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Traveling with a Dog in a Post COVID-19 World

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can quickly turn into man’s biggest nightmare if you don’t approach them well, or handle pet travel the wrong way. As you plan your post-COVID journey, consider if bringing your dog or hiring a pet-sitter is the wiser choice.

Get ready for the challenge of preparing your dog for safe travel by plane or car. Ensure a smooth journey.

Make Them Get Used to the Car/Crate 

According to the Furry Friends Gear blog, “Taking a trip with your furry friend is really something special. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your furry friend cool, calm, and collected during the journey, ensuring they have a fantastic time.

Start by making them grow used to the car or the crate, and slowly introduce them to the car. To help your dog acclimate to car rides, start with short trips, engine off initially, gradually increasing the duration as they grow more comfortable.

As for crates, you’ll need one for your dog if you intend to travel internationally. For this, try giving your dogs food inside the crate and reward crate time with a snack or treat at the end. This way they’ll begin to associate the crate with positive emotions. 

Practice Staying Away From People 

If your dog is friendly, you might want to train them to stay away from people. Occasional positive tests for coronavirus in dogs, though they don't get sick, have made some countries cautious around them.

Check With Your Airline 

If you’re travelling by plane, check with your airline in advance if your dog will be allowed to be transported. Many airlines have posted restrictions on pet travel along with regular travel, and they’re most likely here to stay until the world has completely recovered. 

Explore pet transportation companies if airlines don't accommodate pets or if you have budget constraints. They can offer suitable solutions.

Traveling with your pet is almost like traveling with a baby. Make sure you have a plan for when they get hungry, need bathroom breaks, or need to stretch their legs. Older dogs will need more care while traveling than younger ones, but puppies, too, are a handful. 

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