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Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions That You Should Try!

Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions | On the lookout for a range of fantastic new dog treats, toys, grooming toys, and stimulating activities. Then, perhaps a monthly subscription box could be an excellent gift for your dog, providing you - and them - with many monthly essentials designed with your dog in mind. 

Also, When it comes to choosing a subscription box for your dog, it’s important to realize that there is also the option of customizing the boxes available to you and your pooch. Different brands offer different types of personalization options, from customization based on your dog’s breed and size to their age and personality - there’s a lot to think about. 

Of course, with so many doggy subscription boxes on offer, when it comes to selecting an option, you may be feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Then, How do you determine which box is going to be the best fit for your dog? 

However, With so many different boxes available to choose from, from treat boxes and toy boxes to customized foods, it’s exceedingly difficult to select just one subscription box for your pooch, isn’t it? Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions.

Moreover, once you've found that perfect box, your pup will enjoy a diverse range of monthly products. From tasty homemade treats and meals to durable chews and specialist toys, most boxes offer plenty of items to keep your dog occupied.

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List of Dog Treat Subscriptions

To help make the process of choosing the right monthly subscription box for your dog a little easier, below is a guide to some of the best dog treat subscription boxes available! 

Box Name: BarkBox

BarkBox Website - Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions

Cost: $25 per month with free shipping included in the price. 

What’s included: Firstly, BarkBox offers a number of monthly treats for your dog to enjoy - there are usually between four and six treats and toys included, and each month's box incorporates a theme. Each box incorporates two innovative toys, two bags of all-natural, healthy dog treats, and a chew, all of which fit the month's theme. Then, Each month you will receive a goodie box for your dog packed full of innovative toys, treats, and other essentials. | Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions

How it works: Lastly, To sign up to this box, you need to fill in your dog's age, size, and breed, and that's it. 

Box Name: PupJoy

PupJoy Website

Cost: $29 per month. 

What’s included: PupJoy focuses on providing a subscription box that is packed full of all-natural and organic products, from treats and toys to accessories, each of which is carefully sourced from artisan companies. Also, PupJoy offers a box that is honest, healthy, and high-quality, with each and every product sourced from socially responsible companies; they even have their own line of products. 

How it works: Nevertheless, To sign your pooch up, all you have to do is fill in a 'pet profile' on the PupJoy website, including your dog's age, size, and breed, as well as including some of your pet's personal preferences regarding toys and treats. 

Box Name: Dope Dog

Dope Dog Website

Cost: Once again, This package costs $85.00 and is available as a one-off package or as a subscription

What’s Included: Firstly, Dope Dog specializes in offering a range of CBD infused products designed to help aid your dog's health. Created by dog lovers for dog lovers. Then, Dope Dog has a wide range of products available to choose from and purchase, either as a one-off or as part of a monthly subscription. Lastly, Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions.

How it works: Nevertheless, To order your first Dope Dog box, create an account and place your order. 

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Box Name: The Farmer’s Dog 

The Farmer’s Dog Website

Cost: Firstly, The cost begins at around $3 per day for treats. 

What’s included: Then, The Farmer's Dog subscription box focuses on offering a service that delivers balanced, freshly made pet food created from simple, science-led recipes. 

Also, The Farmer's Dog subscription box specializes in offering healthy, freshly made dog food of human-grade quality, making it safe for humans to eat - not recommended, of course.

Lastly, You'll receive human-grade ingredients, delivered within days of preparation, with each meal perfectly portioned - no measuring required. Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions.

How it works: Therefore, To sign your dog up, go to The Farmer’s Dog website and create an account. 

Box Name: BoxDog

BoxDog Website

Cost: This subscription box costs £39.99 for every three months. 

What’s included: BoxDog specializes in offering a seasonal doggy subscription box that is packed full of different items, always with a value of up to $150. This box usually includes a combination of homemade treats, toys, wearable items, and gadgets - sometimes, the box incorporates skincare and wellness items too. Each box is custom-made, making it perfect if your pooch is a little on the fussy side. 

