How to Administer CBD Oil to a Dog

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is an organic compound that exists naturally in the cannabis Sativa plant species. Its popularity has skyrocketed thanks to its beneficial properties. We know that it’s useful for human beings, but did you know you can also use it on dogs?

This is because dogs have the same endocannabinoid system that is commonly found in human beings. CBD usually interacts with the endocannabinoid system to produce several positive health effects.


The FDA’s Stance on CBD Oil

Currently, the FDA disapproves of CBD oil for dogs, but many people still give their dogs CBD oil because of some of the latest clinical study results. The FDA is currently open to studies on CBD oil and its safety and effectiveness, but its approval may be slow. 

The FDA recognizes CBD oil’s potential, but they are still unclear on its safety. And they also don’t want you to use CBD to treat serious diseases when you should take your dog to the vet for proper veterinarian care.

You should always consult your vet before starting your dog on a CBD product.

Reasons Owners Give Their Dogs CBD Oil

CBD Oil does not cure any ailments, but it may be able to help manage pain and symptoms of:



A study found that CBD oil of 2.5 mg twice daily can reduce seizure frequency by 33%. While most dogs in the study had no adverse behavioral effects, two dogs were removed from the study because they developed ataxia.



Clinical studies on the cannabidiol treatment in osteoarthritic dogs found that 2 mg of CBD oil twice a day can significantly decrease pain and increase activity for dogs with arthritis. Compared to NSAIDs, which cause adverse gastrointestinal effects, CBD oil had little to no side effects. 

CBD oil becomes a viable, natural alternative to NSAIDs for dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis. The easiest method for dosing during the study was an oral tincture of CBD oil. This method allows for quick absorption.


Pain, Inflammation, and Soreness

Dogs can vary in their responses to pain, soreness, and inflammation caused by injury, age, or chronic illness. Sometimes dogs show more subtle signs of pain by moving reluctantly or withdrawing from social contact. CBD oil may reduce pain and inflammation, allowing your dog to increase activity and sociability.

Studies are finding that CBD can reduce chronic pain and inflammation when adequately dosed. To properly dose your dog, you should talk to your vet. 


Some dog breeds are predisposed to develop anxiety, most dogs can suffer anxiety from environmental conditions, and many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Common signs of anxiety are pacing, panting, licking, trembling, hiding, urinating, and barking. 

To help their dogs cope with anxiety, many owners offer their dogs CBD oil because studies have found that CBD oil can have a calming effect on animals. These doses were at 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg, which showed a reduction in anxious behavior. Higher doses showed little effect.

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Methods for Administering CBD Oil to a Dog

If you want to give your pet CBD, there are several methods that you can use to administer CBD oil to a dog:


Place the Product Directly in the Mouth 

This is considered one of the easiest and best ways to give your dog CBDDirect placement is ideal because your pet will get the exact amount of the recommended dose. It should be noted that most CBD oil products are dosed. This could be based on the number of drops that you need to give your dog, the severity of the dog’s condition, weight, or size.  


Draw the oil and move carefully to your dog’s mouth to get a good aim. Be careful because you need to avoid making your dog gag, as this will make them more aggressive. Slowly squeeze in the recommended oil drops using the dropper. To ensure that they thoroughly swallowed everything, make sure that you give them a treat after the administration.

Studies show that administering CBD oil directly by mouth is the most effective way for your dog to absorb the oil for the best results. While treats and other methods can work, an oil tincture is best for absorption because a dog’s gastrointestinal tract can react differently depending on the dog’s breed.

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Mix The CBD with Food

If there’s one thing all dogs have in common, it’s that they LOVE food, and could eat all day if we let them. These four-legged animals will quickly clear their bowls if you feed them their favorite meal. If you want to give your dog CBD, then you can add CBD oil to his or her’s favorite meal. This helps to ensure that they will consume all the CBD.

This method usually works because the taste of CBD is masked with the flavor of their food. Dry foods are highly effective in masking the texture as well as the taste of the CBD product. Most wet foods may not thoroughly blend with this organic chemical compound. As a result, your pet may quickly notice a change in the appearance and taste of their regular food. Therefore, make sure that the food will pass as your dog’s regular food.

When you are mixing this cannabis compound with food, start by using a smaller dose. As time goes by, you can gradually increase the dose. It’s important to note that when you are adding the oil to food, give it a few minutes so that it can thoroughly soak in. After that, you can go ahead and feed your dog.


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Mix the CBD with Something Tasty

Even though mixing CBD with food may seem like the most effective way, sometimes it’s not easy. Foods contain various molecules, and sometimes this organic compound may fail to blend with the food molecules properly. However, you can easily mix it with delicious treats such as peanut butter. Since peanut butter contains oil, adding CBD oil can be easy. Just make sure that you mix the recommended dose with the appropriate amount of peanut butter.

Ensure that you use quality and delicious treats. Avoid products that are made with xylitol because this type of sweetener can cause serious side effects. While this method can work, it isn’t as effective as an oral tincture because the foods may decrease the oil’s potency.


Present CBD Oil As a Treat

Yes, you can easily give your pet CBD oil like a normal treat. Since treats are usually rewards for good behaviors, this is a great way to have your dog associate CBD with something positive. Plus, they help to enhance the bond between you and your dog. Most dog treats are generally in the form of cookies and biscuits. 

Their dry nature makes them effective alternatives for absorbing cannabidiol oil. To give your dog CBD in the form of treats, you need to place the required drops on the treat. Leave it for a few minutes for absorption to take place. If that’s too much work, check out our CBD dog treats!

