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9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog | Have you ever been stressed because your dog is stressed? You are not alone. Many people struggle with how to calm their dogs from overactivity or anxiety. 

Calming your dog is a necessary journey, so both of you can live your best life. Depending on your dog, calming them can range from more exercise to aromatherapy. 

We all want to give our pups everything they need and deserve! This list will help you discover different techniques to keep your dog calm and living its healthiest life.

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Best Ways to Calm Your Dog

1. Physical contact

Petting a dog - 9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

One of the most important components of calming down your dog is physical touch. Dogs react well to contact with their owners when they are beginning to get anxious. 

The first step is to identify when your dog is becoming anxious or upset. That is the time to hold your dog close or give them a nice clam petting session. It shouldn't take long for your doggy to relax once you've given them some physical contact!

2. Exercise

Dog Exercise - 9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

Have you ever watched your dog and thought how they could possibly have so much energy? Well, the answer may be that they are not getting enough real exercise

As we know, every dog has different energy levels. These factors are anything from age to breed. Every breed needs a proper amount of exercise for that dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Excess energy, however, doesn't only come from age and breed. Built-up stress can lead to excess energy in your dog, and daily exercise can have a huge impact on any dog's energy levels! 

Take your pup out to play fetch! Or maybe take them on your daily jog with you. There are a ton of ways to exercise your dog, and it can have a positive impact on their stress levels!

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3. Massage

Pups need massages too! If you have ever had a massage melt all your stress away, you know how beneficial a good massage can be! The human body is not the only one that benefits from massage. 

Just like us, dogs (and cats, for that matter) have trigger points that can hold stress and produce anxiety. 

You don't have to get the spa music playing, but you can move your dog to a quiet room and give them a relaxing environment. The best places to massage your dog are the head, neck, back, and tail. Massaging these areas are great stress relievers and can calm your dog significantly! | 9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog


4. CBD Oil

Best CBD Oil  for Dogs - 9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

CDB oil
is a natural way to calm even the most anxious and excitable dogs! There is a lot of evidence from dog owners that quality CBD oil works and has multiple health benefits for dogs! CBD can calm a wide range of issues, from stomach problems to anxiety issues. 

Giving your puppy CBD can also help with joint pain as they continue to grow! Nowadays, CBD oil is pretty regularly available, so getting some to relive your dog's stress will be no hassle!

Are you interested in calming your dog with CBD oil? Check out this CBD Starter pack and learn some more information!

5. Music Therapy

2 people doing music therapy on a dog - 9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

The science is real! Studies have shown that dogs have a positive reaction to music therapy. In particular, one study shows that dogs in a kennel that listened to music showed lower physical stress signs than dogs that were not exposed. 

It is important to note that not all music has the same effect. Calming music, specifically classical, has shown the best results.

Next time you leave the house without the pup, maybe leave on a little classical music for him to enjoy. Having calming music on while you are away can reduce the stress of separation anxiety, and shield your dog from the noises from outside that may be stressful. | 9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

Does your dog have separation anxiety? Check out more ways to ease their stress while you're away by clicking here!

6. Calming Coats/T-Shirts

Calming Coat


Swaddling your doggy like a baby may be the perfect way to keep your dog calm! OK, maybe not exactly like a baby, however research has shown that dogs that receive a gentle pressure from a compression wrap do being to calm down. 

There are many options to choose from, so finding the perfect wrap for your dog will be a breeze! These are great for traveling with your dog and for general anxiety!

7. Check your Own  energy

This may come as a shock to some people, but your dog's energy is often a reflection of the energy you, as the owner, project. 

According to research, dogs tend to mirror the personality traits of their owner over time. If an owner is a person who gives off negative or nervous energy, your dog will tend to project similar qualities. On the flip side, owners who are outgoing and personable will have dogs that follow those tendencies. 

One of the best ways to address your dog’s stress is to check your own energy. Everyone has stress about work and life, but keep in mind your dog can pick up on these energies and start to react to them. | 9 Best Ways To Calm Your Dog

8. Herbs 

Puppy in Flowers

Providing your dog with natural herbs and spices can positively affect managing your dog's stress levels and anxiety. We've already discussed CDB oil, but this also extends to natural remedies like lavender, chamomile, and others that work for our dog's stress levels!

Lavender, for example, aids sleep and naturally relaxes your dog when they are stressed out! Providing your dog with chamomile has similar side effects. The earth is filled with herbs for everything that ails us, including stress. 

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9. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy goes hand in hand with holistic remedies for dog stress. Adding a bit of lavender to a diffuser is a great way to calm your dog and relieve stress. It is a good method to give your dog some quiet time with a diffuser. 

It's best to place it in the room where they spend most of their time and are most comfortable. 


There are many different ways to calm an overactive or stressed out doggy. Sometimes, they just need to be tired out with a little exercise. Other times you may want to provide them with the things that make them the most comfortable. Finding the best way to calm your dog is a necessary journey and is a great way for you and your dog to spend quality time together, which is what both of you really want the most

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