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The 10 Must-See Companies at Super Zoo 2019

Firstly, Super Zoo 2019 is the largest pet show in the US. Then, Every years thousands of pet companies come together to learn about new trends and stay ahead of the competition. Attendees benefit from expert-led programming, endless new connections, and exclusive deals and discounts.

Furthermore, Professionals in the pet industry continue coming back to Super Zoo year after year, giving this event the reputation of North America's favorite pet retail event ever.

Also, Visitors of SuperZoo can expect to see over 800 brand new products. Additioanlly, That's a lot of newness in one room! It's almost impossible to visit each new vendor, which is why we have done some pre-work to figure out which companies this year are worth a visit.

Lastly, We've complied a list of the top 10 must-see companies at SuperZoo 2019. Read on to see which brands you will not want to miss.

1. Dope Dog - The most pup-friendly CBD products

Dope Dog delivers holistic, hemp-derived solutions for conscious pet parents. Offerings include a complete collection of CBD products for dogs, including human-grade dog treats, biologically appropriate oils, and topicals.

In addition, Dope Dog clearly caters to the savvy pet owner with their eco-conscious line-up. All products are designed and manufactured in the United States, an uncommon practice in the pet industry. Then, One of the many things thats sets Dope Dog apart from their competitors is their thoughtful pet-focused product line. For example, their newest flavor option is Asian Carp, a trendy fish protein which is attracting conscious pet parents nationwide.

Aside from reaping the health rewards of CBD, Dope Dog customers are benefiting from other add values including ease of use, accessible product information, and peace of mind knowing that products are designed thoughtfully.​

Lastly,  Dope Dog launched summer 2017 this will be their 2nd time attending one of the biggest pet-focused conventions of the year. In addition, You can visit Dope Dog and meet the co-founders this year at Super Zoo 2019. You won't want to miss this one!

Find Dope Dog at booth #2170

Website: www.Dope.Dog

2. Wags City Clothing - Wag City Clothing is not for your basic bitch

Pink hat - Super Zoo 2019

Once again, Super Zoo 2019 - Found at booth #6161 at this year's SuperZoo and online at you can browse this great collection of clothing for your dogs or even yourself! With their funny tag line "WagCity Clothing is not for your basic bitch" you can imagine you'll be getting some fun, show-stopping gear. Also, Some of our favorite items we found on their site are the amazing dog tags. With sayings like "Thug Life, Bae, Hangry, and Cute AF" we just can't get enough!

Booth #6161


3. Finding Rover - Saving pets through community

Super Zoo 2019

If you have ever lost a pet, even for a new hours, you know it can be one of the most stressful experiences. Finding Rover provides a solution to this problem. If you have lost a pet simply use their app to scan your dogs face and then upload it to the Finding Rover database. The database includes an entire directory of "found" pets that have been uploaded by other users. Their smart technology matches your dogs face to see if there is a match in the "found dogs" section, allowing for the possibly of quickly locating and reconnecting with your loved one. If you don't have time to visit Finding Rover at Super Zoo this year, be sure to download the app and join the community who is helping lost dogs reconnect with their owners everyday!

Booth #612

4. Kennel & Crate - Something for every dog in every space

Cute Dog - Super Zoo 2019

Found at booth #616, Kennel & Crate offers a wonderful selection of small to extra large custom crates for your pup. These aren't your average crates either! Choose from a variety of colors, finishes, custom doors, chew guard, and drawers. The prices range from around $1,000 to about $2,000 depending on options applied to each custom dog crate. What we love about Kennel & Crate is that you're able to fully customize your crate and design it to fit with the style of your house. The price may seem a bit steep, but with the quality and convenience you're getting it's all worth it for a family member, right!?

Booth #616


5. BioScentDX - Canine Scent detection way of screening for cancer.

BioscentDX - Super Zoo 2019

This one really caught our eye. BioScent Pet is the future of medicine and it's here today. Their mission says it all. " BioScent Pet is saving lives by harnessing the incredible capabilities of canine scent detection to offer highly accurate, non-invasive and affordable cancer screening for dogs and cats!" The science behind all this is absolutely amazing. The process to get screened seems fairly simple too. You order a kit online, mail it back and get your results within 10 days. We will definitely be swinging by to learn more at their SuperZoo booth.

Booth #6151


6. Otto's Organic - Bone Broth For Cats And Dogs

Otto's Organic

Found at booth #541 Otto's Organic Bone Broth For Cats And Dogs seems like an amazing healthy treat for your pup. They claim that it helps to support strong joints, healthy gut and just boosts that boring dry dog food! This product is unavailable online, but you can find the full line up at Pet Food Express Nationwide.

Booth #541


7. Surf City Pet Works

Surf City Pet Works

For those with active lifestyles, you've met your match with Surf City Pet Works. This company creates products that support an "on the go" lifestyle for you and your pet. Their mission statement is "To Design and Manufacture the Best Stress-Free Dog Wellness Products and Provide at an Affordable Price" and they clearly do just that! The highlight-worthy product is most definitely the tangle-free, hands-free leash. Stop by Surf City Pet Works at booth #624 and they will have you set for a beach adventure in no time!

Booth #624


8. Park Life Designs

Park Life Designs

Found at booth #527 Park Like Designs offers creative dog and cat food storage and bowls. We all know it's often hard to find great looking, creatively designed bowls that you would actually like to have displayed in your home. Look no further than Park Life Designs. Their vision statement, "Park Life Designs aims to be the destination for stylish and chic pet products for the everyday pet lover" is so true. When you're browsing their designs you can believe your eyes. Our favorites were the treats jars because duh, everyone loves treats!  

Booth #527


9. Pet Evac Pak - Keeping you prepared for your loved ones

Pet Evac Pak

Found at booth #641 at this year's 2019 Super Zoo, Pet Evac Pak is an emergency survival kit for pets and designed specifically with your pet in mind. The idea came to the owners after Hurricane Harvey, when they packed up their stuff from Nevada, drove to Texas and delivered much need supplies to shelters and along the way rescued dogs. We love a company with a wonderful product and a meaningful mission.

Booth #641


10. Honey Cure - Natural Veterinary Wound Care

Honey Cure

Furthermore, Found at booth #655 Honey Cure is an all-natural veterinary wound care solution. Firstly, Made from FDA-approved Manuka Honey it seems like a wonder cure for dogs and animals. From what we gathered from the website you mix their formula, apply to wound and watch your animal heal with less complications. With a starting price out $29.99 for a jar of HoneyCure, it's definitely worth the investment.

Booth #655


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