How it works: To get started with BoxDog, all you need to do is create an account, select the types of items your dog would like, and the box will be shipped immediately. 

Box Name: Pooch Perks 

Pooch Perks Website

 Cost: This box costs between $20 and $50 per month. 

What’s included: Pooch Perks specializes in offering a subscription box that incorporates toys that are designed to be durable, along with treats that have been made to be healthy, a selection of enriching toys, quirky accessories, and plenty of other goodies perfect for giving your pooch a pamper. Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions.

How it works: To sign your pooch up, head to the Pooch Perks website, and create a profile for your pet. 

Box Name: Dapper Dog Box 

Dapper Dog Box Website

Cost: This box costs $29.99 per month, with $1 from every box donated to rescue centers each month. 

What’s included: The Dapper Dog Box is a monthly box that comes packed full of treats for your pooch, including natural treats and chews, durable toys, and a combination of cute and quirky bow ties and bandanas for helping to 'jazz up' your pup's look. 

How it works: To sign up to The Dapper Dog Box, head to their website, and create an account. 

Box Name: Bully Make

Bully Make Website

Cost: This box costs $29.99 per month

What’s included: Bully Make specializes in offering a subscription box designed for tougher chewers, offering a range of products that are perfect for chewing, tugging, and playing with for any dog, but especially for tougher chewers. The products are made from nylon, rubber, robe, and ballistic and are extremely tough. Bully Make customizes every package for the individual dog, ensuring the products are a perfect fit, with each box filled with two to three durable toys along with three all-natural, healthy treats that fit into the box's monthly theme. 

How it works: To sign up for the Bully Make a box, head to the Bully Make website and register. 

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Puppy Gang website 

Cost: This box costs between $41 and $138 per month 

What’s included: Puppy Gang makes premium “human-grade” dog food that is sustainable and locally sourced. They offer subscriptions that will range from 7, 14, and 30 meals per month. These meals resemble something you'd cook for yourself, making them an amazing treat for your pup! They offer extremely healthy all-natural ingredients like quality meats and vegetables. They provide free shipping to those local to the Toronto area.  

How it works: To sign up for the Puppy Gang box, head to their website and choose your option. Don’t forget to pick up their discount for signing up for the Puppy Gang newsletter!



Hungry Bark website 

Cost: This cost is custom to your dog breed and subscription frequency

What’s included: Hungry Bark is focused on bringing you the most customization when it comes to feeding your pup. Personalized for all of their characteristics like breed, age, weight, and allergies, this plan is sure to provide one of the healthiest options for your dog. For those who want all-natural ingredients, customization to your dog’s unique preferences, and options for supplements and extra protein, this is one of the best food options for your best friend!

How it works: To sign up for Hungry Bark, you will fill out a questionnaire of your dog’s breed, age, weight and other factors so they can provide the best vet-approved meal plan for them. First, select your preferred shipping options, and you're all set to get started!


Ollie website home page 

Cost: This box will cost between $2 to $12 per day

What’s included: Ollie makes premium small-batch cooked dog meals shipped directly to customers. They create a custom meal plan for your dog based on questions you fill out so they know all of their specifics. After customizing your order, they promptly ship fresh food packs, including turkey, chicken, vegetable, lamb, and other delicious options. Their utterly healthy and fresh ingredients with their convenient packaging methods make Ollie a premium service you should consider!

How it works: To sign up for Ollie, fill out information about your dog on their site, choose your plan, and get 20% off your first order. 


Farmer’s Dog website home page 

Cost: The cost for this box is around $4 to $9 per day depending on dog size.

What’s included: Farmer’s Dog is another highly customizable dog food subscription service with great reviews. The human-grade food is processed less with high safety standards and outstanding ingredients. Choose from their vet-developed plans for fresh food created in USDA-approved kitchens. Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions.

How it works: Fill out information about your dog on their site to customize your plan and register for an account.


Nom Nom website home page 

Cost: The cost for a subscription will be around $120 to $200 per month depending on size.

