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Best CBD Treats for Dogs

Whether your dog is having problems with pain from surgery or cancer treatments, sleep problems, separation anxiety, or any number of other issues, a CBD dog treat may be exactly what they need. Explore top CBD dog treats to revive your buddy's joy. Give them the boost they deserve! 

Dope Dog

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Dope Dog offers a colorful selection of calming CBD dog treats in multiple flavors that will have your pup wagging up a storm, including peanut butter, Asian carp, and sweet potato. You can purchase them in a variety pack for a reduced price or individually. Dope Dog is also proud to offer their Merry Munchies holiday exclusive pumpkin turmeric CBD treats. Avoid placing CBD treats under the tree; your buddy might sneak a nibble when you're not watching

Dope Dog offers their treats in different quantities based on your dog’s size: large, medium, and small. All packages come equipped with detailed instructions on usage and serving size so you can make sure you’re giving your best friend exactly what they need to feel their very best. All treats are made with the highest quality ingredients and are 100% THC free, so your dog will get the relief they need without getting high. Give Dope Dog’s treats a try today and take advantage of their always free shipping.

One reason why Dope Dog is top of the list is that they only focus on  CBD  for dogs. While other businesses make CBD dog treats a  part of their business, Dope Dog specializes 100%  in this area. They have made a man’s best friend their number one priority in their business. 

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Pet Hemp Company


 The wide array of CBD pet treats offered by Pet Hemp Company are specially formulated to relieve your precious pup from whatever problems they’re experiencing while also supplying them with a yummy snack. Their CBD oil dog treats come in a variety of flavors that each offer support for different ailments. Their green apple and peanut butter treats relax your dog by promoting anxiety and stress relief, while the pumpkin spice and cinnamon treats can help repair joint support. They also offer a blueberry and sweet potato blend to protect immunity support and strengthen your fuzzy buddy’s heart.

All ingredients used are gluten and dairy-free, organic, and non-GMO, so you can be sure you’re getting some of the highest quality dog CBD treats on the market. Their website offers a detailed dosage chart that details use frequency and the difference between regular and strong doses for different conditions.




HolistaPet offers a selection of quality CBD dog treats very similar to those of Pet Hemp Company. They feature the same great flavors with the same base effects for treating stress, anxiety, and joint pain while also improving mobility and strengthening the heart and immune system. The difference is that HolistaPet not only offers its products at a reduced price but also has an additional product for sale: specialty calming CBD dog chews.

U.S. made with natural, top-quality ingredients. 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Fast, free shipping in 3 to 5 days. 

Are you curious about what other kinds of CBD products are out there for your dog? Take a look at these CBD bathtime products you can use to pamper your pooch.


Joy Organics


While Joy Organics primarily caters its wide selection of CBD products to humans, they offer beef-flavored CBD chews for dogs. Each jar contains 30 treats, with each treat containing 2mg of CBD and no traces of THC. Using hemp-extracted, water-soluble powder for rapid absorption, these treats help your dog feel better faster with CBD. 

Joy Organics' CBD dog treats offer broad-spectrum benefits, while other companies may cater to specific medical needs. No need to mix and match treats. Provide your best pal all the support they need with these CBD treats. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping, and quality customer support.

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 FAB CBD offers a selection of three formulas and flavors of CBD dog treats to choose from. Peanut butter apple for anxiety, salmon for skin, and chicken for the immune system. THC-free, corn, dairy, wheat, and soy-free.

Each bag comes with a recommended use guide for dogs based on their size and weight so you can be sure that your pup is getting the exact amount they need to start feeling better. Infused with passionflower, chamomile for relaxation, and coconut oil with antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

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Four dogs waiting for someone to drop a treat.

Explore various CBD treats for dogs in the market. Find the perfect fit by trying different selections. Your dog may not have a voice to thank you, but you’ll be able to see the positive effects these CBD infused snacks can have on their lives pretty quickly. So take a look and find out what CBD can do for your dog’s health today.

Not sure if treats are enough to give your best friend the help they need? Take a look at these other CBD dog products to find out what’s right for you!

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