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12 Days of Giving

12 DAYS OF GIVING | December is our favorite time of year here at Dope Dog. Why? 'Tis the season of pumpkin spice lattes, winter wonderlands, and holiday parties, but most importantly, it's time for our 12 Days of Giving campaign, where we give back in a special way. Every year, we ask all our Dope Dogs to share their favorite animal rescue and why it is special to them.

Starting December 1st, we select a rescue each day for 12 days to feature and send a donation. This year, we are donating a case of our Merry Munchies CBD treats to each rescue in honor of the person who submitted them. These treats will help calm and relax the rescue dogs waiting for homes this holiday season. 12 Days of Giving also helps feature specific dogs who are available for adoption now. Did any one ask Santa for a puppy this year?!

Below is list of the 12 rescues who we have donated to in the last 12 days. Thank you to all our Dope Dogs who shared their special stories, and thank to to all the rescues out there doing amazing work!

Ruff Patch Rescue

Ruff Patch Rescue was submitted by Chuck and his Dope Dog. Here is a word on why he nominated this special place. "They are so kind and generous. Our city of Riverton only has 10 kennel spaces at their animal control. They provide a safe haven for animals from various shelters, saving them from euthanasia due to space limitations. Also, take in animals surrendered by owners/breeders. They get all animals ready to be adopted by having them live with Foster families instead of being in kennel set up so that they get all the love and attention they deserve." Learn more or donate by visiting | 12 DAYS OF GIVING



Dogs Of Destiny

This is Adelaide from Dogs of Destiny in Hampton, Virginia. Heart-warming story! Excited for their nomination in our second day of Dope Dog donations. Join the giving spirit! Thanks for sharing Sarah! Founded by Destiny Shell, a Navy veteran with a mission to rescue at-risk pit bulls and bully breed dogs, the VA chapter hails from Lake Charles, LA.

She works with local positive reinforcement trainers to correct behaviors and fully vets all dogs before offering them for adoption. The rescue ensures that they will take back the dog if the owner is unable to care for it in the future. She uses much of her own money to fund the rescue and all the vet appointments. Her love for the dogs shows in how dedicated she is to them 24/7. 


Read more or donate at www.dogsofdestiny.com

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

On the 3rd day of giving, we were lucky enough to donate a case of Merry Munchies to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco 😊 They do AMAZING work saving senior dogs 7+, and we think that's pretty dope! Thanks to Richele and Holly for introducing us to this amazing place.

A Chance for Champ

This is Lillie from A Chance for Champ in Seymour, TN.They provide training to those rescues and shelters to help those dogs find their forever homes. They train using positive reinforcement methods. We love that this rescue takes it to the level by helping dogs and veterans alike! Thanks for the awesome submission Liahna! Learn more or donate to this rescue by visiting www.achanceforchamp.org

Socal Bulldog Rescue

Thank you Kristen and Nessa for sharing such kind words about Southern California Bulldog Rescue. This photo is a picture of one of their adorable pups, Duke. Here is a word from Kristen on her experience adopting her first dog Tonka and second dog Franklin from SoCal Bulldog Rescue....

12 DAYS OF GIVING | "We adopted our first bulldog from SCBR in 2011. The volunteers came to our house twice -- the first time to make sure we weren't running a puppy mill or dog-fighting scheme -- and the second time to bring Tonka to us. Their volunteers will travel all over Southern California to make sure all bulldogs are in good, safe environments and not in a shelter. Their dedication is amazing.


With a loving foster home before, volunteers made the transition simple and easy for him to join us. Two and a half years later, Franklin is doing fantastic. He's just as awesome as Tonka was in his own unique ways. The volunteers at SCBR are just incredible humans too. Their love for bulldogs is admirable. I don't know what we would've done without them." 12 DAYS OF GIVING

Learn more at http://www.socalbulldogrescue.org/

Morris Animal Rescue

On the 6th day of giving, we donated to Morris Animal Refuge, thanks to a submission from @thriveflower. This special place is actually America’s first animal refuge, committed to serving the Philadelphia community since 1874. Learn more at www.morrisanimalrefuge.org

Cute white  - 12 DAYS OF GIVING

House of Little Dogs

This rescue/sanctuary focuses on (mostly) small dogs with health and behavior problems, both "adoptable" and "non-adoptable". They pull dogs from kill shelters as well as take in abandoned and stray dogs and dogs whose owners have passed away.

Here's a word from Allyson about why this place deserves some extra love...

"The folks who head up this awesome sanctuary are a wonderful couple- Denise and Frank - who work tirelessly for these little guys with compassion and grace. They have many dogs in their home as well as with fosters who could benefit tremendously from Dope Dog products." 