What’s included: Nom Nom makes premium food options for both dogs and cats. Their dog food recipes are created by veterinary nutritionists that are customized to dog breeds. They make 150 gram meal bags including recipes like turkey fare, beef mash, and chicken chow. They offer a $15 variety pack so your pup can taste test the ones they like best!

How it works: Fill out questions about your pets and create an account on Nom Nom to get started with a subscription trial. 


Keep your pup satisfied with healthy treats between meals. Here are some perfect options for your furry friend! These dog treat companies offer subscription plans so you’ll never run out mid-training!

Neo Bites

Neo Bites dog treats - Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions 

Neo Bites offers superfood treats that are great for your dog and the planet. These are perfect for adding nutrition between meals with omega-3s, antioxidants, and plenty of protein


Bow Wow Labs dog treats - Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions 

Bow Wow Labs creates some of the tastiest treats perfect for training your pup. All of their treat options are healthy and completely all-natural. From bully sticks to wafers, Bow Wow Labs will have your pup barking for more!


Chippin dog treats - Top 10 Dog Treat Subscriptions 

Chippin offers protein-rich treats based on crickets! Crickets are an incredibly sustainable source of protein for the eco conscious that are also great for your dog. Their vet-formulated treats include nutritious spirulina, cricket protein, and plenty of omega-3s. 

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Dope Dog Subscription

We took your advice and launched a subscription program here at Dope Dog. Now you can have your dog's favorite CBD products delivered right to your door whenever you choose! Subscribers enjoy many benefits including discounts and customization. Curious if a subscription is right for you? We've created a quiz to determine if the Dope Dog subscription makes sense for you. Before we dive in, let's explore what it means to be a Dope Dog subscriber.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it pays to be a Dope Dog Subscriber.

1. Cost-effective  

There's nothing better than knowing you're getting the best price on your favorite products. Subscribers save 25% on their first subscription order and receive a lifetime 15% discount on all future orders.

2. Customizable

As a subscriber, you can customize any items into your subscription to fit your dogs' preferred CBD method and dose. You can even mix between CBD treats and CBD oils within each subscription.


3. Flexible

Need to increase or decrease CBD usage? Just need a break? No problem, because subscribers can easily pause or skip orders at any time. You will have the option to choose your order frequency by weeks or months.

4. Peace of Mind

Never worry about your pup running out of CBD again! As a subscriber, you have everything your dog needs delivered right to your door without having to worry about ordering in time.

5. It's free!

Being a Dope Dog subscriber is 100% free of cost to you. So why not try it out and save on your next order?

Still not sure? Take this quiz to see if you should be taking advantage of our free Dope Dog subscription.

1. Does your dog benefit from the ongoing use of CBD?
2. Interested in a personalized CBD plan for your pet(s)?
3. Have you purchased from the Dope Dog online store?
4. Save 25% on your next order and 15% on all future purchases. Don't miss out on this fantastic offer!
5. Would you like the option to modify the timing and frequency of your subscription at any time?
6. Wouldn't it be reassuring to have all your CBD needs met with trusted quality products without any worries?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the questions above, it might be time to consider selecting a subscription option at the checkout on your next order.

See what's new and start your subscription today!


When it comes to keeping your dog happy and content, naturally, you want to ensure that they have access to plenty of fun, safe, and durable toys that will keep them both physically active and mentally stimulated. That's where monthly subscription boxes come in - by delivering a new selection of specialist toys for your pooch to enjoy and explore each month, it's far easier to make sure that your dog doesn't end up becoming bored. 

When it comes to treats, naturally, you want to make sure that the snacks you feed your dog are healthy and safe, and not packed full of potentially harmful additives and other nasty ingredients. Opt for a monthly doggy subscription box with all-natural, handmade treats, carefully sourced for the best snacks for your dog.

With numerous monthly subscription boxes available for your dog, find the best fit for their specific needs and your budget. Moreover, you'll discover boxes that cater to healthy treats and mental stimulation.

Whatever you’re looking for in a doggy subscription box, you’re sure to be able to find it - it’s just a case of finding the right box for you and your dog. 

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