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12 Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA You May Not Know About

Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA, What is life in Los Angeles without pet owners strolling along the beach or the sidewalk with their dog? Since the leisurely streets are wide and accommodating, Los Angeles is the perfect place to own a dog. They offer security, companionship, and comfort. In Los Angeles, they help you lead a leisurely lifestyle.

If you are in Los Angeles, you are lucky; your dog can go to more places than just dog parks and city streets. This world-class city has a myriad of outdoor spaces where you can have fun with your furry friend. They include restaurants, pubs, market places, hiking trails, and beaches.

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Here are some places you may not know about

1. Runyon Canyon Park

Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA

One of the most popular outdoor spaces located in the Hollywood area, The Runyon Canyon is considered among the best hiking trails in the city. Even though some areas in Runyon Canyon are crowded with passersby, runners, and hikers, you can find a cool and quiet path where you can take a walk with your pet. Your furry friend might even meet other dogs along the trail, and they can have a puppy playdate. Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA.

2. Rosie’s Dog Beach

dog on the beach - Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA

This is a beautiful beach that is located in Long Beach and covers 4 acres. It’s perfect for off-leash pets that want to run and play on the sand. Additionally, the calming beach waters are a great location for splashing and soaking up the sun. This top pet destination features a cool and breezy oceanside area, making it attractive for humans as well as animals. It’s a convenient place for dogs to socialize, and the wide-open space provides endless fun for your four-legged friend.

3. Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is a plant-based restaurant known for delicious Mexican cuisine that has two locations, one in West Hollywood and the second in Newport Beach. Here, you can find a wide variety of sweet meatless meals in Los Angeles with amazing flavor. While you enjoy attractive organic and vegan foods, your pet can relax on a dog-friendly patio. Enjoy a weekday brunch or an afternoon drink with your furry friend. Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA.

Drinking out with my dog - Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA

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4. Muddy-Paw Coffee

Amazing Dog-Friendly Places in LA

This is a unique coffee shop with a beautiful dog theme. Muddy Paw has an attractive ambiance that suits you and your furry friend. When you stop in for a drink, Muddy Paw donates some of its proceeds to a local animal shelter. Located on the famous Sunset Blvd, you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee with your canine companion. The coffee shop also provides a cozy environment for pets to interact with each other.

5. Blue-Collar Working Dog

Shopping with your pet is now more fun than ever thanks to Blue-Collar Working Dog. Located in the Echo Park area, this retail store sells food, gear, and toys for dogs. It’s an interactive store that is furnished with tunnels, hurdles, and courses where active dogs can play as you do your shopping.

girl with a dog

6. Magnolia Grille

It is a family-friendly and pet-friendly diner located in North Hollywood that mainly serves American dishes. Magnolia Grille's menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, omelets, and others. The patio is dog-friendly and has a homely ambiance. The best thing about this place is that you can enjoy sumptuous meals and order a doggie chicken for your canine friend.

American food

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7. Melrose Trading Post

Sundays are normally for outdoor activities, and this is the perfect time to go out with your dog. Melrose Trading Post is an open-air market located on Melrose Ave that typically opens on Sundays. You will often find traders with a broad range of products, including collectibles, antiques, and other vintage items.

dog on a leash

You can find one-of-a-kind thrifted products while walking along the avenue with your dog. It’s a perfect spot for lazy strolls while you hunt for the best treasures in Los Angeles.

8. Amoeba Music

This is a famous music store located in Hollywood that’s usually filled with music lovers. It’s a great place where you can peruse the vast collection of CDs, video, vinyl, and live shows in the company of your dog. Amoeba music allows shoppers to come with their pets at their pleasure.

cute white puppy

9. The Morrison

The Morrison is a fun and casual pub with a Scottish vibe. Located in the Atwater Village of Los Angeles, this pub has a wide range of whiskey and beer to suit your taste buds, as well as a selection of gourmet burgers. This upscale restaurant and bar is family-friendly and pet-friendly, providing premium service and hospitality to both dog owners and their pets. They also have a curated menu designed for pets so you don’t need to sneak some of your own food to your dog.

hound dog

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10. IN-N-OUT

in-nm out-burger

Check out this famous eatery located all throughout LA for the truly Californian vibes. This fast-food restaurant has an exceptional menu where you can enjoy delicious shakes with burgers. If you have a dog, this is also one of the best spots where you can hang outdoors. IN-N-OUT serves a delectable meat patty that your dog will love, and don’t get us started with the animal-style fries - they’re extremely addicting. This eatery caters both to you and your furry friend, as you sit on the patio under In-N-Out’s famous red and white umbrellas.

11. Echo Park Lake

It is a family-friendly destination with a beautiful backdrop. This  recreational park is located in the Griffith-Metro region of Los Angeles, provides an attractive outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy nature with your canine companion.

cute brown dog


  •   Always carry a leash when taking your dog outdoors.
  •   Keep an eye on your pet to ensure that they are safe.
  •   If you are going for a hike, carry a first aid kit for your pet.


Dogs offer great companionship, and they will love to accompany you wherever you go. Los Angeles has a broad range of outdoor spaces where you can take your furry friend. Some beaches, parks, restaurants, shops, and markets have dog-friendly designs to ensure that your furry friend feels welcome in the establishment. When you’re playing outside with your dog, treat them to our delicious CBD treats so they’re fun and relaxed.

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