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Take Your Dog to Work Day: Dos and Don’ts

More and more companies are embracing dogs in the workplace. Many businesses allow employees to bring their dogs to work every day. While other companies allow employees to bring their dogs to work on the International Take Your Dog to Work Day Holiday that is June 25.

But bringing your pet to work can be challenging and distracting for others. To ensure you maintain a level of professionalism while bringing your dog to work, we’ll list several dos and don’ts for dogs in the workplace.

Why Support Take Your Dog to Work Day

Besides having some extra time with your dog (which it will love), you’ll get to:

  • Introduce your co-workers to your furry family member.
  • Promote pet adoption.
  • Celebrate why dogs are amazing companions.

If your office doesn’t currently participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day, you can check out the toolkit on how to plan the event at work and get management buy-in.

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Do Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

Here is a list of things you should do before you head to the office with your dog and how to ensure your dog workday is a success:

Do Find Out if the Office Supports It

Don’t assume you can bring your dog on Take Your Dog to Work Day. Make sure management supports the special day. If they don’t currently have it, talk to Human Resources about participating.

Make Sure None of Your Co-workers are Allergic

Before you bring in your dog, make sure none of your co-workers are:

  • Allergic to dogs
  • Afraid of dogs
  • Unsupportive of having dogs in the office

As you know, not everyone is a dog person. And depending on the size or breed of your dog, it may make some of your co-workers uncomfortable. If you are in charge of the event, create a space for employees to work where they won’t be around the dogs.

Do Puppy-proof Your Work Area

Before you bring in your dog, you’ll want to make sure your work environment is safe for your dog. Puppy-proof your space by removing any:

  • Poisonous plants
  • Electric cords or wires
  • Toxic Items like permanent markers
  • Pretty much anything within your dog’s designated area

Do Make Sure Your Dog is Office Ready

You want your dog to behave and look their very best at work. This means:

  • Ensure your dog is current on its shots.
  • Bathe and groom your dog.
  • Train your dog to obey basic commands to help control them in the office.
  • Keep your dog close to you for safety and minimal disruption to others.
  • Determine if your dog can behave appropriately around the office. (If not, leave them home.)

If your dog can quickly become anxious, irritable, or aggressive around new people or experiences, then you may want to opt-out of bringing your dog to work. A stressed-out dog will be a handful to manage at the office.

Do Bring a Doggie Bag to Entertain and Treat Your Dog

To allow you to still be productive during the day, you’ll want to pack a variety of things to make your dog’s visit more enjoyable:

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Water
  • Bowls
  • Clean-up bags
  • Paper Towels
  • Cleaners
  • Toys
  • Dog Bed
  • Leash

Depending on your work area, you may want to consider a baby gate or dog carrier to ensure your dog stays in your workspace if you are in and out a lot during the day.

Need some calming treats to help your dog adjust to the office? Dope Dog has a variety of CBD treats to help calm and soothe your dog.

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Do Plan When to Feed Your Dog

You’ll want to create a feeding schedule for your dog that works with your work schedule. Plan potty breaks and meals when you have downtime that won’t affect your work schedule. This will also help prevent accidents.

Do Take Breaks

Your dog will need regular bathroom and exercise breaks to maintain good behavior. Plan your day to incorporate several breaks to keep your dog happy.

Do Have an Exit Strategy if Your Dog is Too Distracting

While most dogs will love to go to work, you may want to have an exit strategy for your dog if they become too distracting or anxious. You’ll need to figure out how to take your dog home if it becomes too much.

 Owner and dog in a dog friendly area at work.

Don’t Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

Don’t Pressure Co-workers to Interact with Your Dog

Because not everyone is a dog lover, you should be respectful of your co-workers’ space and time. Don’t force your co-workers to interact. If co-workers want to meet your dog, they will come to you.

Don’t Let Co-workers Feed Your Dog

If your co-workers introduce new snacks, treats, and food to your dog, it could cause accidents or shock your dog’s digestion. You’re better off supplying your own treats that your co-workers can feed to your dog.

Don’t Keep Your Dog in the Car While You Work

If your dog becomes too distracting at work, it may be tempting to take them out to the car and leave them until your done. This is not safe for your dog. Create an exit strategy to avoid this or coordinate with HR about a dog safe zone for dogs that aren’t having it.

Bringing Your Dog to Work Can Be Rewarding When You Plan Ahead

If you follow these tips, you’ll create a fun day for you and your dog at work. Remember to be mindful of others and watch your dog’s cues for signs of distress, anxiety, or aggression. And make sure to take your dog on lots of breaks to let them take care of business and stretch thier legs.

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