CBD formulated dog treats are another easy way to administer CBD oil to your dog. A recent study found that 2 mg CBD-infused soft chew given twice daily to dogs had a 96.7% acceptance rate. 

The study showed that CBD had very few or mild side effects for relatively healthy dogs. Although, the same study found that cats did not fair as well, having way more side effects. 

For dogs with some health issues, CBD oil-infused treats can cause mild signs of elevated liver enzymes and benign CBC fluctuations. If your dog has some health issues, talk to your vet first before giving your dog a CBD-infused treat.


Dilute the CBD Oil with Water


Administering CBD tinctures, which are typically used under the tongue, can be challenging for your dog. However, you can replace this method by diluting the CBD oil in water. Understand that quality CBD Oil is usually almost tasteless and odorless. You can add the oil into your pet’s water without them knowing. Just make sure that you put the appropriate dosage so that at the end of the day, your pet will get all the benefits of CBD.

Note: if your pet doesn’t drink water frequently, then this method may not be effective. By diluting the oil, you can’t ensure that your dog will get the proper dosage needed for effectiveness. And you’ll need to be mindful of replacing the water every time instead of adding water and more oil that could affect the dose. 

But if you have a super thirsty dog, where you can ensure they will drink all the water in one sitting, then this method would work for them. 


Use Homemade Treats 

It’s possible to make your dog treats from home. As a pet owner, you understand what your dog loves and hates. You can add or replace the CBD oil in any recipe that you are using. This is especially effective when you are frying the treats.

Do not add CBD oil to baked treats. The baking process may lead to the evaporation of the CBD oil. As a result, your dog may not get the full benefits.

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Find A Quality Cbd Product That Your Dog Will Definitely Love

As a pet owner, you know what flavors your dog loves the most. The best thing about CBD oil is that it’s versatile with its flavors. This makes it effortless to find a flavor that your pet will love. Apart from the natural flavor, you can find CBD in the form of chicken nuggets, salmon, coconut-infused or cheese-infused CBD oil, bacon flavor, mint, and others. These flavors usually help to mask the taste and texture of CBD.


Examine the Quality of the CBD Oil

You want to purchase CBD oil products for dogs that derive from the industrial hemp plant because they should have little to no THC and should be safe for your dog. You’ll want to ensure the CBD Oil comes from a legal, reputable supplier that has been tested for safety. You’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t contain pesticides, toxins, or fungicides.

Dope Dog is very committed to the quality and safety of its CBD oil. Dope Dog rigorously tests the CBD oil in their CBD products through a third-party laboratory to validate the correct potency and quality of their products. 


CBD Dosage For Dogs


Regardless of how to decide to give CBD to your dog, it’s important to consider the dosage. The FDA does not regulate the selling and manufacturing process of CBD oil, which means that there is no universal dosage.

So, how do you determine the appropriate CBD dosage for your dog? The crucial factors that can help determine the right dosage include:

  • Weight
  • The severity of their medical condition
  • Other factors such as digestion, what they ate that day, etc.

But when giving dogs CBD oil, most people normally consider weight. You simply need to know your pet’s weight.

General rule of thumb is 1-3mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. So for example, a 30lb dog can start at 3mg of CBD and scale up to 9mg as needed. 

Note: the larger the dog, the more CBD oil they need, and vice-versa.


If you know the weight in kilograms: 

  • You can find the right dosage by multiplying 0.5 by your dog’s weight in Kg. For example, if your dog weighs 10 kg, then he or she roughly needs 5 mg of CBD oil two times per day. 


If you know the weight in pounds: 

  • Pets that weigh 20 lbs. or less: approximately 2.5 mg per ml of 75 mg CBD     bottle.
  • Between 21 and 50 lbs.: about 5 mg per ml of 150 mg CBD oil bottle.
  • Between 51-75 lbs.: about 10 mg per ml of 300 mg CBD oil bottle.
  • More than 75 lbs.: about 20 mg per ml of 600 mg of CBD oil bottle.


Note: the larger the dog, the more CBD oil they need, and vice-versa.

Side Effects of CBD oil in Dogs

Most dogs will react differently to CBD oil. It’s critical to start your dog on the lowest dose and then gradually give more based on your dog’s reaction to the CBD oil. Some dogs may show some side effects, while others may have a stronger response. Possible side effects include:

  • Lowered Blood Pressure: Your dog may become light-headed if the CBD temporarily drops your dog’s blood pressure.
  • Drowsiness: Some dogs may become sleepy from higher doses. Be sure to give the right amount of CBD oil for your dog’s weight. If your dog becomes too drowsy, lower the dose of CBD oil.
  • Dry Mouth: CBD oil can reduce saliva production, which may make your dog very thirsty.
  • Vomiting: While not very common, vomiting may occur. If so, stop giving your dog CBD and contact your vet.
  • Soft Stool: A bit unpleasant. If your dog’s stool becomes soft, you should consider stopping or lowering their dose of CBD oil.

The Bottom Line

CBD is a highly beneficial organic compound. Its effectiveness in treating different health conditions in dogs is the reason most pet owners are turning to it. Note that the efficacy of CBD varies depending on the type of medical condition, severity, and the mode of delivery. Although the effects of oral administration may take hours, it’s usually the best form. With that in mind, your dog will definitely experience prolonged benefits from this compound.

Dope Dog offers high-quality CBD oil products for dogs to reduce joint pain, stress, and inflammation. CBD treats and oils are a natural alternative to reducing pain and increasing mobility for a better quality of life. 

Want a natural supplement for your aging dog’s chronic pain and inflammation? Shop Dope Dogs all-natural CBD dog treats and oils.

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