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Best CBD Treats for Dogs

Where 24% of pet owners use cannabinoids cannabidiol(CBD) for themselves and their pets, it’s no wonder that CBD pet products are growing in popularity. Because CBD dog treats can cost twice as much as regular dog treats, it’s essential to research the best CBD dog treats for your dog before buying them.

We’ve compiled a list of the best  treats for pets based on quality, effectiveness, and value to help you decide which product is right for your them. We also offer a buyer’s guide on why it’s important to research it.


The 5 Best CBD Treats for Dogs


1. Dope Dog Peanut Butter CBD Calming Dog Treats


Calming Crunchies


Dope Dog Peanut Butter CBD Calming Dog Treats is the best treat for dogs overall because of its value, quality, and popularity. These calming crunchies come in different doses per treat depending on your dog’s size and contain all-natural, high-quality ingredients, making them a favorite for dogs.

The CBD Calming Dog Treats are great for inflammation and anxiety and contain no THC. Sourced in the US, these  are completely safe for your pet to eat with no harmful side effects.You can read lots of customers’ testimonials about these highly-rated treats that have helped their dogs.


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2. HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief

HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats



The HolistaPet Treats are an all-natural, organic treat in green apple and peanut butter flavor. You can purchase the treats based on your dog’s weight to ensure your pet gets a safe and effective dose.

Using a unique blend of herbs and superfoods, HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats promote stress-relieving properties. They also publish their lab testing results to certify the safety and effectiveness of their CBD dog treats.

3. Pet Hemp Company CBD Dog Treats: Repair Joint Support


Pet Hemp Company’s Repair Joint Support Dog Treat


The Pet Hemp Company’s Repair Joint Support Dog Treat comes in pumpkin spice and cinnamon for a 100% natural, vegan dog treat that promotes joint relief and mobility care. You can purchase these dog treats based on your dog’s weight for an effective dose per treat.

The Repair Joint Support Dog Treat is one of the best values for CBD dog treats. These treats are a cost effective option for pet that required long-term CBD doses. These treats are also well rated by their customers.

4. Fab CBD Fab Pets CBD Dog Treats


Fab Pets CBD Dog Treats


The Fab Pets CBD Dog Treats are The CBD is sourced from Colorado and is organically grown. While the CBD is high quality, the treats only contain 3 mg of CBD for each treat, making them an excellent choice for small dogs under 15 pounds.

Fab Pets CBD Dog Treats come in three varieties that tailor to calming, healthy skin and coat or for an active immune system. These treats are also very well rated by their customers.

5. Honest Paws Mobility Hemp Soft Chews

Honest Paws Mobility Hemp Soft Chews



The Honest Paws Mobility Hemp Soft Chews are excellent for dogs with sensitive teeth and gums. These softer chews also contain organic full-spectrum hemp oil to help older dogs with mobility and joint pain.

Each soft chew contains 5 mg of quality CBD. Depending on your dog’s size, you may have to give them 2-3 chews for a proper dose. This may not be cost-effective for larger breeds because the bag only comes with 30 chews.

Not sure which CBD dog treats your dog will like best? Shop Dope Dog’s Variety Pack of pet-approved treats.

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The best CBD treats for dogs promote happy pets.

Hemp Source


It’s essential that the CBD comes from high-quality, naturally-grown hemp. You’ll want to research the brand’s sourcing methods to ensure the CBD is high-quality and safe to consume. CBD companies that report their testing results can generally be trusted to sell quality CBD that doesn’t contain illegal THC levels.

In the US, most CBD comes from hemp grown in Colorado, Oregon, and KentuckyColorado is considered to have the best quality, but most CBD oil grown legally from hemp in the US is safe for your dog to consume. You should be wary of overseas suppliers because their regulations are not as strict.




Because the concentration of CBD in each treat can differ depending on how much oil is used per product, you’ll want to check the company’s dosing guidelines to ensure the dog treat is effective for the size of your dog.

Dosage recommendations can also vary depending on why your dog needs the CBD. If you need to treat severe health conditions like epilepsy, your dog’s dosage requirements will be significantly higher than relieving mild anxiety.

To determine how much CBD oil your dog will need, you’ll want to carefully calculate a safe dose based on your dog’s weight. A good rule of thumb is 0.2 mg of CBD per pound. For example, a 25 lb dog would need 5 mg of CBD.




Unfortunately, not all CBD companies can be trusted for quality or honesty. You should always research the brand’s customer reviews and transparency before buying any CBD dog treats. Many reputable CBD brands will have a  page dedicated for reviews, which may help guide your decision on purchasing the product. One good  example  is Dope Dog’s Review page which has many  customer testimonials to back them up. 

The FDA has issued several warnings against CBD companies that have sold CBD products that violate the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. You’ll want to ensure you buy CBD products from companies that follow the FDA’s safety standards.




Because you need to buy high-quality CBD to ensure its effectiveness, it is easy to pay for overpriced CBD products. That’s why it’s critical to research many different brands before you buy to determine the best value for the price. Our list of the best CBD dog treats offers the best quality for the price.

Finding the Best Treats Requires Research

While there are many CBD dog products offered by numerous CBD brands, you’ll want to research and find the right brand for your dog. And yYour dog’s size, age, and needs will also help determine which pet treat is best for your pet. Check out Dope Dog’s “What CBD is Right for My Dog Quiz “ to help you get the answer!

Dope Dog offers high-quality, all-natural CBD oils and treats for dogs and even cats!.  Completely safe, Dope Dog products have no harmful side effects and help your dog feel its best.

Want more CBD pet treats? Shop now at Dope Dog!

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