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CBD Benefits for Cats: What You Should Know

Are you considering using CBD for your cats? There are several benefits that CBD can provide for your cats. If you are not already considering trying some out, it might be time to start looking into it. However, due to CBD’s close relation to THC, the commonly used intoxicating substance known as cannabis, many pet owners are unsure about the safety and potential benefits of CBD products for their pets. 

First off, we at Dope Dog want to reassure you of the safety of these CBD products. We stand by CBD products and their various health benefits. In this article, we will list the variety of benefits CBD can provide for your cats.

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Does CBD Get Your Cat High? Check out the CBD Benefits for Cats

THC (the compound known for its intoxicating properties in the cannabis plant) and CBD are both cannabinoids. Most cannabis used to get high contains CBD in addition to THC. That said, pure CBD is a non-intoxicating substance commonly extracted from industrial hemp. Hemp is part of the cannabis plant that contains very little to no THC and is the most common source of pure CBD.  CBD Benefits for Cats

To put it simply, no, CBD will not get your cats high. However, a wide variety of medical benefits come from CBD, and it is a worthwhile product for any pet owner to explore when trying to provide the best treatment for their beloved pets. 

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What are the CBD Benefits for Cats

CBD can help with many problems in your cat’s life. Here are a few of the most common situations and issues that CBD can help with:

Helps Cats With Anxiety

There is a myriad of factors that can cause your pet to experience anxiety. CBD is very effective in treating various forms of anxiety. This reduced anxiety can be a huge relief for your cat because increased pressure usually comes with reduced quality of life, increased stress, and potentially increased hostility towards other animals or people. That increased hostility is a significant concern for pet parents as it can lead to their cat, another animal, or another person getting moderately to seriously injured. So again, CBD can help, and we at Dope Dog recommend our Dope Cat Dropper Tuna.

Reduces Stress In Multi-Cat Households

Having multiple cats in a single household can lead to stress from the cats to the owner. Cats tend to be territorial about particular objects, spots, or even their owner, and other cats in close proximity can rub them the wrong way. CBD can help cats stay calm and make them less aggressive and territorial overall. A more relaxed pet will make your household a more peaceful, positive environment for your beloved pets. A positive home environment is essential for your pet’s safety and overall physical and mental health. Do not overlook this as a top-tier solution for heightened aggression in multi-cat households.

Increases Comfort During Vet Trips

If your cat has a medical condition that causes frequent trips to the vet, this can create a lot of anxiety, stress, and discomfort in the animal. This stress can be harmful to your cat. More so due to the medical condition that is causing these trips. CBD can make trips in the car far more bearable and leave your cat more relaxed, and once they are in the vet’s office, they will experience less of the stress anxiety that pets commonly experience in this situation. The vet and your pet will appreciate the calm demeanor and smoother process during your visit.

It Makes Car Rides Smoother

Some cat owners like their pets to be an active travelling companions. Some cats love going outside on the leash and getting out to the park. However, some still struggle with the car ride like most pets do. CBD will make these car trips smoother and calmer for every party involved and leave your pet with less anxiety at the end of your journey. A calm car ride will leave them fresh and excited for their time at any destination you have chosen. Consider CBD if you are an active pet owner with an active and traveling cat.

Reduced Aggression

As previously mentioned, cats can be territorial, aggressive, and pushy towards humans and other animals. Aggression can cause stress for all parties, making living with the cat challenging. CBD can calm your cat and make it more receptive and sensitive toward other living creatures. Pet owners with multi-cat households should heavily consider CBD as a potential solution for aggressive cats.

Bad Appetite

Just like in humans, bad appetites and trouble eating can be a major pain and point of stress for your cat. This trouble eating could be due to a number of potentials causes and factors. Regardless of the cause, CBD, just like in humans, can help bolster appetites and make eating an overall more pleasant experience. This is so important for the health of your pet and should not be overlooked as a valid solution to helping your cat get the nutrients they need on a daily basis.

Reduces Stress From Moving

Most pets, but especially cats, struggle with the stress, aggravation, and overall change of moving. This can make your cat’s first few months in their new home a painful experience and reduce their overall quality of life. This can be seriously damaging for your cat in the short- and long-term. CBD will allow your pet to relax and feel more comfortable in their new environment. Moving is already stressful enough. There is no need for it to be worse due to an upset and aggravated cat and CBD can help.

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Final Thoughts for CBD Benefits for Cats

In conclusion, It should not be overlooked as a valid solution to the potential problems we listed here. We at Dope Dog recommend you try our Dope Cat Dropper Tuna for a taste that your pet will love and the most ideal results.

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