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Top 5 Benefits of Dog Daycare

Top 5 Benefits of Dog Daycare - Being a dog parent means more than just owning a pet. It means partnering with someone who requires love, care, and attention. This means making them part of your life and fitting them into your daily schedule. With busy lives, work, travel, and socializing can make us neglect our furry friends. That’s where dog daycares come in! Dog daycares offer more than just babysitting; they foster socialization and skills that make dogs better members of society. Continue reading as Dogdrop, a Los Angeles based dog daycare, discusses their top five benefits of daycare for dogs and dog parents.

Dog Socialization

One of the biggest benefits of dog daycare is that they get to socialize with new people and make new dog friends. Engaging with others prevents behavioral problems, reduces barking, and eases anxiety from new experiences encountered in dog daycare. Your dog will feel more at ease and confident, resulting in less stress for you and your dog when going on walks or attending gatherings. 

You may be asking yourself; can’t I just socialize my dog at a dog park? The answer is yes, your dog might find some beneficial socialization at a dog park, but it can’t always be guaranteed or safe. Dog parks don’t have safety measures or attendants in place that assist during incidents or altercations between dogs. The benefit of a dog daycare like Dogdrop is that droperators stand by at all times to ensure safe socialization between dogs. Droperators have experience in group dog interaction and dog behavior. They are trained to prevent an altercation from happening and to safely stop dogs in the event of an altercation.  

Tip: If your dog is new to dog daycare, they may benefit from Dope Dog’s CBD products to help calm their anxiety until they get accustomed to the new environment. Feeding your dog calming crunchies or a drop of their CBD oil before dropping them off at daycare will aid in decreasing their stress and anxiety and help ease the transition.

Physical Exercise for Dogs

Like humans, dogs need physical exercise to encourage a long, healthy life. Dog daycares provide a space where they get to release their energy and meet their exercise needs while having fun. Dogs run around with their furry friends, play fetch, and take part in dog agility. Doing so helps fight boredom behaviors, helps prevent obesity, strengthens bones and joints, and increases endurance. Top 5 Benefits of Dog Daycare. Agility also provides great mental stimulation for dogs as it requires them to focus and problem solve.

Mental Stimulation for Dogs

Dog daycare not only ensures pups meet their physical exercise needs, but their mental stimulation needs as well. They take part in activities that stimulate their minds and senses such as playing with interactive dog toys, learning new tricks, and being in an engaging environment. This encourages good behavior and deters destructive behaviors.

Dog Training Reinforcement

Some dog daycares will go as far as to help train your dog and reinforce training cues. At Dogdrop, experienced droperators guide dogs through the basics like recall, sit/stay, intros/exits, gate behavior and more. This way your furry companion becomes a more impressive and intelligent dog citizen.

Dog Daycare is Convenient for Dog Parents

Yes, dog daycare also benefits you, the dog parent! Once your pup excels at all the benefits dog daycare has to offer, they will be more easy going and in turn, easier to care for. Dog daycare also gives dog parents the time to take care of their business and errands while their pup is being cared for. So whether you’re at work, out with friends, or just need alone time, you can experience peace of mind knowing that your dog is in a safe place.

Tip: Like most humans, dogs thrive on routine, so we recommend taking your dog to daycare a few times a week so they grow accustomed to their new surrounding and furry friends. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, schedule a Good Fit Test with Dogdrop to experience the benefits of a dog daycare.

Written by Dogdrop

Dogdrop provides the best dog daycare and pet care service in Los Angeles. Their daycare provides a safe place for socialization, directed activity, training reinforcement, and much more. They have the best quality dog essentials for pet owners. Dogdrop is the best place for dogs to learn, exercise, and socialize to become happier and healthier dog citizens.

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