent, but they can follow commands and perform tricks like their canine counterparts. 

Cat training is a great way to provide positive physical and mental stimulation for your cat, helping reduce aggression and anxiety. With consistent cat training, you can pick up on their body language, which bridges the communication gap. 

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Starting Cat Training

Before diving into the training lessons, make sure to have a few supplies. First, you will need plenty of treats. Cats cannot be trained like dogs, and many of them will ignore your efforts unless you make it worth their while. You can stock up on treats and food to get the most out of your lessons.

Many cats have a set schedule of playing, eating, sleeping, and grooming. Schedule their training session into the cat's routine. You might want to train the cat after waking up from a nap. The cat will be more ready to play and focus on the training. Additionally, they could be a little hungry, making it a great time to break out the treats. 

If you want to be successful, keep those sessions brief. Cats have shorter attention spans than dogs. A short 15-minute session is enough time to accomplish your goals. 

Along with that, you need to eliminate any distractions. It might seem like the entire house is full of distractions. You should find a quiet place without other pets or background noise for your training sessions. 


working after your cat's nap is the ideal time

Make sure to be consistent with any cues. Whether you use a vocal or hand signal, maintain consistency. Otherwise, you will leave your cat feeling confused. Plus, only work on one skill at a time. If you try to teach your cat multiple skills, it can stress and tire them out. After the cat masters one skill, move to another.

Repetition is an excellent way to reinforce that positive behavior. When your cat masters a skill, you will want to repeat it outside the training sessions so the cat will not forget it. 

While some behavior may want you to spray, sway, or yell at your cat, that can hurt the relationship. You always want to focus on positive reinforcement. When the cat understands what is desirable and gets rewarded, they will continue with that behavior. 

Finally, be patient with your feline. Solving bad behavior and learning new ones will take time. Your cat is very intelligent and capable of picking up these new skills. Get them a little bit of time and encouragement. 

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Common Cat Training Methods

There are many ways to treat your cat. You can use voice cues, hand signals, or a clicker. Some people even use a combination of all three. 

Voice cues: saying certain words to indicate a specific command. The cat will associate the word with a behavior and reward. 

Hand signals: a cat will associate a different command with a hand signal, similar to a voice cue. 

Clicker training: an effective way to train your cat. The tool makes a gentle clicking sound. First, you will need to get the cat to associate the sound of the click with a reward. After that, you can create a connection with a new skill by using a click, rewarding the cat with positive reinforcement, such as a treat. 

These methods can stop your cat from engaging in destructive behavior, learn a new skill, or even give you a high five. You should focus on positive reinforcement for these new skills and behaviors to train your cat. 

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Positive Reinforcement for Cats

When you use positive reinforcement, you show your cat what behavior is acceptable by giving them a treat. Along with creating a stronger relationship with your cat, positive reinforcement can help them have better efficiency in training. 

Positive reinforcement is known as operant conditioning. While that might sound scary, it can refine a particular behavior through food, physical affection, or kind words. As a result, the cat knows what behavior is preferred and repeats it for a reward. 

positive reinforcement is the key to cat training success

When you are training your cat, consider sticking with food-based rewards. While your cat might like to be scratched under the chin or hear soft sounds, most cats are motivated by food and treats. You might want to try some of our selection of goodies to help reinforce that positive behavior. 

The Dope Cat Dropper Tuna is a delicious way to reward your feline. This supplement is made with CBD and can be applied to a treat as a special tasty topper. Your cat will love those delicious flavors that help support more cognitive awareness. 

Along with that, Dope Cat Nip is another option to reward your cat's bad behavior. Most cats love catnip, and this concentrated extract of pure catnip with distilled water leaves virtually no mess around your home. Spritz a toy with this formula; your cat will never want training (or playtime) to end. 

Training your cat with positive reinforcement and rewards will require plenty of patience from you. In the end, you will have a happy cat that will love to learn new skills with you

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