"Frank and Denise are amazingly kind people and they love each and every one of the animals in their care; they know every name and story. They go to great lengths for the animals- they are in the Veterinary hospital where I work every week to attend to their "herd" and trying to give the best quality of life to the little "broken"dogs who the save every day. I respect and admire them SO much for what they do- those of us who are passionate about rescue know very well the exhilarating highs as well as the soul-crushing lows that animal rescue can bring." | 12 DAYS OF GIVING

Learn more at [www.houseoflittledogs.com]

JR Pups and Stuff

Meet Manny. He’s from a rescue called JR Pups N Stuff, which was nominated by Anita.⠀

A word about Manny from his mama, "We picked him up the day after Christmas 2018. I’d been searching for a long time for a dog to train to become a service dog for my traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, he was not what the rescue said, but a very sickly puppy. Luckily, I work at Harmony Pet Care, a vet clinic, doggy daycare, kennel, and grooming salon. I work there three days a week, and Manny comes along.

While he’s far from an old soul, he’s certainly a dear soul. He’s terribly fearful of people and noises and things blowing in the wind...I used to have to follow him around the house for hours to try to get him to eat. I wanted to name him Skeletor, but my twin quickly talked me out of that “you don’t want to have him live up to his name”. We stayed with Manny, because the day we met him, I couldn’t quite tell what he was. I was certain he was part walrus, or maybe a manatee, and that’s how he got his name."⠀⠀


Black Dog Face - 12 DAYS OF GIVING

"He’s been taking Dope Dog nearly every day for 8 or 9 month. It’s easy to tell the days that he’s missed it (which is really just when I’ve run out). On February 14th, he underwent elbow dysplasia surgery, earning the title of my "funny valentine." Additionally, he possibly has hip dysplasia, a small heart, a concern with his left lung, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Visit them Here⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue

On the 9th day of giving we donated to Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue in Richmond Virginia. Angi nominated this rescue in memory of a friend that was heavily involved with the rescue, Jeanne Reeves. This wonderful rescue specializes in Pekingese rescues and will take in any dog no matter what shape or where they are, always open to find a way to get them and take them in. They have a lot wonderful fosters, and forever fosters that will have a home, love and medical the rest of their lives. ❤️ | 12 DAYS OF GIVING



Smiley Tails Rescue

This is Chance from Smiley Tails Rescue, submitted by a very special Dope Dog: @oden_aka_doug This is a new rescue that drives around and saves dogs that are going to be euthanized. They have saved a total of 53 dogs so far!

A word from Oden: "The two owners are just honestly sweetest people I met! I found a puppy that was dumped off at my brothers ranch and they took her in no questions. We’re fostering her but they supplied all her food, medications, vet visits, everything. They do so much for animals in need!! They’re by far my new favorite rescue" ❤️⠀⠀⠀



Palmetto Paws Animal Rescue

Meet Molly, from Palmetto Paws Animal Rescue. This is a very special rescue was submitted by Destiny, and her Dope Dogs: Harbor, Brie and Charlie (@puppies.n.pinot)

The story behind Destiny finding Harbor through Palmetto Paws is truly something special. Here's a snippet of the story of Harbor's rescue:

"At some point, the wave of rescuing and adopt don't shop hit big and I was so happy for such a change in the dog world. But for me personally it was still something I didn't consider because I had always been in involved in a breeding family and the uncertainly worried me. Last November I decided I was ready for my third dog and again I was going to a breeder for a specific dog that that I had wanted my entire life, the English cream golden retriever. I picked him out, I named him and I put the non-refundable deposit down and had my trip to California to pick him up planned."

"The second week of January 2019 came and I was gearing up to head to California to pick up my new puppy when Palmetto Paws posted a photo of a litter of puppies that had just been rescued from a horrible situation, basically abandoned on a farm in upstate SC. Numerous large dogs on the farm and no signs of a female dog anywhere but countless male dogs roamed the farm."

"I saw my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when I saw Harbor's face among those puppies. It was a feeling that I still cannot describe. I immediately contacted the rescue and they told me that I had to fill out the application for him and not to get my hopes up because over 20 or more people had already applied for him. By the grace of God, they picked me. I cannot thank Palmetto Paws Animal Rescue enough for bringing this sweet angel into my life. He is everything to me and more. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us."

You can contact this amazing rescue on Facebook @palmpaws or on Pet Finder.

Boxer Butts and Other Mutts

This is Weezer from Boxer Butts and Other Mutts, the rescue we are donated to on the last day of 12 days of giving. BBOM strives to create a "Rescue Family" that includes many positive people that are willing to help us achieve our goals. Family members include adopters, fosters, cross posters, volunteers, educators and anyone that seeks the same rewards of saving the lives of animals. Most of their rescues are pulled from local shelters. All of the dogs are seen by their vet in Mills River, NC and fully vetted, including vaccines, rabies shot, spay/neuter (unless under 6 months of age or recommended by our vet), micro chipped and will come home with 2 months worth of Heart Worm Preventatives as well as a Care Package. Thanks to Robin for submitting this awesome rescue! Follow their Facebook page @boxerbuttsandothermutts

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